Golden wall texture on blue wall, designer wall for festive look

Read this blog to derive some inspiration on how to jazz up your walls and create an atmosphere for celebrations and get-togethers during the festive season.

Let All Four Walls Do The Talking

Beautiful living room wall painted blue with red sofa

Festivals are joyful and stand for positivity and happiness. One of the hallmarks of the festive season in India apart from the gastronomical delights is the focus on home improvement. It is a fun affair of getting together, dressing up and celebrating with friends and family in your home.

One of the best ways to welcome the festive spirit into your living space is with the use of appropriate colours. Our in-house colour experts advocate using interior wall paint to treat yourself and your spaces.

If you are tired of dull and drab interiors, then it is the perfect time to replace them with some colourful and bright positivity in your home. To set the right mood for the festivities, you can treat your home walls to some love and attention with designer paint.

Since the main entertaining space and dining room tend to take on special status over the festive season, they could do with freshening up before guests arrive. For a luxurious look that feels tailor-made for the season, you can try Berger Silk GlamArt Metallica on all four walls for a complete festive makeover takeover. It lends a luxurious metallic finish, giving a dazzling effect, and setting the right mood for the occasion.

Make A Statement With An Accent Wall

Pink wall bedroom

Not interested in a full-blown makeover? Go for a feature wall. It will stand out from all the other walls in your house, stealing all the attention and breaking the monotony.

Choose a wall that is central to the eye. In other words, it should be the most prominently placed. Consider transforming this wall into a focal point in your home. Changing the colour to a brighter hue is one way to make the wall stand out even before you begin accessorising it. Remember to move your furniture around to open up the space and to best display this wall.

As you can see from the photograph above, you don’t have to go for a plain look on the wall. You can get interesting designs painted on your favourite walls, be it circles, stripes or any festive elements like bells, ‘diyas’ or flowers in metallic hues. You can also deck up an architectural element such as an alcove, creating inviting backdrops for treasured festive memories.

Go Big On Mandalas On The Walls

You can add a touch of colour and glamour to any wall with bold, statement-making mandalas. Against stylish designer walls for home, get ready to take the glam quotient notches higher and bring out the beauty of these intricate designs. Our experts bet that it will lend festive flair to the overall space.

Get Crafty With Origami

Yellow oigami on white walls

Origami is the Japanese technique of folding coloured craft sheets in an artistic way to create unique forms. You can string these wall decoration crafts together to make beautiful wall hangings for your home. You can display them in different shapes, sizes, colours and strings, making your walls incredibly eye-catching. You can enhance the beauty of these incredible origami works by displaying it against rich, textured walls.

Let There Be Light

Lighting plays a big role in creating the right ambience. The sky is the limit when it comes to lighting options, be it candles, fairy lights, rice lights, mason jars or lanterns. For a traditional look, you can use ‘diyas’ in antique copper or brass, in addition to the classic earthen lamps to cast that beautiful warm festive glow. You can elevate the beauty of these lights with textured walls, which make for great festive backdrops.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Aesthetic white wall décor

To bring attention to your walls, add some mirrors in an unusual layout. If not many, you can do so with one bold mirror on the wall too. Our experts recommend that you go for textured walls to amp up the overall appeal of the mirrors.

Invest In Ethnic Drapes

A festive home is incomplete without drapes to adorn all the windows. The right drapes can change the entire look and feel of a room.

With no dearth of options in the market, choosing the right drapes for your home can be tough for sure. But as long as you have a colour palette, budget, aesthetic and fabric in mind, narrowing your options are easier.

Go ahead and experiment. Try and opt for colours that add to the festive theme, or select a neutral shade and amp it up with a striking décor focus piece. With the use of pretty drapes in Chanderi silk, bright organza, patchwork and brocade, you can invoke a homely, cheerful mood in your living space. Spruce up the overall look with freshly-painted walls.


If you would like some more fun and easy festive décor ideas to refresh your home, you may find reading this blog useful, “Festive Decor Ideas You Can Use All Year Round.” 

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To get in touch with our home painting services to create an inspiring living space using Berger Silk GlamArt Metallica, SMS ‘XP’ to 56767 or give us a call on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030.

When you choose our painting service, you can look forward to a memorable painting experience. Our team will help you choose the best interior wall colours to make your home festive-ready.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started and give your home the festive feel it deserves. As you work on the different elements, you will see that they can come together in beautiful ways this festive season. We can’t wait to see your festive wall makeover photos! Simply tag us at @bergerpaintsindia in your photos.

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