Dusshera home decor

Bring your space to life with lights and houseplants this festive season, an understated and sure-to-impress decor idea.

This Dussehra, combine your love for everything gardening with lamps and lights; try using interesting planters and plants as part of your decor elements. If you need some new and interesting interior decor ideas for the festive season, you’ve come to just the right place!

Today, houseplants are one of the most important elements of interior decor. And when you combine them with lights, you have a fun and quick festive decor combination that will certainly ring in the festive spirit. You can incorporate fairy lights, lamps, diyas and other decor elements with plants as a part of the festive decor. Let’s explore how:

DIY festive wall stencils

Why limit yourself to lights when you can illuminate your walls with diya-inspired wall stencils by Berger Paints’ new DIY stencils range? These stencils can be used to paint an attractive room border, as part of a larger decor or to accent a craft project.

Add an ethnic flair

A touch of brass, marigold, bling and brightness will infuse your house with the festive spirit. Touches of bright colours, the subtle scent of marigold and traditional music in the background will appeal to all senses to create a festive atmosphere. Add lamps, antique vessels, candles, lights and plants in small nooks and corners in your home.

A splash of colour on the walls

Make sure the interiors are bright and colourful. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint on the home walls. If you are short on time, consider an accent wall in colours like yellow, red or green to create a festive ambiance. It is also worth investing in anti-pollution and bacteria-killing paints like Berger Paints Silk Breathe Easy to improve indoor living conditions.

Create a focal point with bright accessories

Turn empty birdcages or hanging lights into conversation starter pieces. Plants are a great way to make a statement. Add some ferns, creepers, fresh flowers and fairy lights as a combination and you have the most fun accessory for the festive season. You can either hang this beautiful display in the balcony or use it as a table centrepiece.

Transform your balcony


The balcony is a wonderful extension to your home, a place you want to escape to zone out for a while. And during the festive season, there is nothing quite like spicing up a bland balcony and hosting family reunions under a canopy of lights and stars. The easiest and quickest way to bring life to your balcony is to illuminate it using fairy lights and potted plants.

Experiment with lights

Come festive season, we all know how lights can work wonders in brightening up a dull looking space. Use small lights, diyas, candles, fairy lights or simply hang LED lights to spark up even the most dark corner. For a creative idea, store fairy lights in transparent vases and jars and hang them as lanterns.

Earthen pots and planters

Earthen diyas are a common sight in every household during the festive season. Pairing them with earthen pots and planters is a budget-friendly way to create a beautiful corner in the house. You can also use earthenware for floating candles or hand paint them with intricate designs to store puja items.

We hope these tips inspire you to bring style into your home this festive season. We, at Berger Paints India, wish everyone celebrating a very Happy Dussehra and Durga Puja!

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