Lockdown Wedding

Though grand weddings may no longer be a common sight, there is no reason why one cannot marry their beloved during the lockdown. One can opt for a minimony, that consists of about 10-15 people who are extremely close to the bride and groom, or one can go ahead with a micro-wedding with less than 50 guests.

All one needs to do is maintain social distancing norms and follow all the rules and regulations stated by the government for safety of all individuals involved. If you are planning a minimony or micro-wedding in your house, this guide can come in handy. We have some tips that fit the new reality of weddings. Without any further ado, read on.

Safety First

Once the guest list has been created, perhaps the most important aspect to consider when it comes to the ceremony is that the venue – be it your living room, terrace or lawn be properly disinfected and sanitised before the guests arrive. Having masks and sanitisers for everyone is a must. In fact, it is a good idea to have a sanitisation point at the entry of the venue itself. You must let the guests know about these for their own safety and peace of mind.

If you want to have a number of functions on the same day, make sure to space them out accordingly so that there is enough time to make decor changes as well as to sanitise the site. Keep the decor simple so that not much setup time and labour is needed. Instead, focus on creating a memorable experience for the guests.

Indoor Decor

With your home being the centre of attention, it is a given that it needs to look grand and beautiful. For an indoor wedding setup, think of spaces for picture-perfect wedding photos. Make sure that the backdrop is a visual treat for everyone and the walls are in proper condition without cracks and dampness. If your walls need treatment, you can opt for Berger Home Shield that offers diverse range of waterproofing and damp-proofing solutions for homes.

For a glamorous look, you can go for textured wall paints by Berger Paints India that look classy, perfect for a wedding ambience. Rich wall paint such as red, teal or forest-green paired with the right amount of desi decor elements is the recipe for stunning wedding photos. You can even create an indoor photo booth to snap beautiful pictures with family and friends.

Displaying a grand rangoli at the entrance of the venue can create a beautiful welcome and accentuate the essence of the occasion.

When it comes to the upholstery in the rooms, satin and silk fabrics lend a sophisticated look, perfect for the celebrations. For day functions, you can throw in some cushions with mirror or gota work to create an ethnic vibe.
Adding flowers is also a great idea to enhance the joyous atmosphere. It can change the entire look and feel of the place in a jiffy!

You can also personalise the space with the couple’s photos and thoughtful references to the families, traditions and culture.

Do you think flowers cannot be part of serve ware? For the serving tray, you can go for silverware that can be adorned with flowers for a celebratory mood.

We feel that no ceremony is complete without good music. Put together a playlist or have a live web musical performance to create a pleasant sensory experience for everyone.

You can make a statement with one eye-catching fixture such as a crystal chandelier for your indoor ceremony. You can even drape curtain string LED lights to add a twinkle to the celebrations.

Outdoor Decor for Day Ceremony

For a day-time ceremony, bright, zingy colours like yellow, orange, red and lime green are perfect for the wedding canopy. Do not underestimate what some colourful pieces of fabric can do.Just remember to go light on the table decor if you are opting for a bright canopy.

Outdoor Decor for Evening Ceremony

Wedding Decor

If you have planned to keep the rituals in an outdoor setting like a lawn or an open-air terrace for an evening ceremony, you can deck up the venue with lots of lights in the form of lanterns, lamps, fairy lights, and keep live counters or food carts across the space for a dream-like setup. Do remember to keep a safe distance in the seating arrangements for the guests.

Festive Lighting

Since it is a given that you need a faster, cleaner and safer home painting experience to give your walls a makeover, you can opt for Berger’s Express Painting service. It is a complete painting regime which follows the best safety practices with mechanised painting tools. Mechanised tools result in reduced manual labour involving lesser people in the painting process, making it ideal in the current situation.

It is an absolutely zero contact service, offering you total peace of mind. The painters are trained and certified in Safety & Hygiene.

On-site delivery of sanitised products is also done, eliminating the need to step out to visit a physical store. This way you can save both time and effort to focus on other wedding preparations.

The team also uses a Health and Safety Kit comprising of a mask, gloves, cap and sanitisers during the entire painting process for added safety, keeping social distancing norms in mind.

Furniture and floor covers are used to protect valuables, which mean you don’t have to worry about paint spillage ruining your valuable furniture and precious floors. In addition to this, post-painting site clean-up is also done, which leaves your home spotless and sparkling.

What more could you have asked for? If wedding bells are ringing for you or someone in your house, don’t think twice before calling Berger’s Express Painting team. You can trust us with your home to make it wedding-ready within the expected timelines and wow your guests!

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