DIY Home Wall Painting

With Onam around the corner, it is time to give your home a festive makeover. We have décor solutions, right from DIY Home Wall Painting Kit to enamel paint so that every surface in your home gets a wonderful upgrade!

Onam, a ten-day harvest festival, heralds the new year for Hindus with origins in the state of Kerala. Interestingly, the celebrations vary from region to region and even within the same community. Though the scale of celebrations may not be as grand as every year owing to the ongoing pandemic, the spirit and enthusiasm remain the same!

Keeping this sentiment in mind, we have put together some interesting and fun décor ideas to welcome the return of the kind-hearted King Mahabali from the Asura tribe for whom the festival of Onam is celebrated. Dive right in!

Home Entrance
Onam Home Décor

One of the must-have additions to your home during Onam is the ‘Pookkalam’ or the flower carpet. This is prepared in front of the house to welcome King Mahabali. The diameter of the ‘Pookkalam’ is increased day by day, extending a festive welcome to all.

While working on this flower arrangement, you can also place a tall brass lamp, or ‘deepams’, as it is called in Kerala, right in the middle with some beautiful oil lamps circling around it to enhance the overall effect.

For the wooden pillars around your house, you can wrap marigold ‘torans’ to give it some extra visual appeal.

Living Room
living room colors

We believe that when it comes to home improvement, the right refurbishing can make all the difference!

You can use Berger’s iPaint Spray Paint DIY range that has stunning colours like Gold, Golden Yellow, Golden Brown and Deep Orange to give a festive touch to the centre table. Traditional brass ‘urlis’ and other metal décor accents can work beautifully as centrepieces, lending a lovely charm to the space.

You can display carved wooden artefacts on the walls and line up the shelves with ‘Pulikali tiger masks for the festivities. You can also hang the popular Kathakali face art, a well-known handicraft of Kerala for a festive vibe.

Since swinging ceremony,also known as the ‘Oonjal’ is an important part of the Onam festivities, you can get a wooden swing in your home. With a quick and easy polish using Berger’s iPaint Enamel Kit, make it festive-ready.

Puja Room
pooja room decoration items

If you wish to add acreative and personal touch to your home this Onam, we have a great DIY decor idea for you. DIY wall stencils by Berger Paints can instantly add colour and texture on the walls, lending the right vibe to the entire space.

You can illuminate your walls with iPaint Wall Stencil Kit that features traditional Temple – Hanging Diyas. These stencils can be used to paint an attractive room border in the puja room, complementing the ambience of the space.

Kitchen iPaint Wall Stencil Kit

For the kitchen, the wooden cabinets tend to make or break the entire look. For the ones that need professional repairs, you can opt for Wood Finishes from Berger Imperia Gold range. There are 650+ opaque and metallic shades for you to choose from. You can call Berger Express Painting team to give your kitchen cabinets a professional touch-up.

Dining Roomdining room decorating ideas

Dining room is where all the delicious food is enjoyed with family and friends during this auspicious occasion. For all the foodies, the Onam ‘Sadhya’ is an absolute gastronomical delight, which covers a whopping 26 dishes served fresh on a big banana leaf. For the ones with a sweet tooth, there is the ‘Parippu Payasam’ and jaggery-coated tapioca chips – the Onam specials!

While you prepare to indulge in this extravagant fiesta,  don’t overlook the dining tables and chairs. No one wants tempting and Instagram-worthy photos of the Sadhya being dampened by the dull furniture it is placed on or surrounded with!

Give the wooden surfaces a pleasing makeover using Berger’s iPaint Enamel Kit. The range boasts of stunning options, right from PO Red, White, Black, Golden Yellow, Silver to Gold for you to pick from! 

BedroomBerger’s iPaint Enamel Kit

For a fresh look for Onam, you can upgrade your windows, door and door knobs and latches with elaborate and ornate ones that exude a sophisticated and royal look! Berger’s iPaint Enamel range – the super versatile and ever-handy kit is ideal for a quick upgrade for these surfaces

You can even revamp your bedside table with it and display bowls of sweet-smelling jasmine flowers on it for a quintessential festive touch.

To create a calm and peaceful vibe, you can also add fragrant incense sticks in the room. For the cushions, curtains, bedsheets and rugs, you can go for traditional textile design of Kerala or fresh floral prints!

We promise that you will feel the festive spirit from the moment you wake up till the time you lay your head down on your pillow!

wood paint

For the balcony, you can keep a comfortable wooden bench seating along with some chairs to spend the festive evenings with your loved ones.

While you plan and arrange the décor for this area, we do not want any dull and lacklustre furniture pieces here to dull the shine of the festivities. Therefore, make sure to polish the wooden surfaces in the balcony area as well. Once done, you can light up this corner with some brass lamps for a festive aura.


‘Nettipattam’ is a colourful decorative ornament that is worn on the face of elephants, especially during processions that are a part of temple rituals. It is also a beautiful tradition symbol of Kerala, that makes for a good wall hanging display during Onam.

Final Thoughts

We hope you are inspired to get artsy and all set to make your home festive-ready, reflecting the rich heritage and culture of Kerala! Our range of products are sure to help you add an instant touch of elegance and pomp to your Onam celebrations.

Don’t forget to tag @bergerpaintsindia with your Onam decor photos to be featured on our page!

As we wrap up this blog, here’s hoping that your life is as festive as this Onam festival and as prosperous as the bountiful harvest.

Happy Onam!

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