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In today’s screen-filled world, it might be a challenge to bond with your loved ones. Here are some tips to create meaningful and memorable moments together, keeping technology distractions at bay.

Our homes are transforming into a more distracting place with technology becoming more pervasive than ever before. When we use our phones while we are spending time with people we care about, apart from upsetting them, we end up enjoying the experience less than we would if we put our devices away.

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How about we make time for our loved ones by keeping aside these distractions? There are many bonding activities that can help build closeness among family members without needing much time or preparation, and the good news is that these activities do not even require anyone to leave their home.

However, it is important to not forget the aspect of safety. The pandemic has taught us that no matter how you choose to spend time with your loved ones, you cannot afford to let your guard down, even when you are right inside your own home.

To cater to the health and well-being needs, there are many room sanitizer spray and disinfectant spray available in the market today. We recommend a certified surface disinfectant product like Berger BreatheEasy Safe 24 for 24-hour protection from viruses and bacteria on surfaces in your home to ensure a safe and hygienic living environment for all.

The second-best thing about this multi surface protection spray is that it is Made in India, manufactured under the license from IIT Guwahati, making it a good enough reason to choose this product over others.

Now that we have covered the aspect of safety, let us take you through some of the ingenious tricks that we have up our sleeves so that you can bond with people that matter to you within the confines of your home.

Unplug and unwind with some fun DIY activities

If you find yourself simply wasting time on activities online which only hinders your productivity or causes anxiety, it might be just the right time to disconnect from the digital world. Turn off all your unwanted notifications and convert your home into a technology-free zone for a while.

A great way to spend this period positively is by indulging in some DIY home improvement activity that does not involve screen time but only your loved ones, in real-time, face-to-face! Now, doesn’t that sound good?

You not only get to bond with your loved ones but also unleash your creativity along the way. An absolute win-win situation right there!

DIY Wall Painting

Love the idea of stargazing? You can do it with some twist.

With Berger iPaint DIY Glow in Dark Paint Kit that boasts of a mesmerizing galaxy design full of magical celestial objects, you don’t have to look at the sky. You can set up an indoor camp within the four walls of your room. Place some pillows, soft blankets and grab your favourite snacks and get ready to enjoy the moon and the stars together on your walls. Don’t forget to turn off the lights to see the magical green glow it casts!

Organise a fun game day

stencil kit for wall

How about some fun and games with the walls of your home? All you need to do is assign a wall to every family member of your house. Their task is to create a wall stencil on the assigned wall within a particular time frame. They can choose from striking wall stencils like Birdie, Flora, Diya, Bells and Feather options available in the Berger iPaint Self Painting Kit. Sounds like a healthy competition with some fun bonding time?

Rest assured it is a user-friendly kit with the right set of tools in it and no professional help required. This is perfect for this DIY session and can be used by amateurs with no formal or prior training in wall painting. You just have to follow the simple step-by-step instructions in the booklet provided.

We believe that this is just the kind of project you need to re-engage with people around you in real life. Are you game?

We look forward to seeing your DIY Berger iPaint projects on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us at @BergerPaintsIndia.

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  1. Joseph says: February 11, 2021 at 4:39 pm

    great read

    1. admin says: February 11, 2021 at 9:25 pm

      We are thrilled to know that you enjoyed reading this blog. Keep following this space for more such useful content!

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