cool blue colour living room paint

These refreshing wall paint colours and colour combination ideas perfectly capture the sense of revival that arrives with summertime.

Looking to bring a touch of summertime into your home decor? Look no further than these refreshing colours! Whether you are looking to give your living room a seasonal makeover or simply want to capture the essence of summer all year round, these vibrant and calming shades are perfect for you. From the hues of blooming flowers to the cool breeze and sunny afternoons, these living room paint colours are sure to add a touch of summer to your home.

Cool Bluescool blue colour scheme for living room

A calming and refreshing ambience can be achieved with a cool blue colour scheme. This aesthetic can provide a dreamy and otherworldly vibe to a living room, while also allowing for a range of design options. Additionally, incorporating pastel-toned furniture can be an effective method for transitioning your home decor to a summer theme.

Top Picks from Berger Colour Catalogue: SEVEN LAKES (5P0141), HELLO SUMMER (5T2235)

Marigoldsmall house living room paint ideas

When it comes to capturing the essence of summer, nothing does it better than a sunny shade of yellow. If you’re looking for small house living room paint ideas, ensure that the colour doesn’t overwhelm the space. It’s recommended to pair it with white mouldings and incorporate contrasting colours such as sage green and bright blue.

Top Picks from Berger Colour Catalogue: LATE DAY SUN (2T0669), SMILE AT ME (2T2022)

Lime GreenLime Green paint for living room

Adding lime accents to a space can be a great way to infuse some summer spirit into a neutral furniture arrangement. Consider adding a lime area accent wall to a cosy seating area and make it feel more intimate. To achieve a balanced look, you could also incorporate artwork and throw rugs in the same lime colour to tie the space together. This can create a cohesive and refreshing vibe, perfect for summertime relaxation.

Top Picks from Berger Colour Catalogue: CELESTIAL TEA (4P1881), LEMON TINT (4T2118)

Light PurpleLight Purple shade for living room

To breathe new life into a dull or wintry space, consider painting the walls with a soft shade of purple. A rich violet tone reminiscent of summertime blooms, like lilacs, can be paired with accents of warm woods to create a timeless yet modern feel in a transitional area. This combination of colours will infuse the space with freshness and energy.

Top Picks From Berger Colour Catalogue: LATE LILAC (6T1285), UPBEAT (6T2352)

Bright WhiteBright white colour scheme for living room

In this living room, a cool white palette is elevated by layers of plush rugs and rich materials, creating a cosy and inviting space that can be enjoyed year-round. The bright white paint used on the walls and ceiling brings a refreshing and airy feel, making the room feel more spacious and open. Whether you’re decorating for summer or winter, a bright white colour scheme is a versatile choice that can work well in any season.

Top Picks From Berger Colour Catalogue: MOON FLOWER (8P0209), FABULOUS WHITE (7P0185)

Light TurquoiseLight Turquoise monochromatic space

With its associations with the Caribbean waters and Tiffany boxes, a light turquoise interior can bring a sense of calm and tranquility to any room. This unique colour is a great way to break away from the monotony of typical room colours. You can accentuate the space with colourful rugs, window coverings, curtains, and chairs to create a unique and vibrant atmosphere.

The versatility of this colour makes it a perfect choice for various themes, ranging from vintage to chic beach-inspired homes. It’s a great way to inject a pop of colour into a neutral or monochromatic space. By using light turquoise as a wall colour, you can transform any room into a stylish and inviting haven.

Top Picks From Berger Colour Catalogue: BLUES IN THE BREEZE (5T1084), BLUE CONFETTI (5T2280)

Bright RedBright Red color for living room

This summer, incorporate the vibrant colour of bright red into your design choices. Whether used in a small or large capacity, this bold hue makes a powerful statement. Its energetic and playful nature exudes a sense of style and can truly transform any space.

Top Picks From Berger Colour Catalogue: RAGING RED (1A0374), SUNDRIED TOMATO (1A0480)

Vibrant GreenVibrant Green living room colour

There’s nothing that embodies the liveliness of summer quite like a rich and bright shade of green. The intense depth of this vibrant emerald green instantly brings to mind the beauty of nature, whether it be the verdant fields, tropical foliage or blooming forests. To capture the essence of summer and its vitality, it’s important to embrace courage and opt for a daring and striking colour.

Top Picks From Berger Colour Catalogue: OUT AT SEA (4D2174), EMERALD COVE (4A0416)

BrownBrown living room paint

As summer approaches, the thought of spending lazy days by the beach may awaken your desire for a tranquil retreat. However, with the scorching heat that often accompanies the season, it may not always be feasible to head to the beach. However, with the refreshing summer wall colours, you can bring the beach to your home interiors. One such scheme is sandy brown, which evokes the warm hues of beach sand and creates a serene ambience that can help you unwind throughout the summer. This earthy tone is also timeless, allowing you to create interiors that leave a lasting impression.

Top Picks From Berger Colour Catalogue: DRIED HYDRANGEA (7D1574), BEACHVILLE (7T1612)


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