The kitchen has developed into more than simply a place to prepare food; because it is made to blend in with every room in the house, it has also become a popular location for meetings.

The unconventional kitchens known as “modular kitchens” were created to maintain the limited space in new residences in major cities and metropolitan areas. These kitchens include built-in spaces and storage units that let you retain your belongings without taking up valuable room. The well-organized modular kitchen ideas have made it more popular recently, enabling it to keep up with the modernity of our way of life. In India, demand for modular kitchen design has grown by 350% just in the previous six months, according to a recent poll by a prestigious magazine.

The Modern Kitchen

With a modular kitchen, your culinary sanctuary will be efficient and uncluttered. Therefore, be sure that your contemporary kitchen exists to facilitate your needs rather than the other way around. The blog might help you plan your modular kitchen in a modern way!

Also, check out some stunning Kitchen Colour Ideas to enhance the beauty of your kitchen!

Renovating your Old Kitchen into a Modular Kitchen

Here are a few original ideas to get you going-

  • Talk about the budget.- When thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you should assess your needs and develop a budget. Without careful preparation, there’s a good chance you’ll overspend and make modifications you don’t even need.
  •  Arrange the space- Your goal of having an organized kitchen may or may not come true with careful preparation. Think about how much space you’ll need for dining and cooking. Before remodeling the kitchen, decide where the drawers, cabinets, and appliances will go based on your needs. Remember that a modern kitchen should be functional, where less is more, and simple modular kitchen designs for small spaces come to the rescue here.
  •  Add adjustable accessories- Your conventional kitchen may be rapidly transformed with the help of modular accessories like adjustable shelves, bin holders, drawers, pull-out cabinets, etc. You may ensure clever space use for a more practical kitchen at reasonable modular prices. Create specific storage sections in hard-to-reach places, construct modular shelving for efficient use of space, or put in a tall unit for your kitchen supplies.

Latest Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

pink kitchen

In addition to knowing what modular kitchen design you want, you need also be informed of the design trends you will stick with and the accessories you prefer.

Design trends

While modular kitchen ideas for a small kitchen like environmental sustainability and nature will still be fashionable in 2022, there will be an increased emphasis on the subtleties of minimalism, like the Japandi modular kitchen decor style. The contrast between lighter and deeper color tones is being explored in many big millennial and dark academic styles with royal color palettes. Along with minimalism, several loud and overpowering styles currently contribute to themes like maximalism.


While conventional kitchens like to have everything visible and easily available in the open (while organized), accessories in modular kitchens are currently seeing a trend of basic designs. For instance, we frequently see cabinets without handles that keep storage within rather than out in the open. The local artists who make the items where they are sourced are also receiving a lot of support at the same time when it comes to fashion.

Kitchen Storage Design Ideas

wall rack hanging pots pans for kitchen

From discovering the finest racks to keep your spices and ingredients to the best drawers and countertop options to corral utensils, our guide regarding modular kitchen design in small spaces will help you tackle everyday kitchen items and equipment that never seem to find a place.

  •  Personalized pantry

People like pantries because they keep everything together in one spot.

  • Corner cabinet

Corner drawers are a unique solution for problematic spaces, which is why many people are interested in this style. The drawers go diagonally towards the corner, making them deeper than typical and so packing more storage punch.

  • Utensil storage

This innovative built-in utensil keeps dishes and silverware in order. If you want the aesthetic but can’t afford it, do it yourself by storing stainless steel pots in a deep, empty drawer.

L Shape Modular Kitchen Design Inspiration

L-shaped kitchens are frequently the first option due to their small footprint and elegant appearance. It is simple to divide the kitchen into cooking and cleaning areas, making adding other kitchen appliances easier and making the space more user-friendly. Any size area is ideal for an L-shaped kitchen design, which also makes good use of the available space.

Its L-shaped design also makes it feasible for many people to work in the kitchen at once, which is quite practical. For the user’s convenience, huge cabinets, shelves, and drawers offer a ton of storage space, and a tiny modular kitchen design may also be readily executed at a lesser cost.

Modern Modular Kitchen Designs That Are Simple Yet Elegant

Colourful Kitchen Cabinets Images

Straight modular kitchens, as its name suggests, comprise everything you need in a straight line, unlike conventional modular kitchen designs constructed into a single wall. Its user interface is straightforward and user-friendly, making it ideal for use by a single person with little prior knowledge.

When utilized effectively, pocket doors may be used to conceal practically anything in your kitchen while still providing easy access, including cabinets, supplies, and cooking tools. With straight modular kitchen designs, all of the appliances are always within easy reach due to the ground floor storage cupboards. The two tiers of cabinets’ many color options also improve the appearance of your kitchen as a whole.

Kitchen With Material Finishing

The kitchen has uncomplicated and lyrical design elements that are supplemented by organic components like steel and wood. To create this look, metals, wood, marble, granite, and cutting-edge technology are employed. You may alter the eating area, the cooking area, the sink area, and other kitchen areas to fit your specific preferences and designs. On this basis, you may also have your idealized concept for your kitchen’s design realized. The contrast and dark colors in the most recent modular kitchen designs give them an opulent and beautiful appearance.

Modular Kitchen in Small Space

Most individuals in the modern world seek ways to make the most of their little spaces rather than larger ones. A kitchen has a number of items that must be easily accessible, thus they must be kept effectively.

Interior ideas for a modular kitchen in small space are useful in this situation. modular kitchen designs for small kitchens, like a modern U-shaped modular kitchen design, were created with the necessity for accessibility of our possessions in mind.

Your kitchen countertop would serve as the focal point for all of the storage areas in this layout. Utensils, cutlery, veggies, and condiments would be within easy reach if needed.

Pull-Out Pantry

Increase storage capacity, facilitate access, accelerate cooking, save your back, and ease cleanup. A compact kitchen would benefit greatly from the addition of pull-out shelves. It is one of the best modular kitchen ideas nowadays.

Ceiling cupboard

Floor-to-ceiling storage is advised if your kitchen contains a lot of items. You can keep more items in this type of storage while saving room in your kitchen. It also makes the ideal storage for a tiny kitchen.

Choose Stylish Lighting

Kitchen Wall Paint Ideas

The under-cabinet light is one of the best (and most popular) duty lights for kitchens. They are utilized to draw attention directly to the work surface. Installing LED strips behind the wall cabinets is a possibility. This kind of LED kitchen lighting is excellent for illuminating dark nooks and eliminating countertop shadows caused by cabinetry.

Plan the drawer system

Sort everything you’ll be keeping in your kitchen according to category. Consider putting things close to where they will be utilized. To keep your kitchen cabinets tidy, add baskets, shelf inserts, cabinet racks, and any other new storage options you choose to employ. Put everything back in the cabinets and drawers, arranging everything in order.

Tips and tricks for Modular Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

  • The most crucial factor to consider when choosing whether or not to buy a modular kitchen given their growing popularity is that the design is created to be both thorough and functional. The numerous customization choices offered by modular kitchen designs for 2022 let you turn every nook and cranny into a useful space. Although skill and consideration are needed to construct a stunning luxury kitchen, you can start with the following fundamental recommendations to ensure that your modular kitchen design and plan is effective from the beginning.
  • Think about the kitchen work triangle- A kitchen design principle called the kitchen work triangle may help create efficient workspaces and guarantees a more spacious cooking area. It is made of a refrigerator, sink, and stove. It is crucial to decide how to arrange these three items so that people can easily use the areas for cooking, cleaning, and food storage areas without clogging the kitchen area.
  • Know your color scheme well – Your choice of color scheme for the kitchen may help to tie everything together. It is suggested that you refrain from choosing an all-white modular kitchen design color scheme for your kitchen since it will require frequent cleaning and high levels of maintenance and you will be maintaining the color of your kitchen for a long time.
  • Be sure to dispose of trash properly- Depending on your preference, built-in bins can be fitted within the cabinet door, or the garbage can be kept outside the kitchen in a large steel trash can. Additionally, built-in dumpsters have two bins, one for dry waste and the other for wet waste, which makes them ideal for modular kitchen designs for compact kitchens.


A contemporary or modular kitchen is a fantastic method to raise your house’s market value and appeal! Space-saving modular shelves are a feature of modular kitchens that make the most use of the available space. This way, your kitchen has everything you need without the unsightly mess on the surface! Modular kitchens are usually big on providing personalization because they represent houses and homeowners. The benefit of modern kitchens is that you may customize your space any way you like without breaking the bank.

Therefore, now is the ideal moment to consider replacing your outdated kitchen with a brand-new, contemporary one!


What is a modular kitchen?

A modular kitchen is a modern kitchen idea consisting of drawers, cabinets, and shelves that are structured in a way that saves a lot of room. These kitchens are trendy and practical for managing small areas, especially in apartment-style living arrangements in busy cities.

How can you keep a modular kitchen safe and clean?

To clean your cabinets, combine equal parts water and vinegar or club soda and lemon juice. Allow them to air-dry before replacing your things. Clean the microwave’s exterior with two teaspoons of lemon juice or vinegar and two cups of water.

What is the cost of a modular kitchen in India? 

The cost of a modular kitchen may range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 10 lakhs, depending on the space, specifications, brand, and quality of materials.

What is the ideal countertop length in Kitchen?

The average height of a kitchen counter is 34 to 36 inches.

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