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Read this blog for some interesting guest room decor ideas put together by our in-house experts.

When it comes to guest room design, you don’t need to search interior design magazines and Pinterest for decor and painting ideas when you have us! Let’s get started.

Pick a theme

There is a slew of decorating choices that can help you create the perfect guest room. Be it nautical, whimsical, feminine, modern or retro, ideas are endless. Decide on the theme first and stick to it.

Create an accent wallroom colour photo

Determine the focal point. You can choose a feature wall – the one which instantly draws the attention of people stepping into the room.

Whether you go bold with a single shade or a combination of two or more wall shades, an accent wall is an easy way to add interest to any space. However, do keep in mind the tastes of your guests. What might appeal to you might not be appealing to them. Our experts suggest that you go for soothing shades that are easy on the eyes.

You can browse Berger’s Colour Catalogue to explore the wide spectrum of colours for your wall paint design: Click here.

Install ambient lighting

Lighting can play a huge role in setting the right mood in a living space. Starting from ground level to the top – consider recessed floor lights, wall lights, lamps and chandeliers as they can affect the mood of the overall space.

Upgrade the upholstery

Add on-trend bedding, colourful accent pillows and stylish window treatments to create a warm and welcoming space for your guests.

Regardless of the type of décor you have in your guest room, one thing you can do is make the bed feel as comfy as possible. High-thread-count sheets, a duvet and an extra blanket will always go a long way to make your guests feel special.

Liven up the nightstand

Keep colourful flowers on the nightstand to bring some life to the space. You can choose flowers like sunflowers, daffodils, carnations, orchids, roses, tulips or hydrangeas to impart freshness and visual interest. They are the perfect pick-me-up for your guests after a tiring journey.

Be sure to keep ample space on the stand for your guests to put their own things.

Bonus Tip: Include a welcome basket – You can create a thoughtful care kit for your guests by including their favourite things such as chocolates and toiletries. It is sure to make your guests feel welcome and excited to stay with you.

We hope you incorporate these thoughtful ideas to help your guests have a pleasant stay away from their homes. To know handy colour-related tips on creating a blissful guest room, we recommend you give this blog a quick read: Click here.


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