Get inspired by these shades that will dominate in 2022.

The colours we surround ourselves with can directly impact our emotions. Choosing the right paint colour for your exterior walls or the best pop of colour for your entrance can make all the difference. Knowing where to start when finding the right hues for your home can be challenging. Luckily, we have some expert insight into colours that will trend in the coming year. So if you’re planning to take up a home painting project soon, these paint shades will not let you down!

Many interior experts and designers agree that 2022 will be a year for new beginnings, bringing new hopes. Shades that embody a sense of rejuvenation will be popular in the coming year. Earthy tones evoking the natural world, golden yellows brightening the environment and warm neutrals for a comfortable and cosy space. If you’re looking for colour inspiration, here are five paint colours that will dominate in 2022:

2022 Colour #1: Peppy Citrus

Yellow might have a bad reputation for being overpowering and outdated. However, sunny shades in buttery hues and pastel citron colours can warm up your home without overwhelming it. Look for nature-inspired hues like earthy greens and citron yellows for a classic colour combination. Citrus colours that are grounding and uplifting can energise any space they are incorporated in.

Berger Colour Catalogue Recommendation: SUNSWEPT (3T0739), LEMON LACE (3P0088), SUN AND FUN (3T0772)

2022 Colour #2: Welcoming Neutrals

In 2022, keep an eye for warm off-white and other cosy colours. An airy greige (beige and grey) or beige with subtle red undertones are classic neutral shades that will work with a variety of architectural elements while creating an inviting and welcoming look.

Berger Colour Catalogue Recommendation: LIGHT MURALS (7P0191), SUMMER SMILE (7P1497), SWEET SAGE (7T1523)

2022 Colour #3: Comforting Earthy Tones

Alongside green, several other colours that are picked from nature are on the rise. As people yearn to bring a sense of nature into their homes, this palette is only going to skyrocket. Instead of committing to one colour, try experimenting with a rich earthy tones palette made of greens, browns and blues.

Berger Colour Catalogue Recommendation: ESSENCE TEAL (4P0266), SEA WAVES (4P1026), WARM DAY (8T2520)

2022 Colour #4: Understated Grey-Green
Grey exterior walls for winters

A solid grey colour with undertones of green makes for a sophisticated hue that symbolises harmony and balance. Grey-green is a great colour for home exteriors since it brings just enough vibrancy to the space while complementing its surrounding greenery and lushness.

Berger Colour Catalogue Recommendation: WATER’S EDGE (4P1018), GARDEN WALL (4P2217), BRIGHTON BAY (4T2171)

2022 Colour #5: Warm Terracotta

Terracotta is a rich, tactile orange colour that is surprisingly versatile. It is an easy way to add colour to your home exteriors and works well in homes with coastal, bohemian or even minimal style. Be it the quintessential brick wall that is found aplenty in India or hues of the warm colour painted in accents like window trimmings and front doors, terracotta home exteriors are taking center stage. If you have a lot of greenery around your house, this colour is bound to complement the green lushness. Pair terracotta home exteriors with complementary white or grey accents for a colour combination that is sure to stand out.

Berger Colour Catalogue Recommendation: EXOTIC LOVE (7T1653), TUSCAN TRAIL (7D1647), RUSTIC RUST (7A0331)


 We hope these colour ideas have inspired you if you’re looking for exterior paint ideas. If you’re planning to paint your home exteriors, we suggest getting your walls checked first by Homeshield Waterproofing Experts. Since home exterior painting is not something you wish to take up often, it is important to check the health status of the walls and fix any existing dampness and leakages for a long-lasting paint finish. Our Berger Homeshield professionals are experts in scientific waterproofing solutions and prescribe the best waterproofing solution and long-lasting paints like Weathercoat Long Life 10 so you don’t have to worry about exterior painting for a few years! To get in touch, SMS ‘HS’ or click here to book a consultation:

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