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A beautiful kitchen points towards your investment in your family’s health and happiness and draws all the members of your family and guests together. So, it’s very important to make the kitchen aesthetically pleasing. With the perfect and most beautiful combinations of colors you can make your kitchen look stylish. In this article we are going to help you with the best kitchen color combination ideas, tell you the importance of different colors to design your kitchen and how to choose the correct one for your kitchenette. 

Why Are Colours Important for Your Kitchen Design?

The colors in your kitchen creates a welcoming ambience making a cosy appearance for a person. The complete aesthetic of a kitchen’s structure and design are multiplied by the color you choose, bringing some cheerfulness in the cooking area. Keep reading this article if you want to know about the colour psychology of the kitchen.

Light Wooden Tones Color Combination

Among different color combinations, you can look for the light wooden tones. Avoiding the warm neutral colors, using neutral off-whites, soft greys along with a cooler shade of white is very much useful to make your kitchen look beautiful. 

Go for Classic Blue and White

One will not see a combination of blue and white used in the decoration of kitchens. But practically, these two colors together successfully subsume in different types of kitchens, making it more stylish. There are many different shades of blue that can be used with white according to your choice.  

Calming Grey Kitchen Color Combinations

Kitchen Wall Colorful Decoration images

As the name suggests, this color combination will definitely inoculate a calming appearance in your kitchen. If you wanna know which colors will best suit with the grey, here’s a tip for you, go for the metallic tones. They comprise gold, silver, bronze to copper.

Warm up with Brown in Kitchen

A brown color in the kitchen!!! Seems interesting. Well, if a person wants to warm up his kitchen, he should without any debate choose this color. Another warm color, red or more specifically brick red, together, look fantastic. 

Red, White, and Silver Grey in Kitchen

If you desire to give a glossy and sleek finish to your kitchen, go for the combination of the above-mentioned colors, i.e., a mixture of red, white and grey. 

Pretty Pastels in Kitchen

The best place to add some shades of pastels is surely the kitchen. Let’s give you an example of it, use yellow which will not absorb the natural light as much and allow an interesting shade of white, called cherry white. This will make your kitchen very much eye- catchy and up-to-date. 

Bold Black, White and Wood Color Combination

Black and white color in your kitchen will give you a retro-type feeling, which will be impossible to shut one’s eyes up. Wood color with this combination makes a perfect match. These simple colors make your interior look very much stylish and innovative.

Nature Inspired Green Color Combination

kitchen color ideas

The first color that passes through our minds when we recall nature, is green. Nature green is a color which will make the kitchen look lovely as well as fresh. A wide range of colors can be used with this shade of green, such as, grey, brown, blue, yellow and more.

Black and Orange Color Combination

Black with orange!!!! Wow, that will be one of the most eye soothing and bold color combination ever. Black is such a color that when used with any shades of orange, makes the kitchen a nice place to be on. You can definitely try this combo to get an ultimate touch in your kitchen.  

Stunning Blue, Gold, and Copper Combination

Fascinating, isn’t it? To give your kitchen a color combination of blue, gold with copper shades is really captivating. This will make the space gorgeous alongside an artistic and fashionable conclusion.

How Berger Paints Can Help You Choose Right Color Combination for Kitchen?

Berger paints helps you to go through different Kitchen Paints, from where you can easily choose the best color of your choice. Various Kitchen Color Combination are available and you can also contact our experts, who will give you an on-site consultation and its following estimate followed by different features such as a safe painting start, regular site supervision, post painting clean-up and disinfection, and finally the site handover on its completion.


Thus, to make your kitchen look beautiful and perfect, plenty of ideas have been given above, from where you can find out which one to choose and why to choose that particular color for your favorite kitchen. As stated earlier, a kitchen’s design and structure can also make a welcoming ambience with the correct choice.


1. What colour is most popular for kitchens?

Colours like grey, green, blue, yellow, red as well as white are among the most popular colours for kitchen.

2. Which colour is best for open kitchen?

Red is one of the best options for an open kitchen.

3. What colours make a kitchen look bigger and brighter?

Light colours such as light blue, pale yellow, green can make your kitchen look bigger and brighter.

4. How do I choose a colour scheme for my kitchen?

There are some points to consider for choosing a colour scheme for our kitchen:

  • Pick the colour of your cabinet
  • Go for the appliance colours
  • Select the flooring colours
  • Choose the wall and hardware colours

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