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There are 291 million monthly active users on Pinterest. Imagine how influential this platform can be. Each month, professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts come to Pinterest to discover ideas they love. They pin and re-pin all their favourite design inspiration photos, recipes, crafts and more. We come to know that an idea is trending by looking at what all those people are searching for. If an idea keeps getting more and more searches every month, then we call it a trend.

If you are on a lookout for inspiration to help you blossom your living space, Pinterest is a good place to start from. In fact, looking at how people are enamoured by the home décor inspirations and ideas that they see on Pinterest, we have compiled the top 10 trends for you. This is based on searches from chic and crafty pinners on Pinterest. These trends are what people around the world are dreaming about and we will tell you how you can include them in your Indian homes. Also, most of these décor ideas are easy, making it a breeze for you to improve your home.

To save you countless hours of browsing through Pinterest, we bring you our favourite top 10 ideas. Whether you are an art lover or a nature enthusiast, we have something for everyone. And the best part? If you have a round mirror and a striking accent rug in your living room, we have good news for you-You are already halfway there and right on trend! Without any further ado, let’s begin!

Trend #1 Mustard yellow

wall painting Image

Colours are first on the list and we see that mustard yellow has taken Pinterest by storm, finding a place in the hearts of many! If you are thinking of wall painting, you can experiment with this colour on your favourite walls. Apart from that, you can flaunt this colour on upholstered furniture and décor accessories. Whether it is a wall, couch, curtain, rug or a piece of furniture, this colour can go a long way as it is both transformative and eye-catchy.

Trend #2 Open shelving

kitchen design Image

Love them or hate them, open shelving is one of the biggest trends in kitchen design right now. With open shelving, you can keep those everyday items within easy reach. Go ahead and replace those closed kitchen cabinets with open ones for visual appeal.

Trend #3 Textile art

home interiors design Image

There are plenty of ways to incorporate textile art in your home interiors. You can showcase the beauty of textile art through framed textiles and other woven pieces. You can also showcase knit throws for your sofa or a couch to add some texture and warmth to your living space.

Trend #4 Geometry

geometric trend image for wall

The geometric trend is making its way from cutlery onto different décor pieces. In fact, we believe that geometric patterns, when used correctly, are visually effective. Don’t be afraid to use them in your home. They are timeless, classic, playful and also modern at the same time.

Trend #5 Painted flooring

Floor painting Image

Yes, you read that right! We are talking about how you can actually transform your floors with a few coats of paint. Though it may be the bravest design choice, there are many people who are painting their floors in bold colours and mosaic patterns. Painted tile floors can bring energy and colour to a space like an entryway or a corridor.

Trend #6 Wall stencils

Wall stencils Image

Walls are like a blank canvas where you can use your imagination and creativity. Sometimes, even a change as seemingly small as changing the hue of your walls or adding a decor element to the wall can bring about a wonderful change in the overall ambience.

The possibilities are infinite when it comes to decorating and painting walls. You can try out wall stencils if going with solid walls doesn’t interest you much. Wall stencils can make a big impact and breathe life in a room, both big and small. Berger Paints India has a range of wall stencils for various age groups and you can pick ones that suit your liking and taste.

Trend #7 Tropical houseplants

Tropical houseplants

We all know that adding a plant to a living space provides a pop of fresh colour and also helps purify the air, but what about an abundance of plants? The best way to deal with the stresses of the world is by getting close to nature. If you can’t go to a scenic place with greenery, bring greenery indoors with the help of tropical houseplants. Create an arrangement that resonates and speaks to you.

Trend #8 Accent rugs

Accent rugs images for home décor

Investing in an accent rug to spruce up a dull living space is a smart idea. An accent rug adds warmth and dimension while also disguising the wear and tear that occurs when children and pets are around. Do keep in mind your lifestyle and needs while buying a rug.

Trend #9 Curvy furniture

Curvy furniture images for home décor

We love the appeal of soft lines on curved furniture, and it turns out we are not alone. Everyone wants a home that is welcoming. Curved pieces naturally have a more inviting feel. Opt for semi-circular benches, dressers, sofas and round ottomans that bring well-rounded elegance to any living space.

Trend #10 Chalkboard

Chalkboard images for home décor

Chalkboard is a useful addition in a kitchen where one can jot down the grocery list. It lends an industrial appeal to any room it is hung in. You can bring out the artist in you and create some interesting artwork on the chalkboard as well.

Remember that your house is full of possibilities. If you are ready to master the art of decorating and up for putting your creativity to the test, get started on designing the home of your dreams right now.

Get ready to shake things up a bit in your home to make it look truly unique. Don’t forget to give your living space a personal touch and a little extra love. All the best!

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