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If you are planning to set up your new office with an office room interior design, create a design that encourages collaboration and creativity with office interior design concepts and office room paint colors, while also providing you with the best office room decor ideas to run your business.

We’ll make sure you get the modern office interior design ideas for small spaces that you need so that you can focus on what matters most: your business.

Top 8 Office Interior Design Ideas

In the world of modern office room interior design, every company is looking for a way to set themselves apart by creating a unique and efficient office room design. The goal is to make employees feel comfortable and connected to their job. Below are some of the Office Design Ideas to make your working place feel confident.

Open Floor Plans 

Open floor plans create a more inviting workplace by creating a sense of space between employees. By removing blind spots and providing an abundance of natural light and cross-ventilation, these office room interior design elements improve employee health and productivity.

Office room Colour Psychology 

Red Office Walls

The use of office room color combination in office room design can have a tremendous impact on someone’s mood and thoughts. The use of Silk Breathe Easy ORANGE CHARM – 3D0236 and BRACADIA GREEN – 4D2144 from Berger can create a more energetic atmosphere in office room interior design, while dark blue and white rooms feel relaxing and peaceful. It is important for everyone to feel comfortable when working at their desks.

Home look touch 

Grey Colour home office

The first impression of a room should reflect your brand. If you want to motivate your employees for their work, you can use a fun and inviting office room design. This can also help make employees feel better during the day and tend to work more effectively.

Multipurpose space 

In today’s fast paced office, versatility is key to making the workplace more efficient. There are many office room interior design ideas to maximize space and have a good workspace. With the help of furniture that can double as both an office chair and couches, in addition to spaces that can serve as both kickback areas, meeting places and informal spaces; you can create the best workspace to support your work.

Modern Furniture design 

Modern Stylish Workplace Image

Modern furniture that caters to daily tasks makes work easier, while hiding how unbecoming it is. Smart furniture doesn’t mean just adding a TV. Use smart furnishings to make your workspace more comfortable and less cluttered. Desks, tables and other pieces of furniture that hide cords and create efficient designs are becoming increasingly popular with companies that want to cater to the modern office room design.

Natural Elements 

Office Décor Ideas

Inspired by nature and always wanting to incorporate some sort of plant in our homes! Plants in the workplace can also create an eco-friendly office room interior design by simply adding greenery around your workspace. Plants are an easy way to bring nature into your space. Not only do they add personality and a sense of calm to offices, but they also help reduce stress and increase productivity.

10 Best Colour Schemes for Inspiring Office Room Design

Office space color plays a great role in fulfilling the needs of the workers. The importance of office color design is imperative for creating a relaxing environment for the employees which helps them to focus on their work. Office color design will be more effective if the colours used help create an atmosphere that promotes productivity, creativity and teamwork.

White color for professional vibe 

White is the colour of luxury and sophistication, a calming colour that soothes the eyes and mood. As an accent colour, Silk Glamor White being the best color for office walls brings simplicity and elegance to any space. For example, bright white can be used as a backdrop when trying to create an elegant and sophisticated office room.

Gray colour for sophisticated charm 

Grey walls are a stylish choice for office spaces. They can lend an air of sophistication and elegance when paired with beautiful wooden furniture with Imperia Amaze wood finish for furniture, low-hanging lights, and brass accessories. In addition to their neutral color, greys like Silk Glamor SLIP OF SILVER – 8T1699 can match to your decor. Darker shades are great for creating a cohesive look, while brighter greys work well with lighter furnishings.

Dark blue for business vibe 

If you are looking for a professional yet relaxed office, then this is a color that would put your mind at ease. Dark blue walls in an office can transform the look of the room easily and give it a modern, corporate vibe. The best choice for this kind of space is Easy Clean BERRY BLUE – 5A1168. Blue is calm and relaxing. It makes your office feel more relaxed and invites you to stay a bit longer. Dark blue walls will make your workplace look more professional, and brighten up the space.

Brown for cozy feeling 

A brown themed office can make your space look pleasant and peaceful. It creates a friendly and warm impression, making it suitable for home offices as well as business offices. You can complement the color with Silk GlamArt Non Metallic for textured wall effect to make it even more inviting.

Light blue for classy look 

Opt for a light blue color for your office walls. It will add to the appeal of your workplace and make you get more attention. If you want to decorate your room with a relaxed ambience and take some time off from work just after shifting into the office, then Easy Clean BLUE GIN – 5T2224,BLUE MIST – 5P0281 BLUE WALTZ – 5P0139 are the best choice for you.

Green for soothing effect 

Green is a color that calms the mind and soothes the nerves. Green walls are so calming and refreshing, not only because it brings peace to your office but also because of its relaxing effect on your mood. Choose a shade from Express Painting Silk Breathe Easy like BRACADIA GREEN – 4D2144 to make your office look like an eco-friendly space.

Black for corporate culture 

Black is one of the most classy office wall colors. You can add a lot of personality to your workspace with a splash of color and pattern on your walls. From glossy to matte finishes, you have endless ways to transform your interior with black accent walls. It can be bold and dramatic, or it can be subdued and sophisticated depending on the room’s color scheme.

Yellow for brightness 

Yellow is one of the most versatile and cheerful office room colours. It’s not only ideal for the tabletop at your coffee shop, but also for a home office. Yellow wall paint is perfect for offices that need a lot of energy, brightness, or both. Brighten any space with the right paint. For office walls, it can make a big difference in the energy, mood and productivity of an office.

Rainbow for vibrant office culture 

A rainbow of colors is always a welcome sight at any office, but if your office wall colours could use some added vibrancy and fun, try painting them with vibrant pastel colors. Rainbow walls not only look attractive but also promote diversity and inclusion. You can also add as many colors of the rainbow as you want, combining them together to make a beautiful tone on tone effect.

Teal for professional office environment 

A great choice for an office wall paint color, teal is a classic color that works well no matter what your job or business. This shade of green has long been a favorite of designers and architects, who use it to create a relaxed, professional environment. It’s a timeless choice that will also give your work area design a touch of sophistication and elegance.


Choosing a color palette for your office can be a daunting task. It’s important to choose the best office design ideas and colors so that you create an environment that is conducive to work and socializing. If you want to improve productivity, choose muted or soft pastels such as greige or grey for your walls with waterproofing solutions.


How can I make the office look luxurious? 

The best way to make your office feel luxurious is to focus on the architecture and period features of a room. Avoid standard office lighting, and consider adding pieces of furniture with Imperia Amaze wood finish for furniture that suit your tastes in style. Invest in beautiful reception furniture then change the flooring with a beautiful stained wood floor that suits the rest of the room.

How To Brighten The Office with Dark furniture? 

There are many ways you can brighten an office with dark furniture. One way is by letting your wall color speak, with accent wall fittings, or painting the space with brighter shades of paint. Also focus on your ceiling color which can be highlighted through a light fixture or even a rug. Ambient lighting, such as lamps and dimmers, might boost your mood and create a nice atmosphere in the area.

What is the best color for an office desk? 

Although it can be difficult to choose just one neutral color for a room, the best office desk colors are white, soft neutrals and warm tones. White color can help promote focus in the organization while bringing in plenty of light. It can be easily refreshed with other natural colors for a minimalist look or bold pops of color for an interesting interior.

What wall colour is best for motivation at work? 

Yellow walls are a great way to inject some inspiration into your workplace. Yellow is energizing and radiates positivity, so it’s excellent for getting you into the right mood for producing great work. As the strongest psychological color, you might want to opt for yellow, red and orange tones to stimulate your creativity.

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