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Calming bedroom colour ideas to create your own personal oasis. Look through our top picks for relaxing colours for bedroom.

When it comes to the pursuit of a good night’s sleep, you will find plenty of articles that focus on diet, exercise, mattress type, and the likes. This is not one of them. Here, you will find suggestions on how to create an environment that will guarantee you a trip to slumberland.

Creating a space that will actually help your mind and body relax involves more than just picking cosy furniture and plush textiles. The paint you pick for the walls is equally or perhaps even more important.

Stress can find a way to sneak up on you. And it does not take much to feel anxious and stressed, it can be something as simple as a busy day at work or just feeling like you did not accomplish much in the day. But the good news is that you can keep your stress levels low and unwind at the end of a stressful day just by picking the right paint colour for your bedroom walls.

Relaxing colours that work best when you want to catch some zzz’s

You might not notice it, but your mind and body both have reactions to seeing colours. Brighter colours usually stimulate your brain and energise you but could also make you a bit anxious. There’s a reason why a bright red room can make you anxious upon entry. When painting rooms in your home, you want to think about the overall mood you wish to create. If relaxation is your goal, some colours work better than the rest according to our colour experts. Take inspiration from these calming tones for bedroom colour ideas:


Berger Colour Inspiration: 4P0110 Lazy Lake

bedroom wall paint colors

Green is a no-brainer colour for the bedroom. It makes perfect sense since this is the colour we associate with nature and outdoors. According to several studies, being surrounded by nature has a calming quality. So adding a bit of green to your bedroom walls is a great way to introduce a tranquil vibe. Pretty much any shade of green will leave you feeling calm, but pastel, light hues will have you feeling more chilled than brighter versions.


Berger Colour Inspiration: 5P1121 Barley Blue

Blue bedroom wall colour

Blue is a classic colour for home walls and there is a good reason for that- it is quite a soothing colour that works well with any decor style. It is an ideal choice for bedroom wall colour since it can actually help you sleep. As for shades to stick to, opt for lighter shades of blue that are not too stimulating or distracting. You can also paint your ceiling in a light shade of blue, this way, whenever you lie down, you can pretend you’re looking at the sky and calm the monkey mind.


Berger Colour Inspiration: 6P1234 Dusty Lilac

lilac wall colours

Choose a purple with grey undertones, like lilac so it does not feel too bold and vibrant. A soft shade of lilac can bring balance and inner peace. When choosing a lilac shade for the bedroom, look for something soft without too much black in it.


Berger Colour Inspiration: 8T1805 Dolphin Bay

grey wall color

It might be a bit surprising to see this colour on the list since it is a colour that is associated with sombreness. However, the right shade of grey can be very relaxing and calming. Opt for a deep yet muted grey with a bit of green undertone for a spa-like sensation when you enter the room.


Berger Colour Inspiration: 7P0341 Warm Shawl

bedroom paint colors

Beige is another shade that might not immediately come to mind. It is a great neutral colour and can work terrifically for the bedroom walls. There is a certain warmness to the colour that reminds us of candlelight, which can be incredibly calming.


Berger Colour Inspiration: 8P0201 Wedding Gown

White bedroom paint design

White is an interesting colour since subtle differences can create very different reactions. If you go for too dull, it might be a bit of a downer. If you go for too bright, it might actually stress you out a bit. The key is to keep things minimalistic and calming with white that has warmer creamier undertones.

Pale yellow

Berger Colour Inspiration: 3P0730 Dipped in Honey

bedroom colour combinations

A bright yellow can be very stimulating and looking at it might feel like your mind is running a mile a minute. In contrast, a muted, light, pastel shade of yellow can be very soothing. The right shade of yellow can make you feel like you are being embraced in warm rays of sunshine. Plus, science says it is a colour that is bound to make you feel happy instantly.

Soothing Colour Combinations

For bedroom colour combinations, you can create variations of calming colours by blending any of these stunning hues together. For example, combining pale yellow and beige will create a warm yellow beige colour palette or a blue and green can combine to create your own little haven inspired by the great outdoors.

Grey and white makes a good base for blending any brighter colour to create a cool, calming tone that will not be too distracting or overwhelming. It works wonderfully blended with blues or greens for bedroom wall colours.

Shades to avoid for a serene atmosphere in the bedroom

There are a few general rules when figuring out which shades to stay away from. Saturated, bright, primary colours tend to evoke feelings of stress and anxiety. Reds and oranges make you feel more energised whereas blues and greens make you calmer. If your goal is to create a calm mood, avoid saturated and vibrant colours like red, orange, bright yellow or neon colours which are invigorating and full of energy. These colours work better in spaces like a home office or living room.

Are you ready to paint your home or bedroom a more soothing colour? Book a consultation with our painting experts, SMS XP’ to 56767.

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