Take a look around your living room. Look at the portraits on the walls carefully; turn your head to the furniture and the objects that sit on your tabletops. Do you really think they need to be there or you can just remove them to make your space looking spacious and attractive?

Minimalistic is just that. Many homeowners are opting for minimalistic interior design to make living neat, organised and clutter-free.

While researchers claim that messy people have better IQ level, it is also proven that people who live in cluttered environments have high levels of the stress hormone – cortisol. For the modern generation, which leads the busy lifestyle, keeping your space may be a tough job. But I love to keep things easy, so I’ve always gravitated toward minimalist design style.

The minimalistic design style is creating a perfect balance between space, lighting and objects with a defined motto “less is more”. It’s all about paring things down to the basics, making your living room looking super sophisticated and sleek. But it’s not as simple as it looks.

If you plan on trying it but don’t know where to start, our minimalistic living room decor ideas will help you kick things off.

Declutter The Space

This is the first rule of minimalistic design decor style. Clear all surface of clutter before you begin your minimalist living room project. The sole idea of going minimalistic is creating a space that has less stuff, but looks attractive too.

Look around your living room; you’ll see a lot of unnecessary things like piles of paper, shoes around the corner, car keys, empty cups, etc. and that’s just the beginning. You’ll see your coffee table’s surface that tends to be a clutter magnet.

Try to get rid of as much of these decorations as possible. Ask yourself what can be eliminated and what items aren’t essential.

Use a Restrained Colour Palette

When it comes to minimalistic design style, subdued hues rule here. It’s because the base colours look clean and fresh, and inspire a sense of calm. But it’s also important to not make it look boring.

Try a combination of yellow undertones to warm up the walls. Also, you may opt to surround the living room area with crisp white walls to create a tranquil escape from your busy lifestyle. But since light and neutral hues are great, they also get dirty easily, which is why it’s important that you pick the right paint. Using washable paint for wall may be a great support.

When your eyes can move freely in a smooth flow, it is a measure of success and the anti dustt paint for walls make it possible.

Empty Spaces & Focus on Function

White living room decor design

For classic minimalistic decor style, empty space is considered as an important element. The room must have enough space on walls and no unwanted distraction. Of course, you may want to hang your memorable moments on the wall.

The focus should be only on improving the function of the room, which is only achieved with furniture and accessories. Unwanted wall arts don’t necessarily enhance the function of a space, but only distract from it.

Play With Textures

If you don’t want your living room walls to be plain or dull, treat your walls like a canvas to play with textures and make a simple space feel bold. Using textured wall paint ideas give the room a refreshing appeal. You can also go with a minty hue textured wallpaper.

And it’s not just on your walls where you can try textures, but also on other things like artwork, rugs, etc. Unleash your artistic side and try layering the same colour in different textured pieces. You may try using dark gray pillows on a light gray sofa, for example.

Let in the light

No minimalistic interior decor project may be accomplished without effective use of the windows. Having big and bare windows in a room is essential as they let the light pour in. If you are concerned about your privacy, then you have an option to go with thinnest curtain materials or blinds.

Since we are discussing about the living room areas, using sheer curtains will help bring a lot of sunlight. It will also add an aesthetic value to your living room.

Invest In Stylish Storage

Virtually every furniture in the living room serves as storage. While the prime function of the furniture is to keep the clutter to a minimum, also they give your room a streamlined look, but you must be attentive while making the choice.

The attractive and stylish storage space allow the chaos to live inside, making it the right choice for those who love their space to look clean.

Final Words

Whether you are constructing a new home or just want to give a new look to your existing one, it’s never too late to focus on minimalism. The calculated decisions and the right colour scheme will give your living room a tranquil vibe, making it more looking spacious than it is.

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