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Ready to make a statement? Discover the magic of maximalist homes.

Step into an Indian home, and you will find a treasure trove of stories and memories, carefully displayed and cherished. Indians have a special knack for valuing their material possessions, and it’s not just about the monetary value, but the sentimental worth attached to each object. We take pride in our heirlooms, souvenirs and artwork, considering them an integral part of our lives.

The maximalist design allows homeowners to showcase their collections and embrace the beauty of abundance. From intricately carved furniture to ornate tapestries, every item holds a story and becomes a part of the overall narrative of the space.

By incorporating maximalist elements, Indian homes can celebrate their cultural heritage and create visually captivating interiors that reflect their unique personalities.

Embrace The Kaleidoscope: A Riot Of Colours And PatternsMaximalist Design - Vibrant Colours & Bold Patterns

Maximalist design is known for its vibrant colours and bold patterns that breathe life into a space. Consider using trendy and vibrant paint for walls that come alive and fill excitement in the air.

Colour palette blue, emerald green, grey, rich purple, burnt orange, terracotta and golden yellow are great colour options for the walls. These intense interior paint palettes instantly add a sense of opulence and create a striking impact.

When it comes to patterns, maximalist interiors are an ideal playground. Mix and match different patterns such as geometric, floral, abstract or even ethnic motifs to add depth and visual interest.

To maintain coherence, choose patterns that share a common colour scheme. You can combine a vibrant floral print with a geometric pattern in coordinating colours. Experiment with different scales of patterns, from large-scale prints on statement furniture pieces to smaller patterns on throw pillows or curtains. Layering patterns in a thoughtful manner adds a dynamic and engaging dimension to the space.

Texture Galore: A Feast For The SensesComfortable Living Room Interior Design

Texture plays a crucial role in maximalist interior design, as it adds depth, visual interest and a tactile experience to a space. Incorporate a variety of textures throughout your home to create a feast for the senses.

Textured fabrics like velvet, brocade or embroidered textiles bring richness and dimension to upholstery, drapery and cushions. Don’t forget about textured accessories like handcrafted pottery, woven baskets or metal accents. These elements elevate the overall sensory appeal of the room.

Eclectic Treasures: Unleashing Your Inner CollectorVintage Style Dining Room Interior

The maximalist design provides an opportunity to unleash your inner collector and curate unique and eclectic objects. Whether it’s vintage finds, antique treasures or contemporary art pieces, these items add character and a sense of personal history to your space.

When sourcing items for your collection, explore local flea markets, artisanal shops and online platforms to discover one-of-a-kind pieces that resonate with you.

Striking The Perfect Balance: The 50-30-20 Rule

Here are some tips to help you strike the right balance when it comes to embracing the maximalist home style using the 50-30-20 rule.

  • Choose a bold colour for 50% of the space
  • Select a complementary colour for 30% of the space
  • Use a vibrant accent colour for 20% of the space


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