A coffee table is not just any other table. Yes, it exists for a function. It is, after all, a place to put your drinks on, keep your remote or books on or place bits and bobs that are too pretty to be kept out of sight in boxes or drawers. But you can look at it as an opportunity to create a focal point in your living space.

It is the age of Instagram where we strive to create a perfect world virtually with stunning filters. So, why not create an Instagram-worthy real world and strike a beautiful balance between stylish and functional when it comes to home décor? We have curated the ultimate guide for you on how to master the art of coffee table décor. Without any further ado, let’s begin.

To start with, you don’t need to invest in a new table to create a statement. You can give new life to your precious table which has now become dull due to erosion of paints. If you rolled your eyes and smirked reading that, read again. We are serious and we really mean it when we say that you can use your neglected table that lacks lustre and sheen and give it a stunning makeover, all thanks to Berger’s Wood finishes. We, at Berger Paints India, have a range of colourful finishes, specially designed for wooden surfaces in your house.

Always keep in mind that when creating a coffee table display, do not obstruct the view of the people sitting on either side of the table. Go for the 360-degree approach where it is placed in the centre of the room and is visible to everyone from all angles and looks good too.

A timeless way to adorn a coffee table is with fresh flowers, books, magazines, coasters and tray. In fact, a good tray is one of the most underrated coffee table essentials. Trays keep things organised on the coffee table, be it books, candles or other objects, so make sure to invest in a good one. If you have an old wooden tray, you can even polish it with Berger’s Wood finish and place things on it.

Within the complete range in Wood finishes, we also have an option of a low VOC non-toxic water-based wood coating product that kills 99.9% germs & offers rich & natural finish in Matt & Semi-Glossy, branded as Imperia Breathe Easy. This is an ideal product to enhance your coffee table and the wooden pieces that complement it. It is a beautiful blend of quality and safety, perfect for health-conscious consumers!

A little greenery goes a long way, so if you like greenery, you can bring them indoors by keeping a bonsai or a succulent like pencil cacti or branches of plants like cherry blossoms or eucalyptus on the coffee table. Set it right in the centre for an organic and fuss-free way to infuse life into a space. Make sure that it works proportionately to your coffee table.

If you fancy vintage pieces, you can place an antique lantern that looks visually appealing and is functional too. You can create an ensemble with candlesticks for a lovely sensory appeal. Furthermore, candlesticks add dimension to a flat surface, making it a good idea to display them on a coffee table.

If minimalism is your style, you can display a single stunning sculpture, a wooden statue, a stylish bowl or a stand-alone vase on the coffee table.

If you believe in flaunting all your favourite décor pieces, group them together in a cluster and display it on the coffee table. However, make sure that you use items of the right size as it matters when it comes to coffee table styling.

To give your coffee table a balanced look, display items of varying sizes. This works if you want all the items placed on the table to be noticed, which is not the case when the items are at the same eye level. Composition is key. Visualise how all the items you place will look together as a whole. The idea is to make the entire display look like one unit even though they seem unconnected. Make sure you understand that placement of the décor elements on the coffee table matter.

For coffee tables that are long and rectangular, you can use the age-old rule of threes where you divide the table top into three categories and place things accordingly.

For coffee tables that are square, you can divide the table top into quadrants and display an arrangement of four main items. This way the table will look organised and neat.

For coffee tables that are two-tiered, take into account details like balance, composition and scale. Keep simpler items on a lower shelf while saving all your favourite pieces for the top shelf.

For coffee tables that are round, you can try arranging items in a triangular shape. Here, you can stack your favourite books to add character to your table. It can work as a great conversation starter in living spaces.

You can also rotate seasonal decorative elements on it. For a spring-summery look, you can showcase fresh flowers like tulips. For a beachy vibe, you can keep sea conch and shells. You can give this a personal twist by displaying souvenirs or mementoes from a memorable vacation.

If you play host to your guests often, transforming your coffee table to entertain them can be a clever idea. The inspiration can come from anywhere that represents you. If you are a fan of board games, you can keep board games like Jenga, chess, a colourful deck of cards that lend a playful touch.

You can even polish your old wooden decorative elements to give it a new look and display it on the coffee table.

You can try something creative like placing feathers inside a vase instead of flowers or succulents to create a unique look. You can even place an empty vase or an empty bottle to make a bold statement.

Always remember that coffee tables do not work in isolation. You need to consider the rest of the home décor when decorating the coffee table. Even if you wish to create a striking contrast, understand that it should be able to enhance the look and feel of the entire living space, not stick out like a sore thumb.

Hope you got a few ideas that you can use as inspiration to decorate your own coffee table. Just keep in mind that ultimately your home décor should reflect your personality and taste, not someone else’s. So, go ahead and set up that coffee table!

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