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Metal has been a major trend for a while now. And by metal, we don’t mean virtuosic tunes of Black Sabbath or Metallica. We’re talking about metal shades and hues that are finding their way to interior designer’s most ritzy look: metallic home décor. Inspired from fashion runways around the world, they are a major trend in home décor today– from furniture to accessories to wall paint.

Since metals or metallics work so well with many colours, hues, tints and shades– be it neutrals, pastels or dark tones, you can experiment and create different looks for each room in the house. Just a touch of glimmering metal can make a space more glamorous instantly. And while there might be no such thing as “too much” when it comes to metallics, the trick here remains to strike the right balance. When incorporating the hues in the home, remember that there are warm metallics and cool metallics. Warm metallics include bronze, brass, gold and copper whereas cool metallics include silver, chrome, nickel and pewter. Stick to similar hues and use it with different textures to let metallic accents contrast and stand out.

Check out these tips to include this sophisticated hue into your home with just the right amount of lustre, without making your home look like Bappi Lahri’s dreamy adobe.


If you want to incorporate metallic tones in a modest way, try replacing your hardware by adding doorknobs or handles in gold, silver and copper. You can add this to any room in the house. For the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, you can add handles in metallic colours. Or for the bookcase hutch, dresser or TV console, you can use quirky brass knobs. You can also mix and match metallics in a small dose to give the space a unique style and choose from different styles of furniture including modern, vintage and minimalistic to complement the atmosphere of the space.

Wall Paint and Textures

If you are looking for more than just a subtle hint of metallic, wall paint is a great way to create a focal point in the room that is sure to make a major statement. You can either create an accent wall with textured metallic paint on one wall or you can paint all the walls in one room using metallic home paints. If you truly want to go glam, you can consider adding interesting texture from Silk GlamArt Metallica For Designs. The textures give your plain walls a glossy effect that adds glamour and dimension to the space. You can choose from a variety of lively and artistic textures. You don’t have to limit yourself to the walls. Get creative and add metallic hues to the ceiling for a dramatic effect. Metallic shades are perfect for the powder room, foyer or dining room.

Artwork and Décor Pieces

Another easy and quick way to add metallics to a room is by using artwork or décor pieces. You can spray paint a small vase or old décor piece in gold or silver. You can drastically change the way a room looks with a pair of gold décor pieces placed strategically. Or you can also simply hang old photographs and vintage wallpapers in gold or bronze frames on the walls. For an instant luxe factor, you can choose a contrasting wall paint colour by Berger Paint on the wall. Mirrors in gold frames can make a perfect addition to the room too. And since mirrors make a space look and seem larger than it really is, they can be a great home décor trend to incorporate. The trick here remains in staying away from chunky or heavy pieces and opting for simple and understated décor elements.


If the living room or bedroom is neutral, adding metallic furniture pieces is a perfect way to infuse a bit of glam and pizzazz. You can either invest in a gold coffee table or bar stools or simply paint over existing pieces in metallic colours. You can add textures for a softer touch. This will make the furniture stand out. You can also mix and match metallics like brass, silver and copper for a shimmery effect.

Indoor Lighting and Fixtures

Indoor Lighting

Lights, be it hanging, wall lights or table lamps, can be a focal point of a room. And if they have an element of shine and sparkle, they are going to instantly brighten up the space. You can hang cooper penchant lights in your living room or a gold ceiling light on your kitchen island or add a brass chandelier to the bedroom. Golden lamps are a great addition to decorate a space with metallic tones. They have the capability to set the tone for the room. For the bedroom, you can also pair a neutral lampshade with gold luminescent bulbs to create a warm, cosy atmosphere.


Metallic textiles can help you bring in that luxe vibe without having to add in heavy metal furniture or architectural detailing. They are one of the cheapest and quickest ways to incorporate a bit of metallic in your home décor. If you have windows in a room, opt for textured golden curtains for subtle gold accents. Or use a throw with metallic threads for added comfort and class. You can also use rugs, bedspreads and cushion covers in metallic hues to create a sophisticated corner in the house. For the dining table, think napkins and table runners in metallic hues to add allure to any dinner party or brunch that you host. Mix textures like mohair, velvet and wool to let the metallic contrast and stand out.

Metallic home décor ideas can be fused in any room of the house. Whether you are doing a complete kitchen rehaul or designing a new guest room, you can use these metallic ideas easily. A good rule of thumb to follow remains in the balance – with surrounding colours and elements. To use metallic pieces in a single place, add different, softer textures to balance them out. Place metallic items strategically as a statement and accent piece that will deliver an imperial look that you desire for your home. Since they reflect light and open up a space, metallic hues give a dull space a more interesting and sophisticated feel.

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