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Wall paint trends keep changing year on year. While 2018 saw an edgy palette with vibrant shades or reds, variations in black wall accents, and modern metallic, 2019 seems to be different. This year, the focus is shifting towards soothing colours, neutral shades and earthy tones. Minimalism is in vogue! People are showing rising preference towards not-so-loud shades. Colour choices like pale beige, off-cream, ivory are in spotlight. Moreover, an emphasis on surreal patterns is driving the wall paint industry in 2019.

For more, look at what’s in and what’s gone in the below list.

Wall Paint Trends in 2019 – The Shade Card

1. Neutral Tones

Soft, neutral and calm tones of cream shades on the interior walls are being welcomed in the year 2019. These shades are not just beautiful; they are never out of style too. You can play with the furnishing that matches these colours to add to the charm of the home. These comforting neutral hues go with any type of furniture and harmonise with all kinds of décor. If there is any corner of the house to be brightened up, choose a creamy washable paint for the wall.

2. Pastels

Pastels are trending this year. Shades of mauve, baby blue, and pink, lacking vibrancy and strength, are in. These hues gel well and outshine the interior walls. It gives a distinct look to your homes. Moreover, the colours flaunt a soothing and soft nature. Pastels could be the perfect choice for children’s room.

3. Mushroom Tones

This year, we are likely to witness fashion repeating itself. Though the vibrant reds and purples are no longer in, these rusty brown shades have a comeback. These hues lend a natural feel to the interiors, having an earthy appearance that replicates traditional homes. The mushroom tones are one of the most favourite colour trends of 2019, also a gender-neutral shade, and stay fresh forever.

4. Turquoise and Pink

2019 is the year of soft and subtle shades. Though turquoise is bold and dramatic, a combination with pink gives an elegant look to the interiors. This combination also renders a lustrous and bright look to the décor. Pink is an exuberant colour and turquoise enhances beauty. This combination is perfect for a little princess’s room. This versatile colour does not fail and you can combine any number of designs and styles in the interiors of your home.

5. Soft Clay Paint for Earthy Charm

If you want an earthy feel in your home, choose soft clay tones. Brown and beige are no longer happening in 2019. There is a steady shift from the predictable brown to modern terra cotta, caramel, clove, burnt orange, and other such refreshing colours. These unusual colours bring in a personality and energy into the interiors of your home. These unusual colours accentuate the walls of your home and affect the atmosphere as well as the mood of people living in the house. Not to forget, it is stylish too.

6. Grey for Monochrome

Of course, grey belongs to the monochrome colour palette. Not everyone likes grey. However, this shade can build texture inside your homes. Being a neutral shade, grey lends a placid and pleasant feel to the interiors of your home. The shade imparts a majestic and classy look. Moreover, grey combines well with white, pink, and most of the other neutral shades. It also gives a clutter-free look to the home and adds to its beauty.

7. Add a Dash of Green

The freshness that comes from the green palette makes it an evergreen choice for home décor. From shades of light green to darker hues, green colour is so close to nature that it emulates the bounty of nature on the walls. The colour also has a calming effect on the mind of the people living in the house. In a large and well-lit room, any shade of green looks magical. Moreover, it adds to the vibrancy of an otherwise dull area.

8. Aqua Cream

Aqua and cream are also a perfect combination to create a breezy and cool environment indoors. It reminds us about the beach as aqua reflects the sea and dull cream hue represents the sand. If you are a sea lover, you must try for the interiors of your beautiful home this one combination. Undoubtedly, this combination on the interior walls would create a peaceful and relaxed ambiance.

9. Mustard Paint for Charismatic Interiors

Do you miss the rich gold hue or the warm orange tones of bygone times? Of course, these tones are out of fashion, but mustard is in. Revive your love for the daring shades in its new avatar found in mustard colour. Mustard wall paints have the same richness and accent but are much subtle. If you choose mustard, however, opt for accent walls rather than colouring the entire room. You can also use mustard shade for highlighting the decor and creating depth illusion with it.

If you are in for something more stunning, go for Berger Paints Silk Glamour hues for brilliant interiors. Silk Glamour is a luxury interior emulsion that gives your walls a glamorous and rich appearance. Moreover, this Berger Easy Clean Fresh paint is durable too. Take your pick from the wall painting trends of 2019 and enjoy ultra-smooth walls with quality paints.

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