Industrial Style Living Room Decor

Bring home this decor style that is a beautiful amalgamation of old and new world!

In the world of interior design, there’s a style that effortlessly merges the raw and the refined, resulting in a unique and captivating aesthetic known as industrial chic. This trend has gained popularity in recent years and for good reason. Industrial chic combines elements of urban, rustic, and vintage styles to create a space that exudes character, warmth, and a touch of edginess. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can incorporate industrial chic into your own decor, using a mix of raw and refined elements.

The Birth of Industrial Aesthetic: Embracing Functionality

The roots of the industrial home style can be traced back to the 19th century when industrialisation revolutionised manufacturing processes. Factories and warehouses, characterised by their exposed brick walls, bare concrete floors, and metal structures, became the embodiment of functionality and efficiency. This aesthetic was born out of necessity, as these spaces were designed to prioritise productivity rather than visual appeal.

The Rise of Adaptive Reuse: Industrial Buildings as Living Spaces

As urbanisation continued, many industrial buildings fell into disuse. However, their architectural charm and historical significance caught the attention of artists and designers. The concept of adaptive reuse emerged, transforming these abandoned structures into residential lofts, studios, and workspaces. This marked the beginning of the industrial home style as people started to appreciate the rugged beauty and unique character of these repurposed spaces.

Raw Materials: Embracing the Beauty of Industrial ElementsGrey & White Loft Interior Design

One of the key characteristics of industrial chic is the use of raw materials. Concrete, exposed brick, metal, and reclaimed wood are all staples in this design style. These materials bring a sense of authenticity and history to a space, creating a strong visual impact. Consider leaving a brick wall exposed or incorporating concrete countertops or flooring. These raw elements will serve as a backdrop for the refined pieces that will complement the overall aesthetic.

The Beauty of Contrast: Mixing Vintage and Modern ElementsVintage and Modern style Interior Elements

Industrial chic is all about finding a balance between old and new. By blending vintage and modern elements, you create a visually interesting and dynamic space. Pair a vintage leather sofa with sleek, contemporary lighting fixtures. Combine an antique wooden dining table with minimalist, metal chairs. This juxtaposition of styles creates an eclectic and harmonious atmosphere.

Refined Touches: Adding Elegance to Industrial Charm

While industrial chic celebrates rawness, it’s important to balance it with refined touches to elevate the overall look. Incorporate plush textiles like velvet or faux fur to soften the space and add a luxurious feel. Hang framed artwork or decorative mirrors on exposed brick walls to create a gallery-like effect. Introduce elements of nature, such as potted plants or fresh flowers, to bring life and freshness to the industrial aesthetic.

Industrial Lighting: Illuminating the SpaceIndustrial Lighting Interior Decorations

Lighting plays a crucial role in industrial chic design. Opt for exposed filament bulbs, pendant lights, or vintage-inspired fixtures to create a warm and intimate ambience. Industrial-style lighting not only serves as a functional aspect but also adds a touch of charm and nostalgia. Experiment with different light sources and placements to highlight key areas and create interesting shadows.

Industrial Home Interior Colours: Embracing Neutrals with a Pop of BoldnessIndustrial Home Interior Colours

 When it comes to paint colours for living room in industrial chic decor, neutrals are the go-to choice. Shades like greys, whites, and blacks serve as a canvas for other design elements. However, don’t shy away from incorporating bold pops of colour. Add vibrant throw pillows, rugs, accent pieces or bright paint for walls to inject personality and create focal points within the space. This combination of neutral backdrops with bold accents adds depth and visual interest to the overall design.


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