Wall paints are significant in enhancing the aesthetics of your home, setting the mood, and transforming the look and feel of the living space. This is amplified especially during the festive season, which is just around the corner. Make celebrations special with striking festival decoration ideas at home.

Matching your living space to the festive vibes                

No matter what festival it is, the spirit of celebration is in the air. Create an ambience that reflects the celebratory mood, and makes for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Here are some innovative ways to instil the festive spirit.

Choosing the ideal colour and setting the tone

From home decoration for Janmashtami to Ganesh Chaturthi decoration in the home, setting the tone for festivities is easy with decorating tips and festive home décor. Textured walls and combinations of colours can create a harmonious effect, resulting in a visually appealing space.

  • Create an accent wall for Ganesh Chaturthi decoration

Ganesh Chaturthi is all about vibrant cheer, exuberance, and energy. Shades of yellow, orange, and red can be used to create a statement wall, making your home ready to welcome Bappa. You can experiment with different textures to add depth. These accent walls serve as a focal point and can serve as a gorgeous backdrop to the decorations, making for a simple decoration for Ganesh Chaturthi.

  • Metallic finishes for Diwali that can catch and reflect light, adding a touch of glamour

The choice of paint finish can affect the light in the room. Metallic paints like Silk GlamArt Metallica and glossy finishes reflect light, and can make the room feel bigger and brighter. These paints are perfect for festivals like Diwali, where the home is adorned with lighting. These Diwali wall painting ideas lend a touch of glamour to the ambience.

  • Versatility with temporary paints for occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi

If you do not wish to do an overhaul and change the entire look of the home, you can opt for temporary options such as wallpaper and wall decals, which can be removed whenever you want to. These, at the same time, can liven up your home for various occasions, including festivals, and tie up with your Ganesh puja home decoration. Wallpapers with vibrant patterns and designs can enhance a Holi wall decoration as well.

  • Don’t limit the transformative power of wall paint to indoor spaces.

As much as the indoor décor is essential, so is the outdoor. Make the exterior of the house shine with wall paint and decorating tips for festivals. Incorporate wall art and murals on the exterior walls, or brighten up the look with textured wall paints which are one of the best festival home decoration ideas.

Special Paint Ideas and Tips for Diwali                 

Festival decoration at home can be achieved by transforming walls with paints in metal finishes, but you can also enhance it by adding elements that inject a festive mood. Think glamorous lighting, wall hangings, embellished accessories, etc.

  • Golden Glow

A soft glow or a shimmering space—the golden glow is the highlight of Diwali. The enchanting effect of lights is what transforms a home.

  • Rangoli-inspired murals

Stunning, intricate rangolis enhance your entranceway, but did you know rangoli-inspired murals too can add a traditional touch to your home? The art amplifies the Diwali spirit with its vibrant colours.

  • Glowing Lanterns

Illuminate your home with eye-catching lanterns. These colourful lanterns can be hung in the windows, doorways, or balconies for a mesmerising festive glow. With varieties in sizes, patterns, and designs, create a warm home.

  • Diya Patterns

Nothing says Diwali better than traditional diyas. While lighting up the home with beautiful coloured diyas is a must, you can also use diya-patterned wall hangings to exude the spirit of Diwali.

  • Reflective Mirrors

Spruce up your space with decorative mirrors designed with intricate elements. These not only inject a luxurious feel but also reflect light.


Indulge in the festive fervour with DIY projects, wall paint, and festive home décor. Transforming your home for celebrations is a combination of accessories, lighting, colours, décor, and a heart filled with joy. So, go ahead and experiment with festival home decoration ideas and give your home a new look. When it comes to painting, trust the professionals to do a perfect job. Berger’s Express Painting can help you choose the right colour for your home.


Why is it important to paint the house during Diwali?

Diwali wall painting adds to the festive energy, and it is believed that it helps dispel negativity from the house and makes way for positive vibes.

Can I add glitter to wall paint?

Yes, glitter paint additives can create a shimmery accent wall.

How do you decorate your house during the festival?

Lighting the house, using wall hangings and flowers, painting the house, or making an accent wall with a contrast colour or wallpaper are some ways to prepare your home for festivals.

On which festival do people decorate?

People celebrate every festival with great fervour. From Holi and Eid to Diwali, Christmas, Ganesh Chaturthi, Easter, and Janmashtami, festival decoration at home is a must.

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