With Durga Puja just round the corner, it is time to usher in the festivities with some home upgrades. Here are our favourite decorating ideas.

Durga Puja is all about celebrating the good triumphing over the evil. It is that time of the year when we pray for good health, wealth and prosperity of everyone around us.

It is also a period to bring in positivity, clear out the clutter, rearrange our living space and refresh it with some new decor elements. To help you with it, we have curated a list of decorating tips, so dive right in!

Let your walls do the talking

Blue Wall Paint

Plain walls lack the festive vibe. Inject colour on your walls with a rich and vibrant shade. You can play with paint colours such as mustard, deep red, maroon, burnt orange and forest green to create a festive mood. You can paint one wall in a brighter shade and others in lighter tones to create a good balance.

Don’t overlook the walls of your pooja room. Keeping in mind the festivities, wall paints for pooja room can be a deep shade. To jazz it up further, you can use stencils from Berger’s latest range of iPaint DIY Self Painting Kit. This innovative range allows you to be creative to give a whole new look to your living space.

This DIY idea can serve as a good bonding session for you and your family members. The kit has festive-themed designs and motifs like diya, which serve as the perfect backdrop for the occasion.

This kit works for any water-based emulsion on the interior walls of your home.  It is a user-friendly kit with the right set of tools needed to paint your walls without professional help. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Make ‘sanitise’ and ‘disinfect’ your mantra

While you clear away the clutter and make space for fresh and new decor elements for Durga Puja, do not forget that sanitising and disinfection of the rooms and floors is equally important to have safe celebrations with your loved ones.

We understand that it is easy to get carried away in the festive fervour and enthusiasm. However, adapt the ‘new normal’ by always maintaining social distancing norms and wearing masks during the celebrations.

Safety cannot be compromised no matter what the occasion. It is a good idea to invest in effective hand sanitisers such BreatheEasy+ Hand Sanitizer or BreatheEasy+ Virus Guard Hand Sanitizer that kill bacteria and virus, keeping you safe.

For 24 hour protection from viruses and bacteria on surfaces in your home, you can choose a certified product like Berger BreatheEasy Safe 24.

Spread the rangoli magic

Since festivities tend to put the focus on home improvement and decoration, give your home entrance a festive touch with a beautiful rangoli instead of letting it go plain.

Channel your artistic side with a rangoli showcasing different colour shades that allow your entrance to extend a festive welcome to all.

Bring in some good vibes with Toran

Hanging torans depict the traditional values of Indian festivals. Torans are one of the most beautiful ways to mark the beginnings of festivities. They are bound to add effortlessly to the festive atmosphere.

Add an ethnic touch to the door with a toran of your choice, and anybody stepping inside your house is certain to be impressed.

The most commonly used decoration is the bandhanwar toran comprising of mango leaves and marigolds on the thread but you can choose from a wide variety such as pearls, crystals and sequins in different shapes and sizes that lend an elegant and modern look. Options are endless and you do not have to limit it to only the main door. You can hang it at every arch of your house.

Embrace flower power

Flower Decor

The purity and delicacy of flowers is unmatchable. They work as a symbol of love and devotion. Turn your house into a paradise with floral decorations teamed up with copper and brassware.

It is a sure-fire way to infuse a fresh and earthy aroma. Create gentle water displays with beautiful floating blossoms for a mystical touch.

Let there be light!

lantern decor

Bring life to your space with artistic lamps and lanterns. It will not only illuminate but also add beauty to your living space with its warm glow.

Pick up pieces that can spruce up any corner of your house, be it your reading nook, living room, bedroom or balcony.

Charm with lush upholstery

It is a good idea to refurbish your upholstery and choose rich fabrics that have patchwork, mirror-work, sequins, silk, embroidery, pom-poms or tassels. You can throw in some accent pillows to match or contrast the colour scheme of your home as well.

Make your living space look ready for the festivity with new bedsheets and curtains. Pastels, velvet, appliqué and block-printed bed sheets are the perfect choice for the festive season while colourful curtains will help complete the look.

Add some shine with metallic accents

You can also decorate the table with attractive vases that create a statement. These little flourishes can help tie in the entire look together. Since it is the festive season, it is a good idea to lean towards metallic showpieces that reflect light and bring in the bling.

Pro tip: Bigger the metal, better the sheen.

Go green

If you are a nature-lover, now is a good time to invest in plants. Use them in the balcony as well as inside your house. The ones hanging from the ceiling can look quite stunning and add aesthetic beauty to the space. You can also decorate your home with mango leaves to lend a festive vibe.

Titillate the senses with aromatherapy

Pay attention to the way the house smells. It is important to have proper ventilation and drive out unpleasant odours with the help of fragrances.

Potpourri makes for a visual treat and also helps make your home smell heavenly. You can try your hands at making your own potpourri with colourful petals, herbs and dried flowers.

Mix your favourite combination of spices, essential oils and woody scents for an aromatic arrangement and viola – your potpourri is ready!

Get creative with these decor ideas and make your guests gasp in delight when they arrive to join you for the celebrations.

To conclude, we hope that you are now inspired to get crafty and artsy to adorn your home this festive season.

May Goddess Durga shower you with prosperity, happiness and good health always!

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