exterior house colors

A thoughtful exterior colour can have a major effect on the vibe of a house. We are here to guide you in deciding the right exterior wall colour for your house.

Consider the architecture

exterior house paint

When selecting a colour for the exterior walls, it is important to choose an exterior colour that is harmonious and honours the architecture of the home. It is equally important to take the building materials used into consideration.

Factor in the surroundings

exterior paint colors

Our colour experts advise that you take into account the surroundings such as the scene around your house. If you live on the beach, a sunshine yellow exterior is going to stand out against the blue ocean and green palm trees and if you live in the city, an accent colour door in bright red or blue will make a grand statement. Also, don’t forget the trim as it adds the finishing touch to the walls and accentuates the details. You can consider a contrast for a bold effect. White and beige are a perpetual favourite and complement warm neutral walls beautifully.

Make use of technology

It is time to say goodbye to the dilemma in the selection of exterior colour for your home!

Berger Paints India offers a handy tool known as the Visualiser App that allows you to experiment with colours online before you even begin painting. You can pick images of a home exterior so you can imagine the finished look. This is the ultimate tool that takes out the guesswork, simplifying the process of exterior paint colour selection.

Try colour swatches

exterior paint color combinations

Never underestimate the power of a colour swatch. Before you plunge into home painting, it is a good idea to buy test sizes of the paint colours you are considering and paint some brush-outs on the exterior. Make sure to check the colours in different lighting. It is important that it complements the trim as well. Check your paint samples at different times of day to get the best idea of how it will turn out.

With these tips in mind, check out some of the best exterior paint colours that we have put together for you. There is a colour perfectly suited for every kind of design preference and home style.

LEMON ORGANZA (3P0069) and GRAY FELT (8P0349)

The buttery yellow spells happy right off the bat while the sophisticated grey exudes an air of sophistication. Together, this pair can make people stop and stare. This combination of exterior house colors is an approachable classic year-round. We recommend that you give this duo a try!


Another beauty from our colour collection! This powdery blue sets a welcoming palette. Such exterior house paint colours evoke a dreamy and relaxed feeling.


Like all best exterior colours, a dark, earthy tone like copper is sure to make a solid statement. It is a long-standing favourite and we think one can’t go wrong using it time and time again on just about any house exterior or style. This exterior house paint is bound to be admired!

Like the hues you carefully choose for home interiors, exterior colours should also be chosen after proper deliberation and should be ones you love coming home to every day. If you need help with your exterior home painting project, we suggest you go for the best, not settle for anything less!

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