Homeschooling may be the order of the day but is your house equipped for it? Read on for some handy tips to help you create an inspiring study space for children.

With schools taking online lessons, your child’s study space needs to be inspiring, no excuses. If you are still wondering how to motivate your children to study and keep learning even at home, worry not! Here are some useful study room ideas that are perfect for your children, curated by our in-house experts. Let’s get started.

Create an ergonomic study station

Take a moment to visualise how classrooms are. The seats and desk are designed to be of optimum support for posture and note-taking needs. Make sure the table or desk you place in the children’s room is big enough for a laptop or a computer, workbooks, stationery such as pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, erasers, sharpeners, calculator, Post-it notes and other learning supplies depending on the age of the children.

The goal should be to recreate a comfortable learning environment so ensure that the table top allows one to rest the forearms on the table or be able to type without any stress on the joints.

Install proper lighting

It is important for the study space to have the correct lighting. Since overhead lighting is not really conducive to studying, especially if children are writing or reading, keep a proper LED-based study lamp on the study table for the right amount of luminance. Also, make sure that the study space has natural light coming in for a good dose of Vitamin D.

Say no to clutter

A clutter-free room is essential when creating a study space for children. Clutter can be a distraction and can cause a scattered thought process, leading to less successful learning. Hence, make sure that the room is devoid of television, video games and away from high-activity, noisy areas.

Minimal space design is a conducive environment for studies without distraction. The focus should be on functionality and practicality, which is why it is a good idea to invest in furniture that comes with useful storage space. This will come handy in keeping the extras out of sight during children’s study time.

You can add some storage so that school items are within easy reach. Look for a desk with colour-coded storage, like built-in drawers or an overhead cube bookshelf if you are short on space. Hygiene and safety are equally important. Do not forget to disinfect regularly-touched surfaces, like the keyboard, mouse, door knobs and handles on a daily basis to kill germs and bacteria.

Pick the right wall colours

Kids Bedroom

Children in Montessori are drawn towards warm, bright colours while primary-school children prefer pastels and tints. Middle school children enjoy colours like greens and blues, while high school students prefer darker colours such as dark green, grey, navy and violet. Paint the perfect picture for your child’s educational future with the right wall shades. You can also opt for designer finishes and rich wall interior texture paints by Berger Paints India.

Add educational elements

Creating a room with a school-room vibe is sure to stimulate children’s mind and help them focus on studying. You can keep activity boards like pinboards, chalkboards or whiteboards to introduce a learning environment to the room. Pinboards are a good idea since you can easily replace charts, maps and multiplication tables based on what lessons the children are learning. This will stimulate the children’s mind and put them into learning mode the
moment they step into the room.

Do not try to create a strict school-like environment for children. Embrace the idea that learning can happen just about anywhere in the room – including the walls! The best thing you can do for them, as a parent, is to encourage them to express their feelings and imagination by opting for washable wall paints that take care of stains and
scribbles done on them.

Berger Easy Clean Fresh washable wall paints are perfect to give your children the freedom to use the walls of their room as blank slates. The paint’s rich luxurious finish is backed up by Cross-Linking Polymers that ensures even the most stubborn stain can be cleaned easily from the wall, keeping the house looking spotless and beautiful day after day. In addition to its unparalleled washability, it abates unpleasant smell/odour from within the house, imparting a fresh fragrance to the interiors. Now no more worries about wiping away a ketchup mark or a pencil math puzzle off the walls of your children’s room.

It is important to make the room come alive because it is a zone that your children spend maximum hours in. Keep in mind to create a space where they will love being in by taking into account their personality and taste.

We understand that this new homeschooling experience can be challenging but it can convert into a rewarding and memorable experience as you find ways to create a life-long and meaningful bond with your children.

Get ready to create an ever-evolving space for your children that can inspire new ideas, play, learning, conversation, creativity and more! For hands-on guidance with painting your children’s room, you can get in touch with the experts of Berger Paints India. From colour consultancy to offering a safe room painting experience, you can trust Berger Paints India to transform the room into the perfect one for studies.

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