Weddings are a big affair with an endless shopping list, but getting your home wedding-ready is just as important. Read more to know how! 

Beautiful Home Decor Ideas for Wedding on Your Special Day  

The entire process is wonderful – fresh blooms, colours, texture and lights – the vibrancy brings alive the ambience. You want to do everything to make it seem like a home ready for marriage festivities. No matter the theme you choose, there are so many ways to embrace a gorgeous home décor for wedding ready for the festivities without a huge overhaul. Using minimal and easy to find things that do not add to the existing wedding expenditure, you can create a dreamy home décor for wedding – low key or a bold affair, there is something for every taste! 

Here are some wedding home décor ideas that incorporate DIY ideas, as well as traditional elements that never fail to impress.  

Go Floral & Make a Rangoli – Refreshing for the Soul  

Nothing exudes beauty and freshness as much as flowers and blooms do, especially when it is about decorating a home for a wedding. Garlands of marigold flowers adorning your terraces and balcony railings, to multicoloured flowers combined with leaves hanging on the door frame is visually alluring. Thinking of making a fresh flower rangoli to welcome guests and relatives? With plenty of designs available online, choose one that sits pretty at the entrance yet does not inconvenience the way in and out.  

Warm Fairy Lighting Home Décor – Magical Indulgence 

Inject the festive mood with warm fairy lights illuminating the indoors and outdoors for a cosy, dreamy home décor for wedding. These are available in a variety of designs and sizes to suit your theme. Light up corners with mesmerising hanging lights. Think bottle lights that are such a huge trend. 

Photobooth Decoration Trends to Savour  

Who doesn’t love taking pictures during the wedding functions. It’s all about capturing memories! For an instant boost to your home décor, consider adding a photobooth for the perfect photo spot for families and friends. Use of flowers, origami, lights or frames, there are plenty ways to create a striking photo booth.  

Stunning Backdrops for Perfect Photo – Statement Addition 

Drapes or fancy wallpapers make for the ideal photo backdrop. Mix and match colours, or opt for a statement wall of lights for an enchanting picture-perfect backdrop. Go for bold shades to enhance the wedding fervour. You can hang pinwheels, umbrellas or even create a wall of garlands of blooms as part of home décor for wedding. The more vibrant, the more attractive they look! 

Fancy Lantern and Tea Light Home Décor – Tranquillity Amidst Chaos 

Adorn the space with pretty lanterns and tea light candles that wonderfully lend a sparkling touch to a wedding home. Fragrant candles exude a soothing ambience, instantly boosting the entire space. Beautify the entrance with floating tea light candles, or even a corner in the house that will add to the overall appeal. 

Handmade Paper fans and Pinwheel Decorations – Inject Colours 

Have it environmentally friendly with handmade paper fans and pinwheel decorations that make for an eye-catching home décor for wedding. Have these in bright colours of pink and orange for effortless exuberance and a pop of colour. Hang them at places or create a backdrop with different sized and coloured pinwheels and handmade papers.  

Chalkboard Wedding IdeasQuirky Best 

Add a personal touch to the home decoration for wedding with chalkboard signages – date and time of wedding functions, quirky quotes, a chalkboard directing to the guest sign book, drinks and dining place, photo booth etc. Infuse a magical touch with the timeline of newlyweds from when they met up until the wedding day. 

Draping colourful saree, dupattas or curtains – Dreamy Drapes 

Colourful drapes and designs are one of the most appealing factors of a home decoration for wedding. You can repurpose old sarees, dupattas or curtains to create stunning drapes for windows, walls or for the railings. Mix and match colours or follow a specific theme of colour combination to bring out the best look. This can make for a low cost simple haldi decoration at home. 

DIY Vases and Jars Decoration – Peppy Accessories 

DIY vases are big, and these are an easy way to embrace latest trends while keeping it minimalist. Decorate these with glitter, dry twigs on a vibrant colour base. Whether glass, steel or ceramic, decorated vases and mason jars make an impressive accessory. Style them with ropes, laces or bows and fancy tapes; you can also fill the transparent mason jars with confetti or pot pouri. These can also be used to hold fresh blooms. This is one of the easiest home décor ideas for wedding.  

Embroidered Umbrellas Décor – Pops of Colour 

Create a full-blown wall backdrop with artsy embroidered umbrellas, or hang these from the ceiling for a colour riot. It’s guaranteed that your guests are sure to be awed with the gorgeously trendy home decoration for wedding. The wall of umbrellas can also double up as a photo background, along with some light strings and flowers. You can also opt to hang these at the entrance showcasing a flamboyant indulgence.  

Colourful Swing Wedding Décor – For Fun Times 

The colourful swing is almost everyone’s favourite. This suspended seating option wonderfully refreshes your setting, and makes for an amazing photo spot. Amp up the swing with multicoloured flowers or even simply marigolds. Throw in some colour popping cushions for that cosy and attractive look. Whether you want to use neutral tones or go all out with bold hues, a swing is going to be a focal point in your home decoration for wedding.  

Create your dream setting with wedding home décor ideas taking inspiration from these tips, for every pre-wedding function. Make your home an intimate space for celebrations with close family and friends, and spruce up with wedding decorations at home featuring mesmerising and magical element.  


1. How can I decorate my wedding at home?  

While flowers and lights are the most popular and traditional ways of decorating your home for wedding, you can make use of trendy elements and DIY objects such as origami, umbrellas, mason jars, statement features, photo booths etc. These will add in pops of colour and hints of style. 

2. How do you decorate an empty room for a wedding?  

Set a theme and introduce complementing elements. Based on your colour scheme, adorn the windows with florals, make a wall backdrop with lights and hanging accessories – kites, umbrellas, frames etc. Infuse a soothing ambience with aromatic candles and hanging lanterns. Have a photo booth in a corner. 

3. How do you cover the walls for a wedding reception?  

Garlands of flowers, multicoloured or the golden marigold, or mix and match as per your theme. You can also hang strings of lights, have decorative accessories such as statement pieces, ornamental frames on colourful drapes.  

4. How do you make budget friendly wedding decorations?  

With numerous DIY options, you can choose to repurpose sarees and dupattas for vibrant drapes, turn existing vases and jars into attractive pieces by painting them or decorating with laces and ropes. Other elements include creating a minimalist cosy décor with warm fairy lights, cushions and flowers.

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