Glamorous interior design Wall Colours

Read this article for interesting home paint colour combinations and complementary wooden furniture.

Want to have an Instagrammable living space? It all comes down to knowing how to complement the wall shade you use with the décor and furnishings of the space. It is important to match the wall colours with your wooden furniture or wherever you have used wood in the interiors because if done incorrectly can end up looking odd and mismatched.

Choosing paint colours for your home can look like an exercise in frustration or patience. Unless you have formal design training, colours can be hard to figure, especially if you have multiple wood tones in the room. However, you need not worry. Help is at hand.

We have put together some flattering wall colour ideas that play well with the wood tones in each room of your living space. Let’s begin!

Styling a living roomgorgeous shade of yellow paint on the walls for room designing

A warm shade of yellow can give your room a soft appearance and make it look cosy. Take a look at the above photograph of this homey living space. This setup exhibits a beautiful interplay of wooden finish and a gorgeous shade of yellow on the walls.

The walls flaunt a mustard yellow in the shade Summer Sun (3A0386) from Silk Glamor range as seen in the Silk Glamor Lookbook 2023. It brings a beautiful earthy and inviting appeal to the interiors. The wooden rattan armchair has a wood colour in natural wood tone that looks charming in the foreground. A rattan coffee table is kept near it, which makes for a pretty picture.

If relaxing is the vibe you are gunning for, pair a warm yellow wall with bamboo furnishings. It works like magic and is sure not to disappoint you!

Styling a bedroomBlue wall bedroom wall design

Derive inspiration from this beautiful bedroom. It has lovely blue walls in an exquisite shade called Exotica Aqua (4D0275) that has been paired with a delicate white shade called Wanderer (1P1909) from the Silk Glamor range, featured in the Silk Glamor Lookbook 2023. It enhances the beauty of the furniture pieces such as the side shelf, nightstand and the table at the foot of the bed.

You can recreate this look in your bedroom with similar furniture pieces and same wall paint colours.

Styling a dining roomDinning room silk glamour green wall paint

Take a look at the charming dining room pictured here. You won’t be able to find a more natural pairing than greens with wood. It is also one of our favourite pairings! The walls are slathered with a gorgeous green hue in the shade Grassy Path (7D1502) from the Silk Glamor range, featured in the Silk Glamor Lookbook 2023. Set against this verdant wall, the beauty of the walnut wood toned dining table shines through. A striking planter and an accent rug complete the look.

You can take a cue from the same and incorporate the same foliage-inspired wall colour and similar design elements in your dining area.

Styling a kitchencream shade, Skin Light paint for kitchen

This contemporary kitchen has a lovely wall colour combination – Woollen (8P2713), which is a stylish grey hue and a soothing cream shade called Skin Light (7T1627) from the Silk Glamor range. This undeniably classy colour duo has also been featured in the Silk Glamor Lookbook 2023. The walls go well with the wooden surfaces that flaunt a combination of white and dark chocolate tones. Together, they add a lot of visual interest to the space.

If you are up for indulging in some interesting colour dynamics for your cooking haven, this colour duo can be your thing! The colours pair up as the perfect partner for each other and work especially well in the kitchen space, elevating the wooden elements.

Styling a kids roomkids room wall paint

This delightful kids room has been sectionalised with a pleasing three-colour wall combination. The gender-neutral colours used are from the Silk Glamor Lookbook 2023. The white shade is Wedding Gown (8P0201), the beautiful rosy coral shade is Apricot Attitude (1T0580) and the pinkish-beige shade is called Pink Beige (1P0018). As you can see for yourself, this colour trio goes well with ash wood toned furniture, adding a fun element to the space.

You can try this look and tell us how it is working in the kids room of your house!

When it comes to the beautification of furniture pieces, as you may have observed, there are many wood coating paint in the market today. This can make it tough to make the right choice. We can help put an end to such woes.

If you are looking for paint for wood to beautify your existing furniture or new furniture pieces, Berger Imperia Breathe Easy is your best bet.

Made with world-leading German water-based technology, it is a zero-smell, one-component water-based polyurethane that offers an easy-to-apply coating for both new and precoated heritage furniture. It is available in various options like clear, opaque and transparent shades.

Additionally, it is a healthier option owing to its anti-microbial properties that kill 99.9% germs and prevent algal as well as fungal growth.

We also have something for those who prefer going the DIY route. You can explore Berger’s iPaint DIY Painting Kit to jazz up your wooden décor pieces, be it a small stool or a big cabinet, all by yourself!


We all want updated homes that are inviting, stylish, comfortable and peaceful. Now that we have given you some diverse wall colours that go with brown furniture as well as those in different tones, don’t wait to incorporate them in your home interiors. Our Silk Glamor range has a wall colour to complement just about any wood tone.

You can easily recreate the looks mentioned in this blog in your own living space. Connect with our Berger Express Painting professionals to get your favourite walls painted in these glamorous colours.

Dial our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030 or SMS ‘XP’ to 56767. If you found reading this blog interesting, we recommend you to read one of our recent blogs, Mixing Wood Tones That Complement Your Wooden Wall Design And Floors.You may find some more ideas and inspiration in there to take your home’s glam quotient higher!

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