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Read this blog for tips on how you can add glam to your home décor with the latest collection of Berger Silk Glamor and get set for the festive season!

The festival of lights is around the horizon, and with it, comes a wave of positive vibes and joy. Considering the gloom we have all experienced in the past two years, this time celebration is sure to be double.

This festive season brings not only a sense of belonging but also a warm glow of happiness. This time of the year also means coming together of family, friends and colleagues. Let us all remember to celebrate the gift of life!

Get the festive inspo you need for festive-ready walls! You won’t believe the dramatic transformation a good coat of fresh paint can bring about.

We think that Diwali is incomplete without a bit of glam. Keeping this in mind, we have just the thing for you! Berger Silk Glamor paint is a luxury interior emulsion that is formulated using Crystal Reflective technology. The result? A very high film strength with superior adhesion that not only gives your walls a rich, glamorous look, but also enables it to retain the ultra-smooth silky finish for a really long time.

You can derive inspiration from the collection of luxury interior paint by Berger Silk Glamor. It boasts of a premium range of shades, which are bound to uplift the senses.

Living RoomLiving room wall colour combinations for festive look

Festivities mean bonhomie. The key is to focus on a welcoming and joyful mood. A comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is essential to enjoy festive moments with your loved ones.

Combine a comfy sofa with a snug rug and some elegant pillows for a charming living room design that is warm and classy. Display some candles for a dreamy, festive look, as seen in the photograph above.

For the walls, incorporate this wonderful trio comprising of LOVELY HORIZON (6P1895), SUNDRIED TOMATO (1A0480) and NATIVE TAN (2D0590) taken from Berger Silk Glamor.

KitchenBeautiful kitchen paint theme with woolen and savanna colours

Since Diwali is all about abundance and indulgence, the kitchen is where all the magic happens! Right from ladoos, coconut barfis, pedas to kaju katlis, the kitchen takes centrestage where gastronomic delights and extravagant Diwali spreads are prepared with love and care to be devoured by family and friends alike.

Create a world of fulfilling experiences, with elegance like never before. Splash hues on the walls like WOOLEN (8P2713) and SAVANNA (4D2116) from Berger Silk Glamor for a striking look.

Dining RoomDinning room colour purple theme with colours white glove and upbeat

Togetherness at mealtime is something we all take for granted but festivals are a beautiful reminder of the magic of hearty laughter ringing through the home over a good meal. Since food is integral to all the celebrations during Diwali, get ready to cook that perfect meal, set the table and enjoy it with loved ones.

A sturdy dining table, a few chairs, an elegant floor rug and planters, as seen in the above photograph, are all you need to create a modern dining area where you can experience the festive décor at its fullest.

A combination of hues like UPBEAT (6T2352) and WHITE GLOVE (3P0057) from Berger Silk Glamor range can become a charming backdrop, exuding a classy and refined look for the dining space.

Get ready to transform your dining space and make it the go-to place to rejoice and honour not just Diwali but every good news with merriment!

BedroomBlue wall bedroom

Want to keep the festive stress away? Dwell in a space with gentle vibes, similar to the one pictured above. A comfy bed is a must, coupled with several pillows and a soft blanket. Keep a standing shelf and a small side table to showcase a few of your favourite décor pieces.

A unique combination of hues like OAKFIELDS (7A2812) and EXOTIC AQUA (4D0275) from Berger Silk Glamor can work beautifully in bedrooms.

Kids RoomWall painting idea for kids room

Adorn the kids room with a blend of functional as well as aesthetically appealing décor pieces. Display a functional chest of drawers, a crib or a bed depending on the age of your little one.

For a festive upgrade, complement the furniture with freshly-painted walls. A combination of three pleasing hues like WEDDING GOWN (8P0201), APRICOT ATTITUDE (1T0580) and PINK BEDGE (1P0018) taken from Berger Silk Glamor can work beautifully on the walls in a kids room, as you can see from the photo pictured above.


It is time to start decorating your house with a festive flair. Incorporate Diwali decoration ideas right from lights, flowers to rangoli and let your home bask in the afterglow of all things good.

We say give this blog, “Trendy Wall Colours And Puja Decoration Ideas For Diwali” a read and you should be able to get some more wall decoration ideas for festivals to help create a picture-perfect house – inviting and ready for Diwali.

If wall painting is giving you a panic attack, worry not. Help is at hand. Sit back, eat some mithai while our painting experts treat your walls and give it a beautiful makeover with Berger Silk Glamor!

It starts with an at-home consultation after which a digital estimate is provided to give you an idea about the total cost.

The cherry on the top is that before the actual paint job commences, all your valuable furniture and flooring is covered properly to prevent any damage from paint spills. The painting is carried out by certified painters who prep the walls, apply the product and achieve the desired results in a faster, cleaner and safer manner by using mechanised tools.

At every stage during the painting job, there is regular site inspection to ensure the quality is top-notch and the painting work is on track.

You can SMS ‘XP’ to 56767 or connect with us on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030 to avail our service.

Last but not the least, this festive season, take out time to shower your loved ones with love, affection and thoughtful offerings.

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  1. Liya says: October 27, 2022 at 8:01 pm

    well-explained blog about Diwali decor. very helpful for the daily life use

    1. admin says: October 28, 2022 at 6:48 pm

      Hi Liya,

      Glad to know that you found our blog helpful. Keep reading our blogs to derive inspiration and handy tips to make your home more beautiful.

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