Color Scheme for Your Décor

Choosing the right wall colour combination for your home can be highly subjective. There is no right or wrong way to create a successful combination. What you need is a colour palette that suits your décor and feels right to you and your family. Your lifestyle, emotions, and taste speak volumes in how your living space turns out.

Having said that, we mustn’t forget that paint is a powerful element of home design. It can create the illusion of a spacious room or make your modern furniture blend easily within an old architecture. At Berger Paints, you are spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing a colour scheme. Let’s take a look at some of the shades that are bound to turn your heads.

1. Empress Rose (1D0324) and Quiet Cove (5D1167)

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Red and Blue

It’s not necessary to have a sleepy bedroom colour scheme. Try the bold room colour combination of two magnificent colours, Empress Rose (1D0324) and Quiet Cove (5D1167) to create a strong statement. If you find the combination too warm for a bedroom, you can consider this for a study room or the living room, which are considered a hub of energies. These vivid colours will make your interiors look more exciting and dynamic.

Tip: Do not choose these bold shades if you want the room to appear bigger. The combination is suitable to create a cosy area.

2. Parmesean Roll (7T2514) and Spring Lilac (6P0155)

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Red and Purple

Here’s a soothing wall colour combination with earthy tones for your bedroom. The Parmesean Roll (7T2514) and Spring Lilac (6P0155) create a luxurious aura and are apt for you to experiment with metallic home décor accessories to get a glamorous finish.

Tip: Add vibrant textiles to spruce up the home colour selection. More textures, colours, and patterns will help create an ideal bohemian style décor.

3. Rustic Pottery (1D0535) and Five O’Clock Shadow (8D1719)

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Red and Brown

This is a timeless colour combination to add sophistication and elegance to your living room walls. Both Rustic Pottery (1D0535) and Five O’ Clock (8D1719) are earthy tones, and never fail to make the interiors feel homier.

Tip: Rustic Pottery can truly steal the show as a backdrop for artworks, mirrors, and other wall hangings. The colour combination can also complement wooden furniture.

4. Wild and Crazy (1A0364) and Wedding Gown (8PO201)

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Red and White

Pairing off a neutral or off-white colour with a bright one has been a timeless method to strike balance between elegance and brightness. The Wild and Crazy (1A0364) is a rich tone of red, perfect for your dining space, with its power to whet up your appetite and stimulate conversations. Add in the soothing Wedding Gown (8P0201) to bring down the heat of the red, and you have a winning colour palette.

Tip: Experiment with colourful prints in your dining chairs to add more fun and colour to the room.

5. Tutti Frutti (6A1424) and Malaguena (6T1421) and Pixie Princess (6P1409)

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Purple and White

An undeniably styling monochromatic colour scheme, perfect for the modern, sleek, and minimalistic home décor.  These variations of purple and pink induce the Pink Effect. As opposed to red, pink can help calm nerves, while purple brings in a touch of the exotic.

Tip: Break the monotony of the colour combination with a pop of colour. You can add a bright red lamp as a focal point giving the space a fresh perspective.

6. Grass Carpet (4A0407) and Flash of Green (4A0405)

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Green

There’s nothing like green to balance out other colour schemes throughout the house. Give your kitchen a personality with this pastel room colour combination. This can also be your kid’s bedroom colour, as green can help speed up a child’s reading comprehension, and provide motivation and calmness.

Tip: You can use the Berger Paints Silk Illusions range to create a variety of special effects in your kids’ bedroom. Get interesting patterns like twirl, spatula, flora and strings to evoke your child’s imagination.

7. Summer Sun (3A0386) and Magnolia Petal (3T2070) and Lemon Light (3T0819)

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Yellow

This poppy shade of yellow; Summer Sun (3A0386) is apt for your dining room signifying togetherness. Pair it with grounding hues like Lemon Light (3T0819) and Magnolia Petal (3T2070) and you have an inviting space for several people in your home.

Tip: Mix plenty of white to prevent the yellow from becoming overwhelming. Choose a grey-coloured live counter display to wow your guests. You can also use this colour combination in your bathroom to make it appear more spacious.

8. Deep Aubergine (6D2370) and Cameo Kiss (1P0529) and White

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Purple and White

Add a colourful touch to your kid’s bedroom with this bright combination of Deep Aubergine (6D2370) and Cameo Kiss (1P0529). Both the shades are associated with creativity and relaxation. The wall colour combination is also good for people who enjoy a retro vibe.

Tip: Use bright colour bed sheets in fluorescent yellow or green to create a joyful setting.

9. Power of Gold (2D0711) and Tropical Storm (4P0104)

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Yellow and Green

Get the calm, serene and zen décor with this fantastic room colour combination. Power of Gold (2D0711) brings out the mood of sophistication and tranquillity. Tropical Storm (4P0104); closer to powder blue, further adds on to the palette of cooling tones. Together, this colour could be great for your bathrooms, when combined with the right tiles and fixtures.

Tip: Consider wood accents to create a visually appealing space. Panelling can also add wonders to this look.

10. Blooming Blue (5T1117) and Fresh Dew (8P0212)

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Blue

Another calming wall colour combination for your living space is Blooming Blue (5T1117) with Fresh Dew (8P0212). If you adore tranquillity, then choose these colours to create a beach-inspired ambience. With blue at the centre stage, backed by a neutral Fresh Dew, the room looks spacious too.

Check out Berger’s Colours Catalogue for more inspiration and ideas. You can also use the Virtual Painter to mix and match various colours and get that perfect combination for your décor.

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