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Simple yet impactful decor ideas for festive-season ready homes.

October marks the beginning of a long festive season for Indians. From the Durga Pujo and Navratri to Dussehra and Diwali, there is plenty of festive fervour and fun to keep us occupied. And there is no reason for you to not indulge in your home. After all, a beautiful abode can lift spirits. You can add cheer, positivity and a festive vibe by incorporating some simple home decor tips that do not break the bank.

While decorating your home might sound like a wonderful idea for the festive season, you want to ensure that the elements don’t become outdated post the celebrations. To sort you out, we have featured some ever-lasting decor tips, from wall print design ideas to DIY inspiration that will not become passé once the festivities are over.

An accent wall for a stylish statement
Stylish Wall Painting Ideas | Berger Paints

If you’re looking for wall paint ideas, add a new coat of paint to liven up the overall look of the space. If your house does not require repainting entirely, an accent wall in areas like the foyer, entrance or the balcony can change the entire atmosphere in the house. You can also create an accent wall using interior and exterior wall textures, DIY wall stencils and stickers.

Introduce metallic accents
Metallic Accents Wall Painting | Berger Paints

Brass, copper or silverware, be it in the form of vases, candle holders and accessories or even a wall texture can inject glamour into the space. The key is to strike balance with other materials such as wood, marble and concrete to avoid an overwhelming look.

Give an old coffee table a makeover
Coffee Table Makeover | Berger Paints

The festive season is a time for get-togethers, gatherings and parties, a perfect occasion to host friends and family, whether it is for a small high tea or large get-together that usually continues until the wee hours of the night. The coffee table is likely to be the center of these gatherings, be it during poker games with friends or placing scrumptious sweets and savouries on the table. If your coffee table looks old and outdated, rather than accumulating new things, you can give it a new look using Berger iPaint DIY Spray Paint. Available in festive-ready colours like Silver and Gold, it is the perfect way to add some drama to your festive decor. The key here is to make the entire setting festive and lively. Add some table cloths in metallic accents, silver cutlery and floral arrangements to set the right tone.

Festive colours for Diwali
Festive colour For Walls | Berger Paints

One of the easiest ways to make your home bright and festival-ready is by introducing a rich colour palette. Gold, orange and deep red are colours integral to Indian traditions and by incorporating these three colours in the home decor, you can lend it a festive vibe.

Gold: The season of lights is all about being enveloped in a golden hue, protecting us from the darkness. This is the time we embrace everything that shines and sparkles, be it by buying golden jewellery or giving our homes a shining makeover. You can add golden accents throughout the house in the form of accessories or opt for gold light fixtures. You can also spray paint old diyas and decor items in a rich, golden hue.

Orange: Orange is a statement colour in most Indian customs, be it the marigold flower that graces our most auspicious occasions or the holy fire of havans. This colour is a great way to inject some cheer into your home. For wall print design, opt for a statement wall in sunshine orange tones or switch up your upholstery to bright hues of orange.

Deep red: From the red rose petals used in decorating the shrine to the gulaal used in rangoli to customary red saris worn during festivals, red holds a great significance in our culture. To make a bold statement, you can incorporate this colour in limited doses throughout your home like a statement red wall in the powder room, a cabinet painted in red or bandhani red dupattas hanging from the ceiling. Pair deep red accents with rich metallic golden hues to dial down the stark effect.

Festive Décor Lighting | Berger Paints

The festival of lights is the perfect time to illuminate the home with LED fairy lights, lanterns, light candles and multi-coloured lights. Create a cosy nook by installing floor lamps in a corner that emits a warm yellow light. Binge eating too many desserts in mason jars? Put them to good use by filling them with LED light candles and store in a dark corner. Hang a chandelier in the living room or dining room to instantly lift the space. Decorate the balcony and trees in the surrounding areas with string lights and fairy lights.

Additional tips

What are the auspicious decor items according to Vastu?

Mirrors, live plants, pictures of nature and landscapes, indoor fountains and natural light are considered auspicious according to the principles of Vastu.

What decor items are considered inauspicious according to Vastu?

Broken decor items, cactus or thorny plants, paintings of a horse, bats, crows and tigers and outdated things that are not in use are considered inauspicious according to the principles of Vastu.


While you round up your festive-season preparations, keep these decor ideas handy. Last but not the least, enjoy the upcoming festivals with gratitude in your hearts and gleam in your eyes as you admire your beautifully done up home! Speaking of a beautiful home, if your home walls are in need of painting, call our Express Painting experts in time to avoid end-moment hassles.

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Wishing you a safe and fun-filled festive season from the Berger Paints India family!

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