Read this blog for some inspiring wall colour ideas for your guest bedroom.

If you are someone who loves to host your relatives and friends in your home, creating the perfect sanctuary for them is key to ensuring a memorable stay.

We believe that the best guest bedrooms are the ones that are comfortable and cosy. It is all about making your guests feel like they are staying in a place that is well-thought and created with love. Even if it is a pint-sized room, with the right wall colours, you can still create a wonderful guest room that they will love!

Here’s a roundup of our favourite six wall paint colours that are perfect for your guest bedroom. Make your guests feel welcome with these distinct and fascinating guest room colour ideas. Keep reading.


Mood: For a soothing seaside setting

Add a splash of blue if you want to create a coastal vibe for your guest bedroom. Guests are sure to drift off to sleep and dream of a positive day ahead.

Get the look: BLUE CABANA (5D2268), ANCHOR POINTE (5D2285) and DEEP SEA SHELLS (5D2292) are our top picks from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. These are lovely shades of blue that bring to mind the vast oceans from around the world. If your guests love the ocean, they are sure to love the blues on the walls of the guest room.

Bedroom wall painted in green colour

Mood: For an outdoorsy vibe 

Create a cocoon-like atmosphere inspired by Mother Nature’s fresh and glorious bounty in your guest bedroom with gorgeous green walls.

We can picture your guests opening the door to the awe-inspiring haven of luscious green splendour!

Get the look: GREEN WILLOW (4D0934), HANGING VINE (4D0942) and CARPETTED GREEN (4D2125) are our top picks from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. These are shades of green that wonderfully capture the beauty of nature, making it ideal for the walls of the guest bedroom. Nature lovers are sure to fall in love with the aesthetic appeal of the room, thanks to these wall shades.


Mood: For a classy ambience 

Create a sophisticated backdrop for the guest bedroom with a steely grey shade on the walls.

A colour of elegance and taste, grey can add a distinctive note to the entire room. If you prefer to create a room that exudes a posh flair, this is the colour you should go for! We love how it adds character and depth to living spaces.

Get the look: DEEP CURRENTS (8D0351), GREY MARE (8D1806) and HIDDEN COVE (8D1838) are our top picks from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. These are stunning shades of grey that flaunt understated beauty, which is sure to enhance your guest bedroom.

Bedroom wall painted in brown colour

Mood: For an earthy touch 

Painting an entire guest bedroom a sensuous shade of brown can foster an intimate and comforting atmosphere. This colour can easily take on a welcoming and homey role in the guest bedroom.

You can create a restful retreat that your guests will love waking up to! The idea is to design a cave-like space that can help them feel well-rested so that they can be ready the next day to spend quality time with you or for other activities that they have planned.

Get the look: GINGER STEM (3D2093), BROWN SUGAR SPRINKLES (7A1624) and BUTTERED TOAST (7D1566) are our top picks from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. These shades can help create a dreamy space for your guests in the guest bedroom.


Mood: For a cheerful atmosphere 

Add a playful cheer with a colour like yellow on the walls of the guest bedroom.

If you want to create a guest room that eases your guests’ worries and helps them kick back and have fun, this is indeed the perfect shade.

Get the look: SUNFLOWER PETAL (3D0782), TULIP FIELD (3D2078) and FLOWER POWER (3D2079) are our top picks from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. These shades of yellow are full of life and can surely brighten up the guest bedroom any time of the day. They are ideal for setting the tone for a fun-filled visit and to help make lasting memories.

Bedroom wall painted in purple colour

Mood: For a royal look

If you wish to treat your guests like royalty, no other colour comes close to purple in helping you achieve that! This colour works like a charm, creating a dramatic effect in every kind of décor setting, be it modern, contemporary or minimalist.

Guests will truly enjoy spending time in the guest bedroom that is designed keeping luxury and style in mind.

Get the look: ROYAL DIGNITY (6D2358), RICH PURPLE (6D2359) and DEEP AUBERGINE (6D2370) are our top picks from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. These are gorgeous shades of purple that ooze glamour and can help create a stunning impact in the room.

Bonus Idea: Create a welcoming space with enough room for all of your guests’ belongings with a few thoughtful gestures such as fresh bed linens, blankets, blackout curtains, fluffed pillows, a full-length mirror, a small side table, ample storage space and extra toiletries.

Go the extra mile by adding your guests’ favourite flowers, room fresheners, inspiring décor pieces and artwork, creating the perfect setting for a memorable stay!

Final Thoughts

If you are expecting guests anytime soon, you can be the best host ever by incorporating wall colour ideas mentioned in this blog! If you are interested to learn more about any of the above-mentioned wall colours or are keen on exploring some guest room colour combination ideas, you are just a few steps away. You can consult Berger Express Painting Service to gather all the information you are looking for.

Say hola to our home painting experts on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030 or SMS ‘XP‘ to 56767 for trendy interior house paint tips.

Our team will pull out all stops to create beautiful walls for your guest bedroom to make sure your guests feel right at home!

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