Exterior Wall Paint Colours

Bright exterior wall colours that pair beautifully with white!

Struggling to decide between the safety of a classic white exterior or embracing a bolder, more colourful choice for your society/bungalow? In this blog, we are here to provide you with a range of options that seamlessly complement white, allowing you to experiment with a fresh and exciting look.

White has always been a timeless favourite when it comes to outdoor wall paint, especially here in India. Its enduring appeal is undeniable. But what if we were to reveal a secret? You can absolutely retain the elegance of white while simultaneously elevating your curb appeal.

To help out, we’ll guide you through selecting the best paints for exterior walls that harmonise beautifully with white, breathing new life into your home and aligning perfectly with Indian aesthetics. Let’s dive into these inspiring choices!


Berger Colour Catalogue Recommendation: FABULOUS WHITE (7P0185), SHEER RED (1A1976), BLACK LIMO (8A1696)Residential Apartment Exterior Wall Paints

Incorporating bold red and sophisticated black alongside the timeless white can create a striking contrast. This combination exudes modernity and elegance, making your home stand out with a confident and contemporary flair.


Berger Colour Catalogue Recommendation: MILK MOUSTACHE (8P1697), SILKY SCARF (3P0055)Exterior Wall Paint Colours for Residential Apartment

For a cheerful and vibrant ambience, pairing white with sunny yellow is a brilliant choice for exterior wall paint colours. This combination radiates positivity and energy, giving your home a welcoming and joyful appearance.


Berger Colour Catalogue Recommendation: GENTLE RAINING (8P1785), BIG BLUE SKY (5T1085)Iconic White and Blue Colour Wall Paints

Inspired by the iconic white and blue aesthetics of Mediterranean towns, where the sea and sky unite in perfect harmony, the universal allure of blue beckons. Whether you opt for deeper, earthy shades with brown or grey undertones or lean towards the cooler tones of aquamarine, sky blue, or cyan, you have the canvas to experiment. Imagine choosing distinct blue hues for windows, hinges, frames, edges, or architectural details—each one packing a unique visual punch. In this coastal-inspired palette, your space transforms into a haven of timeless elegance and creative expression.


Berger Colour Catalogue Recommendation: SUMMER WHITE (8P1713), EARTH WORKS (7D1663)Rich Brown and White Colour Exterior Wall Paints

A stylish infusion of rich brown hues on the exteriors imparts a delightful and inviting warmth. This colour guarantees a lasting, pristine appearance, even when exposed to years of accumulating dust (or simply just use Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dustt to keep your walls shining and new for years!). When paired with a white hue, it gives the building/house character and a modern appearance.


Choosing the right exterior wall paint colours to pair with white can transform your curb appeal. Whether you prefer a classic, modern, tranquil, or timeless look, there’s a combination that suits your style. Experiment with paint samples and consult with Berger Express Painting professionals to achieve the perfect balance of colours that makes your society/bungalow stand out in the neighbourhood. Remember that painting exteriors is a huge task and it is wise to consult professionals to get the job done the right way!

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