Read this blog to learn smart home design ideas and practical ways to ensure that your safety is never compromised within the four walls.

The year 2020 has had us looking at homes with a completely new set of eyes. It has redefined the meaning of home and what it stands for. With the new-age mantra being safety and comfort, it is all about creating a space where one can work, play, study, exercise, cook, sleep and relax.

Make your home easy to navigate and safe with these pointers:

Living room

Given how the pandemic has hit us all, the home has become the epicentre of our lives. The need of the hour is smartly-designed spaces that are both clean and safe.

With the living room now serving as a dining room, entertainment room and also a home office when working from home, it is essential that the layout be simple, efficient and safe.

Since it is tough to manage a cluttered and packed space, follow the “less is more” philosophy and hold on to only those things that you need.

Keep cords at bay with drawer organisers. Opt for double duty furniture that blends both form and function, such as a coffee table that boasts of concealed storage.

Since the living room is a high-traffic area, keep it safe and clean with Berger BreatheEasy+ Floor Cleaner, a non-acidic specialised cleaning solution that removes 99.9% germs from the floor.


When it comes to the kitchen, look for storage solutions that are functional and stunning.

Place proper lighting over the sink, stove and other work areas. Keep the stove, fridge and sink in close proximity, eliminating the need for extra steps while carrying heavy trays and dishes.

If you are living with family members or flatmates, cleaning the kitchen surfaces is not enough. You also need to disinfect it. We recommend Berger Safe 24 Multi Surface Protector that vouches to provide 24-hour protection from bacteria and viruses to regularly-touched surfaces such as work tops, fridge handles, cabinet knobs and even food packets – all in just a single spray. Yes, you read that right! Now no more constant surface disinfection. Get ready to fortify the safety and hygiene of your space with this game changer!

You can buy it here:


Classic Bathroom Design

It has been observed that bathrooms are the major wet areas in the living space. The dampness from a leaking bathroom can damage walls of the adjacent room and spoil the look and feel of your entire house. However, worry not.

With Berger Home Shield, you can get scientific solutions for wall dampness, leakages and wall cracks straight from the experts!


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Make sure everything in the bathroom is slip-resistant. Replace any slippery floor tiles with a slip-resistant option such as textured vinyl flooring.


Your bedroom is your sanctuary—the place where you can comfortably unwind and sleep. However, would you be able to sleep soundly if you knew how many bacteria and germs were present on your walls? It would give anyone nightmares or sleepless nights!

Since we understand that it is almost impossible to avoid contact with walls, we have Berger Silk Breathe Easy, an anti-pollution and bacteria-killing paint that promises to keep your walls safe and healthy while also helping improve indoor living conditions – a complete win-win scenario!

Moving on to bedroom decor tricks, make use of dead space. Consider pull-out storage for your bed to store linen, towels and seasonal clothes. Maximise closet space for your personal belongings with cubbies and adjustable shelves.


When you go about with your home rearrangement, don’t forget sanitization for home. You can opt for Express Painting service by Berger Paints for a safe and stress-free home painting experience.

Incorporate these small design and decor highlights to transform the look of your living space today! Also always remember that a beautiful home does not mean compromising on a safe one!

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