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Read this blog to learn how you can add some feel-good wall colours into your living space.

Colour is one of the first elements you notice when you step into any room. Colours and emotions are closely linked. The right paint color can transform your home and add meaning to your life.

The colours in your living space can have a major impact on your mood – particularly paint colours. According to studies, the shade of the walls has been shown to affect emotions. There are certain shades that will bring you down, ones that will help you stay calm, ones that will suppress your appetite and a myriad more to match several other feelings.

While how one perceives colour is somewhat subjective, some effects have universal meaning. You may also find that the colours that make you smile have deep psychological roots in your past, taking you back to a moment of happiness.

Read on for some colour suggestions from our colour experts that can evoke happiness. Once you finalise your wall colours, you can avail wall painting services. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Living Room Paint Colours That Spell Happy

Love the first rays of the bright sun that enter through your windows? Enjoy having mango popsicles to beat the scorching heat? Love the sight of daffodils and sunflowers in a garden?

Yellow is a hue associated with laughter and hope. If any of the above things associated with the colour yellow bring a smile on your face, how about introducing this hue in your living room?

A living room should be a happy place where you meet your family and friends, and our colour experts believe that adding a shade of yellow to your walls can evoke happy feelings.

Happy shades recommended by our colour experts: A cheerful hue like SUNNY OUTLOOK (2P0666), GOLDEN SUNSHINE (3T0724) or SMILE AT ME (2T2022) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. These shades can evoke feelings of delight, making them ideal for a living room.

Bedroom Paint Colours That Spell Happy

Does nature inspire you or make you happy? If yes, how about creating a nurturing, restful retreat in your bedroom that makes you feel like you are right in the lap of nature?

Our colour experts recommend a nourishing shade of green on the bedroom walls, reminiscent of the great outdoors.

Happy shades recommended by our colour experts: A lush hue like GARDEN PARADISE (4T0925), LEAFY SPLENDOR (4T0893) or GIFT OF GREEN (4T0941) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. These shades can add harmony to any master bedroom, creating a wonderful oasis.

Bathroom Paint Colours That Spell Happy

If the ocean or the pool makes you happy, you can recreate a tranquil space in your bathroom similar to the one that you visited on your last vacay and refresh your senses.

According to our colour experts, adding a splash of fresh aquamarine shade on the bathroom walls could work wonders.

Happy shades recommended by our colour experts: A refreshing hue like AQUA CHILL (5P0136), AQUA FLIP (5P0128) or BELLA AQUA (5P0127) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. These shades can invigorate the body and mind, making it suitable for your bathroom to wash away your fatigue and to help you rejuvenate.

Dining Room Paint Colours That Spell Happy

Do orange sunsets make you blissful? Find a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice refreshing?

Our colour experts believe that an effervescent shade of orange in the dining room is perfect to infuse positive vibes and create a happy space for meals with your family and friends.

Happy shades recommended by our colour experts: A happy hue like FIELD OF FLOWERS (2A0378), SIENNA SUNSET (2A0712) or AUTUMN BLOOM (2D0687) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. These shades are perfect for an uplifting effect in a space like the dining room.

Kitchen Paint Colours That Spell Happy

Fancy a glass of red wine? Does a bouquet of red roses given by a beloved light up your face?

Our colour experts say that red is a sure-fire way to lend a warm pop of colour to everybody’s favourite room in the house – the kitchen! You can even rev up your appetite with bold red walls in your kitchen.

Happy shades recommended by our colour experts: A sensuous hue like ROSE BOUQUET (1D1980, SHEER RED (1A1976) or CHERRY PIE (1A0363). These shades are great to make you feel energised and upbeat. However, you can use it sparingly as an accent wall colour in the kitchen as it can be overwhelming.

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Final Thoughts

Hope you had a good time reading this blog for colour ideas. Imagine how content you would feel living in a house full of happy colours associated with the things that truly make you happy!

No matter which colour you resonate with the most, you can recreate your personal favourite colour or feel-good colours that instantly put you in a good mood in any or every room of your home, your way!

Contact Berger Express Painting to recreate a living space with colours that bring you happiness. Our experts provide colour consultancy and customised solutions depending on your unique tastes and preferences.

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