House floors are a secret key to amp up your entire living space. They take up an enormous amount of square footage and are one of the most high impact spaces in your house.

There are many ways to creatively use floor space in your home. The experts here at Berger Paints India are here to help you maximise and decorate your floor space. Get ready to give your dull floor a stunning look!

Floors can tie a room together and make everything look and feel a bit cosier. This is why it is important to dedicate time and efforts to choose the ideal floor decoration for your house. Every inch of space counts in a room that is small and we understand the challenge. We got you covered with tips to give your floor a makeover- be it a small upgrade that can be achieved in minutes or flooring ideas if you are thinking of a home renovation any time soon. You will literally be ‘floored’ by these brilliant ideas:

Take advantage of empty walls

You can add a narrow floor-to-ceiling case to get items up off the floor, just like seen here. The more of your floor is exposed, the larger the room is bound to appear.

You can maximise your wall space with wall organisers and floating furniture that looks both artsy and functional.
If you want to conserve space, you can consider small dining tables with leaves that fold down. It is a good idea to make use of corners with the help of storage units and corner desks as well.

Let double-duty furniture do the talking

Use double duty furniture to optimise space and function in your room, especially if you feel your place looks and feels cramped up. It is an old trick that always works! Go for creative furniture pieces that have a compact footprint. Cubes, ottomans, benches, cocktail tables and coffee tables with storage shelves underneath or lids that lift for storage work perfectly.

These pieces of furniture get our approval because they make it easy to access blankets, pillows, bed sheets and other belongings with ease while also helping make most of the space on the floor plan.

You can maximise your floor space by using under bed storage baskets and boxes too. It looks pretty enough to stack under your tables where you can see them. For inspiration, we love these wicker baskets stacked effortlessly to store bits and bobs and also act as a bed bench.

Add visual appeal with area rugs

Area rugs are a great way to spice up your flooring. They come in different shapes, sizes and styles, so you are spoilt for choice. Area rugs are also unrivalled when it comes to adding warmth to a space.

You can also layer up a rug. To ace this look, pair a small area rug over a larger area rug to add some depth and interest. Choose colours and patterns that are complimentary yet distinct.

Brighten up the room with floor lamps

Floor lamps are both decorative and illuminating. They look great in corners, spreading radiance to the entire space. When decorating with floor lamps, make sure you do not place cords in walkways and high-traffic areas to avoid tripping on them.


Opt for floor fans

Floor fans have style and function both, especially in hot and humid places. You can opt for decorative ones that come in bronze or copper. Look for ones with intricate detail and metal work for some visual interest.

Go green with indoor plants

You can decorate your floor space with indoor plants. Plants have incredible health benefits and also help purify the air by removing carbon dioxide and dust particles. You can display indoor plants of different heights to create an eye-catching effect.

Add a statement floor pouf or ottoman

Decorating your space with a floor pouf is another great idea to add some visual interest to your space. They come in different patterns and colours and you can choose ones that complement the décor and style of your home.

Say it with interesting flooring

Colourful flooring is a smart way to add flair to your home. You can try Berger WeatherCoat Floor Protector, a pure acrylic water-based emulsion for exterior and interior cement and concrete based floors. It improves the appearance of the floor surface, offering strong protection against impact and abrasives. It comes in a wide range of colours, so you can choose hues and shades that complement the aesthetics of your home.

While the look of your floor should speak for itself, there are many design elements that can jazz things up. Always be sure your floor is in good condition before deciding to add decorative elements that put the spotlight on it. Also, make sure that whatever you choose works with the rest of the room’s décor well and doesn’t clash.
While it can be challenging to maximise flooring and incorporate design elements that focuses on flooring, the limitations can also serve as sources of inspiration. They lay a world of possibilities at your feet. The more creative a solution to a design problem is, the more memorable it is likely to be. One of the best ways to ensure that you get the best results is to consult an expert.

We hope you can draw inspiration from the interior design and décor ideas that we curated especially for you to help you ace your floor décor game.

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