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Here’s an interesting blog on cricket-inspired home decorating colour ideas for all you cricket buffs.

India is a cricket-loving nation. Although people both young and old are divided by teams, they are united by their love for the game. We have seen fans go to any length to support their favourite teams, be it by sporting tattoos, going to the stadiums hours before the match or travelling to faraway places just to catch their cricket stars on the field, in action!

And now, with India’s favourite and exciting T20 games going on, we believe it is the perfect time for people to display their love for cricket and their favourite teams right inside their homes, through their home colour and interesting choices of décor, be it through a customised cricket-inspired artefact, treasured memorabilia or a ready-made accent piece like a floor rug, bed covers or cushions.

We have put together some colour suggestions that can instantly liven up your living space. Go forth, wear your emotion on your sleeves and get ready to flaunt your love for your favourite cricket team!

Bengaluru Team

For all you Bengaluru team fans, you can show your unwavering loyalty through bold shades of red and black in your living space. If you are looking for specific room décor ideas such as cricket themed bedroom ideas or living room ideas, you can create a dramatic statement with red on three walls of the room and feature a black accent wall, reminiscent of the team colours.

Our colour experts recommend CHERRY PIE (1A0363) and PIERCING BLACK (8A2614) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue that represent the colours of team from the Garden City.

Chennai Team

For the fans of the ‘Whistle Podu’ team Chennai, you can display your love through an effervescent shade of yellow, associated with the teamIf yellow on all four walls of a room seem to be too much for your liking, you can make a stand-out feature wall in your living space with this cheerful hue.

Our colour experts believe that using a shade like SUMMER SUN (3A0386) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue works best to showcase your love for the Chennai team.

Mumbai Team

For ‘Aamchi Paltan’ – the supporters of the Mumbai team, go for a striking cobalt blue in your living space. This will be perfect for a cricket themed bedroom or living room. You can go for statement white furniture pieces that beautifully complement the blue hue and create a crisp look in the entire space.

Our colour experts recommend BERRY BLUE (5A1168) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue to pay an ode to the cricket team.

Kolkata Team

For those of you rooting for the Kolkata team, you can pick purple and gold for the walls of your favourite room. It can serve as the perfect setting to watch all the exhilarating matches and sing along to “Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo”, the adrenaline-rushing anthem.

Our colour experts recommend colour combination such as PREMIER PURPLE (6A1304) and THE GOLD COAST (2D0710) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue to create a room fit for a Kolkata team supporter.

Delhi Team

For those cheering the Delhi team, you can pick an attractive shade of navy blue paired with red for the walls of your home. If you are a hardcore fan of a particular player from the team, you can even go the extra mile and get a customised life-size cut-out of the individual and display it on the wall.

Our colour experts recommend colours like NIGHT SKY (5A1144) and SHEER RED (1A1976) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. These hues can work well together in a cricket-inspired room, bringing alive your love for this particular cricket team.

Hyderabad Team

For those hooting the Hyderabad team in the ongoing cricket matches, orange can be a wonderful colour choice for the walls. You can display a dartboard on the wall so that everyone watching the match in your house can take turns at it, in between match overs.

Our colour experts suggest a zesty shade like FIELD OF FLOWERS (2A0378) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue for this particular cricket team-inspired aesthetic.

Rajasthan Team

For all you Rajasthan team supporters, go for a shade of pink, embodying the spirit of the team. Interestingly, the team has derived inspiration from the Rajasthani design ‘lehriya’, which also shows the wind blowing in the desert.

A fascinating hue like BO PEEP (6T0306) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue can be used on your TV wall to display your affinity for this team.

Lucknow Team

For those of you who love the Lucknow team, you can opt for an aquamarine blue or a teal shade, representative of the team colour, no matter what the style of the room. You can read this blog to know more on the various design styles: Click here

Our colour experts feel that a shade like AQUA ICE (5P0125) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue can serve as the perfect hue on the favourite walls of a Lucknow team supporter.

Gujarat Team

For those on the side of the Gujarat team, choose blue colour for the walls. Since the colour is associated with the team, it is bound to help set the right mood and also have a positive effect during the nail-biting moments of the matches.

A shade like UNIVERSAL BLUE (5A2802) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue can be the right wall colour for an ardent supporter of the Gujarat cricket team.

Punjab Team

For those who are supporting the Punjab team, choose red and gold on the walls to create an unmistakable sporty aura. You can also add some interesting elements in the living space like suspending a few cricket balls from your ceiling for a playful touch.

Our colour experts suggest RUSTIC POTTERY (1D0535) in combination with GOLDEN BOW (3D2073) as their top picks for those who wish to display their support for the Punjab cricket team.


Last but not the least, always remember to colour coordinate your room furniture according to the palette that you have chosen for the walls.

Final Thoughts

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