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TVs are not the easiest things to decorate around or with, especially with so many boxes and wires surrounding it. The console, media stand, speakers and games usually takeup precious space and might end up looking cluttered, too boxy and unorganised.

Apart from figuring out the storage dilemma, it is also essential to conceal the wires for a clutter-free, clean look to the room. You also need to work out the right height for positioning the entertainment wall. People usually tend to mount television too high, which can put the neck in an unnatural and uncomfortable position while watching and cause neck and back aches.

If you are struggling with styling a TV wall, check out some of our favourite living room decor ideas below to finally figure out how to decorate around your screen while keeping the space wires and clutter-free!

Create an accent wall

The entertainment wall can be a great focal point in the room with the use of accent colours and shades. Paint the wall in a bold colour, just like the living coral in this room. Keep the rest of the walls in neutral tones for a wonderful contrast.

Keep it simple

If you are looking to create a calm and serene space, you will always need to keep clutter to a minimum. Add concealed storage space to store consoles, different types of remotes, set-top box, and speaker system. Stick to neutral and natural tones to avoid too much distraction. This is definitely one of the safest TV wall ideathat is easy to recreate.

Blend harsh lines with dark walls

Tv unit with black wall

Creating an accent wall in grey or black for a TV wall can be a smart choice because the colour is surprisingly camouflaging. Grey or black tones can conceal unwanted elements. You can either make a minimalist statement by keeping accessories and accents to a minimum or jazz it up, depending on your design goals. A black entertainment wall will also help a black flat-screen television almost disappear when not in use, blending in seamlessly.

Or play with colour

If you are design-daring, play with bright wall colours for your TV wall. Remember to keep rest of the walls neutral or light toned. This can be a great way to introduce colour to the space without overwhelming the eye elsewhere and create a single focal point. Ensure that the colour does not ruin or interrupt your TV viewing experience by being a major distraction. To avoid this, stay away from neon or extremely bright colours and stick to jewel or metallic tones.

Decorate with wooden accents

Tv unit with brick wall background

Keep the wall simple and introduce wooden panelling behind the television. The wooden accents will effortlessly blend with a rectangular, black television. Using two contrasting materials over the wall, as seen here, with wooden panelling and muted brick walls brings added interest and visual appeal. For a range of wooden paints, explore Berger Paints wood coatings and finishes.

Let the accessories shine

cadet grey TV Unit

Before flat-screen TVs, we hid our electronics behind plastic covers and hidden cabinets. Now everyone is finding ways to use their entertainment wall as the main focal point in the room. There are several ways to decorate around a large black rectangle, as seen in the picture here. Add wooden shelves and storage, use a ladder to hang everything from throws to plants to magazines and introduce some mood lighting.

Build functional and smart storage

With ample storage space, the TV wall will look smart, modern and organised. Install slim storage solutions and closed cabinets for gaming consoles, different types of remotes, speakers, set-top box and so on. Most set-top box emit heat and it is important to provision ventilation or place it on an open shelf to avoid overheating.

Add some backlighting

Pink themed Tv unit and background

Enhance the look of the TV and introduce some back panelling and lighting to make it a focal point. You can infuse some warmth by using ambient lights that will instantly add an element of vibrancy within the living room.

Try interesting wall textures

Tv unit and a wall mounted TV on yellow  textured wall

You can transform your entertainment unit by using stunning wall textures by Berger Paints. This non-permanent solution is great for renters because they can be removed without damaging the wall. Ensure that the design you choose does not compete with the TV, in other words, take your attention or focus away. Stay away from big and bright textures and stick with subtle and low-key wall textures. Moon Rock, Nova, Autumn or Flora from Berger textures paint range, Silk Illusion are a popular choice for the entertainment wall.

Frame your TV with books

wall-to-floor bookshelf for a television set

There is so much symmetry and eye-pleasing geometric lines in this photo. Surround your flat-screen television with colourful books for a show-stopping idea. Or simply create a space in your wall-to-floor bookshelf for a television set. For maximum impact, arrange the books in a cascading rainbow of colours.

Green up the wall

If white walls don’t strike your fancy, creating a vertical garden around your TV wall is a great option to transform the television into a work of art. Skip bigger plants like monstera, palm or bird of paradise and stick with tall and skinny plants. English ivy, pothos and other creepers work well. Avoid placing the plants too close to the TV so that you don’t end up spilling water while watering them or opt for low maintenance faux plants for a similar effect.

Cleverly hide the TV behind a cabinet

If you are looking for a way to tuck away your television that is easy to undo when you are ready to watch, this is a great idea. Hiding a television behind cabinet doors is not just a great to keep the room’s aesthetics but it will also protect the screen from dust and accidental scratches. A multi compartment built-in storage unit will make it easy to not just store your TV but also have a dedicate space for other accessories and gear.

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