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Thinking of painting your house? The fifth wall of your home might be an afterthought if you are thinking of home painting. In fact, most people choose to opt for a default white colour. However, choosing the right shade can actually help you create an accent in your living space and along with furnishing and décor pieces complementing the ceiling, you can create a stunning statement.

The painted ceiling trend has been gaining some popularity and for all the good reasons. You can instantly add interest to your room by sprucing it up.

Don’t know how to get started? We have got your back! We have compiled some handy tips and tricks to help you ace the look.

Consider the size of the room

There are some ground rules to remember if you wish to create a statement. The shade you choose is important and needs to be considered, depending on the size of the space.

If you like the idea of painting your ceiling and wall the same hue, you need to consider the size of the room.

Ceilings that are lighter than the walls feel higher, while those that are darker feel lower. If the room is small in size, you can choose a dark paint shade for the ceilings and walls to create an intimate setting. Just be sure that you choose a hue that is not over stimulating and keeps the look easy on the eye. However, do keep in mind that if you opt for a dark shade for your ceiling, it may end up being stuffy and claustrophobic.

If you want a small space to feel spacious, opting for a lighter hue is a good idea. However, you can go beyond the ordinary white and add some excitement and drama to the space with beige or pastel hues.

For angled and asymmetrical ceilings, you can use the same shades on the walls and the ceiling.

For something a little different than your usual painted ceiling, try striking geometric patterns or stencils for some drama. If done right, you can create an awe-inspiring effect that we all yearn to create in our homes. You could also embrace the Pantone Colour of the Year, Classic Blue.

Keep in mind that statement ceilings can be quite jarring in a neutral space so create some cohesiveness with impressive décor pieces and accessories.

Décor tip: When it comes to creating the right atmosphere for the space, paint the fifth wall in a darker shade for a cosier space and a lighter shade to create the illusion of space.

Consider the types of paint finishes

Ceiling paint is usually flat, but eggshell or satin finish paint offers just a hint of reflective sheen, which is a good idea if you are using a darker shade. However, do make note of the fact that a ceiling must be in flawless condition since higher-sheen paints draw attention to surface flaws.

Think of the lighting

Although it is tempting to jump ahead to the fun part and pick your shade and finish, it will do you good to make sure you have considered the lighting of the space. It is one of the most incredibly important aspects while thinking of sprucing up your home.

Lighting is key if you wish to create a specific mood or setting in a room. For a sophisticated and classy look, you can opt for chandeliers that cast a warm, candle-lit light. It is bound to draw the eyes upwards.

Apart from artificial source of lighting, also consider the natural sources of lighting. Bright daylight reflecting off a blush pink ceiling creates an airy ambience, while one with a shade like tomato red casts off a rich glow.

Prep your room

Once you decide on the wall colours, you will need to prep your room. It is wise to paint your ceiling before painting your walls because in case you overspray the walls of the room, you won’t have to fret about it as you will be painting your walls next anyway. It is wise to always begin with the ceiling and make your way down while painting the room.

However, if your ceiling shade is darker than the walls and you don’t intend painting your walls, you can take proper precautions by draping a thin sheet of plastic over your walls to prevent any damage from overspray.

Don’t forget to lay drop cloths on the floor because paint is bound to splatter on the flooring during the process. Overspray from a roller can get everywhere so make sure to move your valuable furniture and décor objects from the painting spot.

Opt for the right tools

Ceiling Painting

Pick a roller to avoid drippings when painting. You need to opt for a short roller at an angle that won’t put the strain on the hand or on the back.

These were some important things you needed to keep in mind before you take the plunge. Hope you are inspired to create a statement in your own home. If your room is already decorated but missing a little something, going for a statement ceiling is a great idea.

Turn the spotlight on your fifth wall to shake things up to create a stylish statement in your home. It is sure to make a wonderfully cosy addition for your living room, den or your bedroom.

No matter what hue you choose, it should not cause you stress or anxiety. If you need professional painting services, you can get in touch with Express Painting service by Berger Paints India for top interior painting advice and solutions.

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