Colourful summer home decor ideas

Bring some warmth to your home with these colourful summer-ready interior design styles and colour schemes.

Summer decorating ideas are all about bringing happiness into the home as well as celebrating the colours and sights of the season. Whether it is spent hosting friends and family for an alfresco dinner to traveling to tropical locations, summer is a joyful time that brings happy memories for many so why not bring some of this happiness to your home?

When it comes to wooden surfaces, the traditional choices are brown and white. However, with a world of colours to explore, why restrict yourself to these hues for home decor ideas? From a peppy orange to a soothing blue, there are plenty of colours for brightening up dull-looking furniture and wooden surfaces. Use our summer decorating ideas to channel the laid-back, relaxed attitude of summertime. With inspiration for colour schemes, fresh seasonal accents and outdoor space upgrades, these decorating ideas will give your space a bright and sunny makeover with Berger’s Imperia Range:

Decorate In Sunshine ShadesDecorate home walls in sunshine optimistic and joyful shades

Decorating choices are often a reflection of the times we are living in. There is a true desire for welcoming, optimistic and joyful shades which are seen as energetic and sunny hues. For decorating wall, try pairing a bold green with a burst of summer-sky blue for a contrasting and vibrant interior.

Give The Ceiling Fan A Colourful MakeoverWooden ceiling decor ideas with ceiling fan

If you have got an existing palette or theme in your room, the ceiling fan offers another medium to accentuate it. Painting a ceiling fan is a great way to add a little bit more colour to your space in an unexpected way. Choose a bright purple or fresh yellow to introduce a colourful scheme.

Tip: Paint the fan before summer begins since you will need to let it dry completely to use it again, which is not recommended during the hot summer months!

Paint Your Front DoorWood decor ideas, blue paint for doors

Consider painting your front door for an easy summer decorating idea. Whether you choose to go for a soft pastel pink or a bold shade of red, creating a contrast between your door and your home’s exterior creates a show stopping statement. Don’t forget to add some hanging flower plants to add more drama and colour!

Prep The BalconyBalcony decoration with plants

Summer weather offers ample opportunities for dining outdoors. Get your balcony ready for alfresco entertaining. Paint the outdoor furniture in a fresh colour and add some herb plants. Consider a citronella plant which is a natural insect repellent or add basil and thyme to serve as garnishes if you are hosting a barbeque party! String paper lanterns or fairy lights on the railing will help you entertain well into the night hours.

Try A Nautical ThemeDecorating your home interiors in a nautical style

It is hard not to think of a beautiful house by the beach, the sun shining and the blue sky and the sea when you think of the summertime. Get inspired by this theme by decorating your home interiors in a nautical style to bring the summer season into your home. Pops of navy and cyan blue furniture, elegant lines and soft stripes on the cushion and rugs and white walls inject some coastal calm and charm into the bedroom for a truly restful space.

Upgrade Old FurnitureGreen wooden paint for old chair

Give an old side table or tired chair a new look using wooden paint in a summery hue, such as grassy green or sky blue. Berger Imperia Gold range is ideal for this purpose, it can be used for both interior and exterior wood and has UV Stabilisers that prevent yellowing on exposure to sunlight. So you can easily use it for exterior patio and terrace furniture! Not just that, more than 650+ opaque and metallic shades can be obtained from Imperia Gold so you can add a fun, fresh and modern edge to your outdated furniture.

Freshen Up With GreenGreen wall paint for home, interior for summer

Nothing says summertime like the shade green. It evokes renewal and freshness, everything that this time of year stands for. Restore an old vanity or dining table with green paint and you will feel like you are surrounded by a green, lush valley all season long.

Create A Themed Coffee TableWooden coffee table decor ideas

A colourful makeover for the coffee table is in order now that it is almost summer. Balance a stack of coffee table volumes (bonus points if the sleeves are in pastel, colourful hues), add a decorative bowl full of shells and a hydrangea bouquet that will be the perfect backdrop for all the entertainment this summer!

How Do I Style My House For Summer?

Summer is a great excuse to refresh your decor. For interior wall paint design and colour combination ideas, the key to a summer makeover is bright colours and accents and a touch of beach-inspired decor. For a lasting impression, try painting furniture in mood-boosting shades such as leafy green, soothing lilac or bright yellow- they are sure to bring summer magic and instantly spark joy.

Yellow is a colour that adds positivity to any space, it is a colour that makes us feel energised, invited, happy and joyful. This hue works best in busy, joyful spaces like the entryway, kitchen, dining and living rooms.

For a quick upgrade, you can also bring in that feeling of summer by using bright colours and patterns throughout the house. Mix and match textures and colours as much as possible to create a wonderful contrast. For example, linen textiles and floral prints scream summer!

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