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Pantone has declared its official Colour of the Year and we are super stoked. Get inspired by clever décor ideas that we have put together for you using the 2021 Pantone colours.

Pantone recently revealed its Colour of the Year…and behold, it is not one but two colours! Say hello to Pantone Colour(s) of the Year – PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating.  Universally appealing, the two colours translate easily to home interiors and furnishings.

Complementary in nature, they represent a theme of unity and mutual support, much-needed in these challenging times. Here’s how you can incorporate these colours in your living space, be it through wall colours or décor elements.

Living Room

living room colors

Start the new year with a living room makeover using this aspirational colour pairing, as seen in the picture above. It spells nothing but good vibes! Grey forms a beautiful base for yellow furniture pieces and decor pieces to stand out.

We recommend YELLOW ZODIAC from the yellow tones available in our Berger Colour Catalogue, coupled with DESERT SAGE from our grey collection as living room colors.

Home Office

home office colors

Enduring and uplifting, grey spells stability and resilience while yellow exudes positivity and happiness. Juxtaposing yellow with grey in your home office can help infuse vitality and liveliness, creating a conducive environment for work. You can incorporate these two colours in your home office, similar to the picture above.

A shade like ELUSIVE GREY from Berger’s Colour Catalogue is sure to serve as the perfect backdrop while pops of yellow in a shade like SUMMER SUN is certain to make a stunning impact.


kitchen color ideas

Take a look at the marriage of yellow and grey in the picture above. Grey is strong, grounded and transformative while buttery yellow is soft, lending warmth to the space without overwhelming.

Combine these two colours of this year to boost your mood and appetite in the kitchen. Our picks from Berger’s Colour Catalogue are SUNNY AT HEART for yellow and CASTEL FORD for grey.

Dining Room

dining room colors

Create an elegant dining setting with a sophisticated pairing of the two hues. You can spice up the space with a stunning shade of grey and a delectable shade of yellow.

Embrace this riveting combination by choosing a timeless grey hue like ANTIQUE PEWTER and a striking tone of yellow like SUNFLOWER PETAL from Berger’s Colour Catalogue.


bedroom paint colors images

Add a splash of grey on your bedroom walls to create a soothing ambience, ideal to unwind after a long day. Introduce a yellow accessory to pep up the space and add visual appeal.

A splash of GREY MARE from Berger’s Colour Catalogue serves as the right foundation. You can liven up the entire space with décor or accent pieces in a yellow shade like TULIP FIELD chosen from our Colour Catalogue.

Kids Room

painting ideas for kids

Move aside pink and blue! Add warmth to a kids room with yellow and grey on the walls. This pairing strikes a perfect balance and works as a lovely gender-neutral choice for a little one’s room.

A sunny shade like SKYROCKET from Berger’s Colour Catalogue is sure to inundate the room with a joyful vibe while a soft grey hue like ABBEY LANE promises to add warmth and character.


bedroom color ideas

The above picture shows a lovely blend of cheerfulness and sophistication, thanks to the sunshine yellow and sober grey colour scheme.

However, if you do not have the luxury of space and need to work with a small bathroom space, fret not. You can give a trendy update with bathroom accessories and essentials such as canisters, soap dish, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, towels and bathmats in the same colour scheme.

We recommend one of our beloved yellows – LEMON PUFF from our catalogue, paired with SNOW BITS from our grey schemes for the walls.

Home Corner

interior wall colour

Yellow and grey have the ability to offset each other in the most wonderful ways. The picture seen above bears testimony to it!

Look around your home for unused corners. We are sure you will come across an overlooked, under-utilised nook or a dreary space in your home interiors. This is exactly where our chic colour duo steps in. This rocking pair is just perfect for a dull corner in your home and will add zing to the entire space.

You can add a yellow console or side table in a cheerful yellow hue like FLOWER POWER and use it to prop up a flower vase, a lamp, some books and your favourite trinkets against a sombre grey wall colour, like EDGE OF NIGHT from Berger’s Catalogue. Believe us, it is sure to get your guests talking!

Home Exteriors

exterior home colours

If you thought this combination was only for your home interiors, think again! You can spruce up your home exteriors with this fabulous pairing. It can be used as accent hues on trims and pillars outside your home as well.

Pay an ode to these two wonderful Pantone colours with a grey like SILVER STREAK along with a yellow like GOLDEN HAYSTACK from Berger’s Colour Catalogue.


As seen in the photographs above, you can observe how versatile the two colours are and how effortlessly they work when put together. They are harmonious despite their highly distinctive and contrasting nature – truly a match made in heaven and a pure delight for interior designers and homeowners both!

These Pantone colours for 2021 are bound to make a statement no matter which direction you decide to go with them. Whether you only want to change your home a little bit or you want to take this inspiration and run with it to give your home a total makeover, we highly encourage you to make the change with this trendy interior wall colour combination. Both the colours look good for everything, be it the walls, ceilings, upholstery or floors.

What are you waiting for? Celebrate the new year with this awesome twosome for a much-needed dose of hope, encouragement and happiness.

You can get in touch with our painting experts for not only living room wall painting but for painting any room in your home, be it the home office, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, kids room or bathroom.

We wish you all a new year full of love, light, happiness and hope!

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