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Don’t let the blues dampen your spirits. Gloomy, grey days call for colourful home upgrades.

The monsoon season is here and like every year, we are hearing mixed responses from our readers. While some dread the grey, dark monsoon days, others are taking a break from hot summer months, soaking in the greenery and lushness. However, a common complaint that everyone seems to share is the dull, gloomy feeling that monsoon days can surround us with.

But just because the external world might look flat and uninspiring, it does not mean your internal world, your home, the place you seek refuge from the world, can’t be bright and cheerful. With these home decor ideas, from wall painting design for hall to inspiration to lighten up even the darkest corner, you can transform your regular home into a joyful, positive and bright space:

Wall paint and wall stickers to infuse colour
wall painting design

The easiest way to give any room a makeover is to give the walls a vibrant, colourful makeover. A good lick of paint for an accent wall, in hues of pastel yellow, cyan blue or sage green can brighten up any room. If you don’t want to fully commit to a painting project yet, wall stickers are a great way to brighten up a room. Berger iPaint Wall Stencil Kit has some bright and inspiring wall stickers for every room and wall in the house. The best part? You can add them to brighten up dull monsoon days and take them off once sunny days return!

Create a cosy nook
Interior Wall Painting

There are only a few things in life that feel as comforting as curling up with your favourite book on a rainy day. And having a dedicated, cosy spot is just the cherry on the cake! You can create a cosy space to unwind in by carving out a spot for your very own reading corner.

First of all, pick a corner that gets a good amount of natural light. A cosy spot by the window wherein you can watch the rain outside is the ideal space since you will get plenty of natural light to read in throughout the day and you can watch the rain outside as you turn the pages. You can also add in some pillows, a potted plant or some art that you love. Ensure that there is a table or some space to keep your books or set down your coffee mug.

Play on the senses
interior painting

Use lights, sounds, scents and textures to change the vibe of the space. Consider opting for mood lighting or lighten up dark corners (more on this below). Add a wind chime near the windows that perfectly complements the pitter-patter of raindrops, creating whimsical tunes throughout the day. Alternatively, you can create a monsoon playlist with your all time favourite songs, be it classic Hindi baarish tunes or rainy day blues melodies.

Choose aesthetically pleasing candles in scents of your choice to make the space more welcoming. It also creates the perfect mood for photo ops! Fresh flowers are also great to add a dose of colour and pleasant smells to the house.

Opt for a shaggy rug under the coffee table or a faux-fur throw on the couch to sink into its soft, luxurious texture.

Lighten up dark corners
Wall Painting

On cloudy days, correct lighting is important to perk the mood. Dark corners can make the whole room seem gloomy and sombré. Placing a standing floor lamp in these corners can illuminate the entire room. Table lamps and wall fixtures lend a nice warmth to the room. String lights can also help add brightness to the room and make any corner super cosy.

Switch up the upholstery
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Replace dark, heavy draperies with sheer fabrics. Velvets, jacquards and even cotton tend to soak up the moisture in the air, enveloping the house in a peculiar musty smell. Sheer or lace curtains dry up quickly and allow the sunlight to seep in, keeping the space well lit and well ventilated. Replace dark toned sofa backs and covers with bright pops of colours. For a quick home makeover, change the colour of your furnishings to bring a welcome difference in the environment without spending too much money.

DIY project
DIY Home Wall Painting Kit

If you’re feeling artsy, there are plenty of DIY ideas you can easily recreate by yourself. One of them being up-styling old furniture. If you have a piece of furniture that is quite an eyesore, you can easily recycle it. All you need is some free time and Berger iPaint DIY Enamel Paint Kit. Alternatively, you can also add a quick accent wall to a room using Berger iPaint DIY Home Wall Painting Kit.

Declutter and go minimal
iPaint Wall Stencil Kit

Monsoon season is a good time to change the furniture layout of your home. While doing so, it is important to space out furniture in a way that is uncluttered. Having furniture close together or pressed against the walls absorbs moisture quickly and creates the perfect habitat for the growth of fungi and mould.

Add plants
house paint colour

Nature, being a catalyst for inspiration, is a wonderful addition to home indoors during the monsoon months, and even after! With so many options for seasonal blooms, plants and succulents available today, each corner of your home can look lush and alive with some indoor plants. If you do bring home some plants, ensure that you don’t overwater them during the monsoon season and read up instructions on when and how to water your green friends!

Home office makeover
home painting colours

Even though it is a rainy day, it does not mean that you can’t be productive. If you are working from home, there are many ways to add some colour and style to your home office. Even the smallest decor items like bright cushions, colourful coffee mugs or plants can have the biggest impact. If you’re feeling in a bit of a creative rut, a mood board of things you find inspiring will not only liven up the room but also spark up your ideas and imagination.

Have a monsoon home decor idea that you love? Don’t forget to share it in the comments below and your idea could be featured on our social media pages!

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