Our colour and design experts talk about what is in store for wall paint colour trends in the coming year.

As we bid adieu to 2020, the year has taught us some valuable lessons. We have rediscovered our love for nature, old hobbies and the places we call home. And with most of the time spent indoors, be it working from home or cancelling our vacation plans, it has allowed us to begin investing within the four walls of our homes- transforming the space into a more ideal place wherein we can live, work and play.

This idea of creating a beautiful home, reconnecting with our life and family, along with a growing need of slowing down and being at peace has influenced many of the forecasted colour trends for 2021. The power of colour to transform a room is undeniable, be it a bold accent wall, new paint colour on the wall or an unexpected painted ceiling. Getting the colour scheme right is key for creating a happy home.

To help you out, we consulted our colour and design experts to spill the beans on which colours are forecasted to be top home colours in the coming year. From calming earth-inspired tones, restorative neutrals and unexpected pops of colour, here are some of the paint colour trends for 2021 you need to watch out for.

Restorative neutrals

Beige wall decor

Neutrals don’t have to be just plain old black and white. Today’s new neutrals are taking a front seat when it comes to designing spaces. Monochrome tones of lilac, navy and brown will be leading the home paint colour charts for 2021. A combination of neutral colour tones can have a major impact on the atmosphere in a room. These colours do not demand attention but it is the understated allure that is inspiring and restorative. Plus, they pair beautifully with so many different colour palettes, adapting to its surroundings. Use new neutrals to create a monochrome style palette or combine with colourful colours for exciting contrasts.

Berger Colour Recommendations:

1A0560 Earthy Terracotta

7P0341 Warm Shawl

5P1162 Clear Blue

Green is the new black

Nature has a strange ability to convey a sense of clarity and peace. Bringing the elements of the natural world into our interiors evokes a feeling of calm. And it is hardly surprising to see tones inspired by nature everywhere in interiors right now.

A renewed colour palette, from lush dark greens to uplifting tones, green can be used all over the home and has an almost restorative, powerful quality to it. Painting walls in a serene shade of green is a step closer to feeling one with nature. This colour can be used in home offices and study rooms since it can aid creativity and imagination. It is also a popular colour choice for bedrooms to create a feeling of tranquillity. Complement your home with textural and nourishing hues of green for decor and furniture and admire your tranquil surroundings.

Berger Colour Recommendations:

4T0909 Irish Moss

4A0276 In the Woods

4T0941 Gift of Green

Shades of blue

Another calming colour that pays homage to tones inspired by nature is blue. Be it the endless skies or vast oceans, blue has been a popular colour choice for homes for years. However, for 2021, pastel and pale shades of blue that lend a soothing and calming feel are predicted to cause quite a stir. These simple, understated shades are effortlessly chic by day and cosy by night, adding a grounded yet luxurious atmosphere to any room. Opt for calming shades of blue for bedroom wall painting and complement it with a tonal palette and paint woodwork the same colour as the walls to give it a harmonious look.

Berger Colour Recommendations:

5P1145 Smooth Sailing

4P0104 Tropical Storm

5P1106 Watercolor Blue

Expressive accents

In times of uncertainty, we often crave for warmer and brighter tones that will enrich our homes and create comforting spaces to shut ourselves away. Saturated tones of plum, raspberry, red and maroon steer towards a warmer colour palette, providing a perfect contrast from cool tones of grey, beige and blue. If you’re all about bolder tones and retro influences, there was never a better time to brighten your interiors with vibrant pops of colour.

Berger Colour Recommendations:

1A0316 Beauty Queen

1A0440 Aged Merlot

1A0448 Carmine Red

Sunny hues

Soft yellows used as neutrals or as an accent to stunning blues and greens is a great bedroom colour combination that is sure to set the scene for the coming year. For those looking for a pop of colour, hues of mustard and muted yellow add a warmer mid-tone and give your decor a new dimension that is rich and vibrant. It complements so many other colours, including, whites, greys, blues, greens, even black, making it a great colour for accent walls and even trims. Moody and muted tones of mustard home interior colours can create depth and highlight decor and art brilliantly when used in small doses throughout the room.

Berger Colour Recommendations:

3P0754 Touch Of Sunshine

300072 Yellow Chintz

3P0730 Lemon Organza

Pantone Colour of the Year 2021: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating

bedroom wall paint

For 2021, Pantone hasn’t chosen one but two colours of the year. The colours include the neutral Ultimate Grey paired with a lively yellow called Illuminating. A marriage between these two colours is one of positivity and hopefulness. It makes a great colour combination to set the mood in just about any room in the house, adding a dose of sunshine and cheer.

Painting a front door in bright yellow Illuminating conveys a warm and welcoming message when supported by a solid Ultimate Grey in the exterior finishes. In fact, Pantone also predicts yellow doors to symbolise a welcoming and happy home. For the interiors, an accent wall in Illuminating paired with Ultimate Grey furnishing and fabrics will infuse vitality and liveliness, as seen in this simple and calming bedroom.

Berger Colour Recommendations:

8P2674 Techno Grey

8A2697 Tall Tower

Let us know in the comments what you think of the colour trends for 2021. The predictions fit perfectly with the world right now, we all need those warm, natural hues for comfort but also the brightness to hope for the better days that are to come.

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