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Cooler weather calls for cosier interiors! Read this blog for some colour inspiration for your living room put together by our colour experts. 

This season is the perfect time to refresh your home decor by creating a comforting space to nurture both – your body and soul. Here are some of the best colours for your living room interior and the best part is that these colours have several tones for you to choose from!

Read further as we share some of the most interesting living room painting ideas and secrets of bringing the warmth of the season into your home for a look that is well suited for this time of the year and also adaptable all-year round.

Earthy Appeal
Earthy Appeal Living Room Colour | Berger Paints

Think you could do with some cosy vibes in this weather? Look at the gorgeous brown tones in the living room pictured above. We love the rich indulgence that the luscious brown colour adds to the overall space. Our colour experts believe that this colour has some magic, bringing a touch of sophistication to the entire living room!

Our Paint Suggestion:

Like what you see in the photograph above? We have shades like EARTH WORKS (7D1663), AGED POTTERY (7D1639) and RUSTIC CHARM (7D1646) in Berger’s Colour Catalogue that you can pick to create the same earthy vibe. These shades have the ability to wrap you in its warmth and take the chill out of your house in minutes.

Décor tip to take home:

For a comforting and enveloping feel, you can choose interesting statement pieces such as a circular woven rug, rattan baskets and textured cushion covers and create a similar living room setting as seen in the beautiful photograph.

Green Escape
Green Escape Wall Painting For Living Room | Berger Paints

You don’t have to stray far from home to find colour inspiration for the season. Grounded by green, this pretty living room shows the beauty of borrowing hues from nature.

The colour green can help create a natural outdoorsy vibe, lending a relaxed look to the entire living room. You can also bring foliage indoors as an ode to the season, as seen in the photograph captured.

Our Paint Suggestion:

Our top three picks of green from Berger’s Colour Catalogue are SOFT SAGE (7D1486), GREEN WILLOW (4D0934) and PASTURAGE (4D2126). These shades have the power to instantly add a sense of comfort to your living room.

Décor tip to take home:

To create a room with warmth, depth and dimension, you can add a statement couch in a contrasting colour that pops against the green wall backdrop, like the millennial pink sofa seen in the photograph. Style it with a few plush pillows and warm throw blankets to complete the look!

Neutral Allure
Neutral Allure Living Room Colour | Berger Paints

For a trendier and more glam look rather than a cosy one, the picture seen right on top is the perfect decorating inspiration for you! Our experts swear by the colour grey! It can add a precise touch of elegance, creating the ultimate impact in the living room.

Our Paint Suggestion:

Our colour experts think that GRAY LEAF (8A0429), NEUTRAL SHADOW (8D0347) and ELUSIVE GREY (8A0427) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue can work its charm, adding understated appeal throughout the living room.

Décor tip to take home:

Create a tailored, tidy look with sleek industrial décor pieces. You can amp it up with accent pillows that are our perennial favourites. You can also bring instant seasonal charm to your living room with some dried leaves, flowers or twigs, as seen in the above-snapped picture.

If you wish to add some more visual interest on the walls but don’t fancy a long-term commitment, you can go with removable wall stickers. You can explore Berger’s DIY iPaint wall stickers that has some interesting options that complement the season’s theme beautifully.

Oasis of Calm
Oasis of Calm living room colour | Berger Paints

Who says cool colours can’t work for the cold season? It definitely has a place in our décor and colour guide for living room interiors. The colour blue is cool and refreshing and is a sure-fire way to welcome peace indoors.

Our Paint Suggestion:

Inject a splash of blue such as THE BIG BLUE (5D1078), DREAM STATE (5A0288) or CRISP MORNING (5P0124) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue on your living room walls — quintessential for a refreshing vibe!

Décor tip to take home:

A throw blanket on the couch can bring depth and warmth, complementing the cooler wall colour. An accent area rug can make even concrete floors so much more inviting. You can add white upholstery to the room for some contrast and distinction, thereby creating a great visual effect.

Citrus Burst
Citrus Burst Wall Colour for Living Room | Berger Paints

Are you ready for the snuggle season in a texture-filled living room? If yes, then cast your eyes on the photograph above. This living room showcases the beauty of the season by introducing one of the most popular colours – orange.

Our Paint Suggestion:

If you are inspired by the above look, you can check out shades like AUTUMN BLOOM (2D0687), CINNAMON SWEPT (2D0615) and APRICOT SERENADE (2D0227) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. Any of these utterly lovely orange hues on your living room walls can steal the show and work perfectly for the beautiful cardigan weather!

Décor tip to take home:

Displaying the orange shades in several ways can add an extra punch of personality as well as continuity to the space. Therefore, make sure to add décor elements that carry similar shades of orange through the throw pillows, rug, blanket and curtains, making your living room feel warm and cosy.

Final Thoughts

We understand that picking the right colours for the living room can stop you right in your tracks. However, working with experts can help you move forward with your living room décor project without any hiccups.

To create any of the above looks in your living room, you can get in touch with our home painting experts and avail our Berger Express Painting service. Berger Express Painting vouches faster, cleaner, safer painting results. Our experts are here to help bring this season’s wall colour story to life and create a statement-making gathering place for you and your loved ones.

Reach out to our experts today by calling on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030 or SMS ‘XP‘ to 56767. With this service, you also get to enjoy plenty of perks that we proudly call the ‘XP Advantage’. To know more, visit:

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