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Have you ever wondered what’s so relaxing about a room with a neutral tone? Or what’s so aesthetic about that shade of blue on the wall? Believe it or not, colours have interesting powers. They can affect your mood, your thoughts, productivity, and even your relationships with your near and dear ones. So, choosing the right colour scheme is essential when you are redecorating your home, especially if you want different rooms to evoke particular emotions.

The Berger Paints palette can help you achieve the perfect balance between these emotions and the choice of colours. If you are having a tough time choosing the best colour combinations for home, we are here to make things easier. Take a look at some of the favourite colour combinations of our experts to spruce up your living spaces.

1. Raging Red 1A0374 and Tiramisu 3P0064

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Red and Brown
Most experts say that red creates a very favourable first impression. One of the most dramatic hues in the colour combination book, the red scheme is enticing when it comes to striking conversations, and energy.

The Raging Red 1A0374 and Tiramisu 3P0064 work well to create that luxurious and royal vibe for your guest room. While the Raging Red creates a bold impact, the Tiramisu has a more sobering effect with its neutral tone. This couture colour scheme is synonymous with sophistication.

Not so impressed with the Tiramisu combination? Try Raging Red with Saltwater Taffy 2P0609; a more barely-there subtle pink shade. This can be a striking Indian hall colour combination too.

Tip: Make the room cosy and colourful, yet subtle. Pick pillows and bed sheets in sky blue to create contrast and a calming effect. White is great too if you are up for rigorous maintenance.

2. Lemon Organza 3P0069 and Fairy Garden Green 4T0931

Hex Colour Codes for Shades Yellow and Green

Lift spirits and bring cheer in the entryway, dining room, or kitchen with this interior colour combination for Indian homes. While Lemon Organza 3P0069 lends the décor a welcoming feel, the Fairy Garden Green 4T0931 provides a cool quotient. Green symbolizes prosperity and a vibrant beginning, creating a sense of harmony. This is why you will often find shades of green in living rooms and dining spaces.

Tip:: Hanging lamps in lilac or lavender will go well with these shades. Choose neutral colour rugs or curtains such as oatmeal or pale grey, if you want to avoid a colour overload.

3. Lawn and Garden 4A0920 and Green Vision 4T0915

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Green

There is no reason to not consider an accent wall even with a neutral tone like Green Vision 4T0915. Choose the Lawn and Garden 4A0920 shade for your accent wall for a dramatic look. You can also make the wall stand out in a room coloured with the Fresh Dew 8P0212 or Essence Teal 4P0266 to create a modern as well as stark look.

Tip: Think out of the box when considering an accent wall. Metallic wall finishes serve as a powerful style statement for it. Take a look at our Silk Illusions Design Metallica book to choose a variety of effects on your interior walls. For a room that lacks any architectural feature, the accent wall can contain extensive shelving, including photos, artwork, and fabrics.

4. Cream Allure 2P0047 and Aqua Flip 5P0128

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Red and Blue

A great house colour combination of warm and cool tones, including pastel Cream Allure 2P0047 and Aqua Flip 5P0128 can create a charming nursery for your little one. Though they might seem unexpected for your nursery room, we guarantee that you will fall in love with these soft hues. A shade of orange, the Cream Allure is a warm, friendly, and youthful tone to inculcate confidence, independence, and cheer in your kids. The social nature of this colour also evokes cooperation and communication, a great thing for when their friends come visiting the house. At the same time, it’s not too bright and prevents overstimulation.

Tip: Keep it minimal in your kids’ bedrooms. A simple white desk and chair and a lamp will do. They will have plenty of ideas to redecorate their rooms when they grow up. Worried about stains? You can try Berger Easy Clean interior emulsion; a safe and washable paint that adds a soft velvety experience to your walls.

5. Petite Lavender 5D0299 and Lustre Beige 7T0334

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Purple and Brown

Here’s an interior colour combination for Indian homes that can help brighten up old home bedrooms. Little nooks and crannies can make the old rooms seem dingy depending on what colour you choose. But, with Petite Lavender 5D0299, you don’t have to worry as it looks soft and beautiful, irrespective of the light it gets. Paired with Lustre Beige 7T0334, it’s perfect for your new sleek modern homes as well. Lavender is fun and flirty and elevates the romantic quotient. The combination’s fresh appeal will keep your romance fragrantly fresh and rejuvenated all your life.

Tip: Tap into the colour Turquoise. Consider Turquoise scatter cushions and accent chairs to create a buzz against a backdrop of lavender.

6. Sailing Party 5T1132 and Dogwood Leaf 4T0924

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Blue and Green

Create your cocoon from the noise outside with these two calming colours. Sailing Party 5T1132; a shade of blue that invokes relaxation and can help you unwind after a long day at work. Balance out the colour scheme with Dogwood Leaf 4T0924; literally, a metaphor of nature to create the soothing effect.

Tip: Bring in the water element into your living room, with objects with wavy patterns or mirrors. You can also look for lamps or light fixtures in deep charcoal grey or black. Water is associated with wisdom, prosperity, and social connections.

7. Deep-Sea Treasure 5A1056 and Bike Ride 4T2100

Hex Colour Codes for Shades of Blue and Yellow

If you are into the bohemian style of decorating, we present to you one of the best colour combinations for home. Deep Sea Treasure 5A1056 and Bike Ride 4T2100 can add that free-spirited vibe and toned-down exotic feel to your room. This timeless colour combination is all you need to lend a contemporary twist to your kitchen or bedroom.

Tip: Consider sisal area rugs, macramé plant hangers, woven wall art to get that perfect boho-chic décor.

Still unsure about these Indian house colour combinations? Try our Preview Facility online tool to know how the colour combinations will look on your walls. Else, simply consult us for the final look and an estimate of the paint required for your home.

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