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With the festive season around the corner, it is time to add a festive flair to your home. A home makeover is incomplete without a fresh coat of paint using festive wall colours. Learn how to use the right colours to make your home Diwali-ready!

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India and is often termed as the “festival of lights.” One of the best parts of Diwali is the excitement associated with the preparation that goes into making the festival a memorable one.

Traditionally, the whole house is thoroughly cleaned, painted and decorated with a lot of enthusiasm as a part of the festivities. The preparations begin way in advance to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into the homes.

The best way to instantly uplift your home and make it fit for the festivities is to start with the walls as it is the first thing that guests notice when they step into the house.

Since your home is bound to be the centre of attention, nothing can transform your home the way colours can! You can transform your home in a jiffy with bright colours that exude joy and happiness.

Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, there is always room for a burst of colour that will lend it a festive feel. You can pick accent colours for your walls instead of painting the whole house. Even a simple accent wall can exude a breath of fresh air, energising any living space. In the spirit of the festival, you can go with a festive palette such as deep blue, green, red, magenta, fuchsia, purple or burnt orange. These colours are sure to amp up the glam quotient of any living space.

Living Room Colour Combination

You can go for different colour combinations in your room such as yellow and grey, yellow and blue, green and purple, green and red, gold and royal blue, or different hues of a single colour. Right from bright colours to cool tones, there is a wide range of colours and shades for you to choose from.

However, if you wish to try something different, you can add some visual interest to your house before the festive season by opting for trendy wall stencils. You can transform the blank canvas of your walls with Berger stencils under Easy Clean range. You can go all out and experiment. You can pick multiple stencils instead of just one. You need not restrict wall stencils to a single room like your living room either. Every room of your home can have a different stencil, adding a different dimension to your entire home décor.

Wall Stencil

You can use the stencils as a strip next to your bathroom mirror or your entrance door or flaunt them above the headboard of your bed. If you have a balcony wall, you can create an accent wall with stencils and create an eye-catching statement there too.

One of the oft-overlooked spaces is corners in the living areas. You can try an accent wall with wall stencils for the neglected corners and draw attention to it. A wall full of Polaroid is a major home décor trend lately. You could paint your favourite wall and hang all the old pictures that you took on family get-togethers and deck up the wall. This is bound to create a happy vibe in your home.

And if you are hosting a Diwali lunch or dinner, the dining room may need a more significant paint refresh. Concentrating on the rooms where your guests will spend the maximum amount of time will also give you the most return on your investment. You can even get an accent wall done with stencils for your guest room and make your guests feel special. Wall stencils are sure to make a lasting impression on all your guests, no matter which corner of your home you showcase them.

Dining Room Colour Combination

Since it is considered the festival of lights, don’t overlook the importance of the lighting in your home. Lighting is one of the biggest game-changer after wall colour, when it comes to a festive makeover. While there is no taking away from the beauty of traditional lightings like lanterns and diyas, you can also choose light fixtures in the form of LED lights, LED diyas, strips and strings that complement the wall colours, reflecting the warmth of the festivity. Also, don’t forget the ceiling. You can try a bold ceiling colour to add a special touch during the festivities.

To conclude, colour evokes strong emotions in people and the colours chosen for the festival play a huge role in deciding what decorations to go ahead with.

Painting your walls before decorating will help you decide on the festive decor that will complement both your paint colour and overall design aesthetic. Go through various colour combinations and wall stencils to figure out what catches your fancy.

Once decided on the wall colours and stencils, don’t take too long to execute your ideas. Get set to welcome the high spirits of the festival and welcome the positive vibes.

You may find all of this overwhelming but you don’t have to worry about it at all. Help is at hand. You can get in touch with the experts of Berger Paints India to make your home Diwali-ready! They will be able to help you develop a more cohesive colour palette so that your new paint colours flow room to room seamlessly. They are sure to make your home come alive with the power of colours.

In addition to this, Berger Paints India products are Green-Pro certified, reflecting the efforts towards eco-friendliness and sustainability. You can count on the experts to provide you with a quick and accurate interior painting job to give your home a festive update that will look great all year round.

This Diwali, glam up the walls of your home and make it look the best with Berger Paints India.

Here’s wishing you and your family a beautiful, colourful and eco-friendly Diwali!

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