Mahashivratri home color combination for blue

Read this blog to find out colour ideas that complement the colour blue along with modern and traditional home decor ideas for celebrating festivals Berger Paints style. 

Mahashivratri is a Hindu festival that celebrates Lord Shiva, one of the deities in the Hindu trinity. Here are some ways to celebrate and decorate your home for this festival with elements that work well with the colour blue. 

Wall Colour Ideas For Mahashivratri

Our colour experts have curated a wonderful selection of wall festival decoration ideas with Berger Silk Glamor to make your home ready for Mahashivratri. 

Silk Glamor High Sheen is a luxury interior emulsion that is meant to give your walls a rich glamorous look that lasts a long time.

Considering that blue is the colour of Lord Shiva, here are some wall colours that complement the shade.

The shade SWEET SUNRISE (1P0505) under Berger Silk Glamor’s Divyam –  Inspired by divinity, as pictured below is a colour so versatile that it can be used on the walls all year long. You can add blue to your home as wall decor or add it in the form of décor elements to make the space ready for Mahashivratri. 

Spiritual color for bedroom wall paint

SO SPRITELY (4T2155), BUFF APRICOT (1PO222) and MILKY OFF-WHITE (8P2743) under Berger Silk Glamor’s Shanta – Inspired by serenity are calming and grounding shades, perfect for the festival. You can incorporate blue elements in your space as an ode to Lord Shiva who is also known as Neelkanth

NATIVE TAN (2D0590) under Berger Silk Glamor’s Sukoon – Inspired by peace is a great shade to create a festive atmosphere. You can add blue décor pieces to your home interior design, keeping the spirit of Mahashivratri in mind. 

House interior design perfect for the festivities

MIDNIGHT RUSH (8A2806) under Berger Silk Glamor’s Advait – Inspired by oneness is a wonderful hue for the festivities that can also work well all throughout the year. With blue decor elements, you can create a house interior design perfect for the festivities. 

WOOLEN (8P2713) and SKIN LIGHT (7T1627) under Berger Silk Glamor’s Abhaya – Inspired by courage works well all year round. These are lovely shades to complement blue décor pieces, that is the colour of Mahashivratri. 

Grey & skin colour shades to complement blue décor pieces

SKIN LIGHT (7T1627) under Berger Silk Glamor’s Tripti – Inspired by fulfilment is a lovely colour for the festivities. This shade works well with blue home decor items, making it ideal for Mahashivratri. What makes it perfect is that these two shades can work all twelve months of the year even after the festival is over.  

Decor Ideas For Mahashivratri 

We have put together some modern home decor ideas for a festive twist along with traditional ideas to make it a memorable Mahashivratri for you. 

Modern Decor Ideas: Wall hangings OF Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati

Modern Decor Ideas: Wall hangings are a modern way of decorating home during Mahashivratri. You can use wall hangings that feature Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for a modern look. For a modern appeal, you can use abstract designs that are inspired by traditional Indian motifs.

Traditional Decor Ideas: You can add traditional rangolis and floor paintings to the entrance of your home as they are traditional floor decorations made during festivals. You can display hanging flowers, torans and keep oil lamps which are a traditional way to decorate homes during Mahashivratri.

For The Pooja Room Modern home decor ideas

Modern Decor Ideas: Home flower decoration using marigold and jasmines can work wonders in the space, adding the right amount of festive cheer. You can also enhance your olfactory experience with fragrant incense sticks such as jasmine, lavender, sandal, white rose, champa, rosemary, clove and vanilla. 

Traditional Decor Ideas: A shivling is a symbol of Lord Shiva and is considered sacred by his devotees. You can place a shivling on the altar in your pooja room. 

For The Living Room Modern decor ideas for the living room

Modern Decor Ideas: Add decorative floor pillows, low-lying seats and table decorations such as table runners and centerpieces for a modern look and for a touch of festivity to the home during Mahashivratri. 

Another modern home interior decoration is to incorporate elements of nature into your home’s décor using plants, even branches to bring the outside in and create a connection between your home and nature. You can also use natural materials such as crystals and stones to represent Lord Shiva’s association with the earth. 

Traditional Decor Ideas: Place a tray of milk and honey on a pedestal in front of the statue of Lord Shiva. It symbolises Lord Shiva’s association with purity and sweetness.

For The Bedroom Modern decor ideas for bedroom

Modern Decor Ideas: For a modern festive look, make use of plush linen and upholstery in your bedroom. 

Traditional Decor Ideas: Keep table lamps with ethnic motifs and decorate your bed with traditional Indian textiles such as cotton or silk bedspreads to create a cosy atmosphere.

For The Kitchen Traditional kitchen decor ideas

Modern Decor Ideas: Sabudana dishes and thandai are some popular food and drink items consumed by devotees across the world on this special day. Since preparing these mean spending a considerable amount of time in the kitchen you can deck up the space with flowers and create a festive atmosphere. 

Traditional Decor Ideas: Use copper and silver vessels in the kitchen for a traditional look. You can use traditional flowers such as jasmine, roses and marigolds to create a small flower arrangement to display on the kitchen counter or table top. 

For The BalconyDecorate home balcony during Mahashivratri

Modern Decor Ideas: String lights are a modern and fun way to decorate homes during Mahashivratri. You can also hang a Trishul as a wall hanging. You can find Trishuls made of various materials such as metal or wood in the market. 

Traditional Decor Ideas: Place a small statue of Lord Shiva on the balcony to bring blessings and good fortune. Incorporating traditional symbols associated with Lord Shiva such as the third eye or the crescent moon into your balcony decorations can add a traditional touch.


There are many ways to decorate homes during Mahashivratri, both in a traditional and modern manner. By incorporating traditional elements such as flowers, oil lamps and rangolis, and adding modern touches such as wall hangings, string lights and decorative floor pillows, you can create a welcoming atmosphere and have a meaningful celebration with family and friends.  

Hope you find these ideas helpful to create a festive atmosphere to honour Lord Shiva and the festival of Mahashivratri.

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Here’s wishing you all a Happy Mahashivratri

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