Bohemian colour, as the name suggests, is a mixture of artistic expressions and various cultures giving it an aesthetic look. Some of the most popular and common bohemian colour includes colours like white, brown, yellow, blue, grey and many more. Here, we are going to discuss about the different bohemian colour and furniture combinations which will perfectly suit for your home’s interior. 

Why Choose Boho Style?

A boho style focuses on being comfy and casual at the same time. Other than being stylish, one chooses a boho style to make the room more spacy and welcoming. A boho style includes various items from cultures all over with vintage elements, so, if a person like this kind of design, he must definitely choose the Boho style.

What exactly are Bohemian Colour Palettes?

living room paint colors

A bohemian colour palette includes a wide range of cultural backgrounds. It creates a cosy feel by combining the old and new pieces. A bohemian colour palette includes both neutral and vibrant jewel tones. Neutral tones include white as well as grey whereas vibrant jewel tones include electric blue and teal.

Trending Bohemian Colour Combinations

Neutral & Earthy Colour Combination

Neutral colours along with earth tones make up a very good boho colour combination as it is quite easy to pair them. Natural lights are bounced off beautifully by the neutral colours making the room look brighter and spacier than before.

Metro Boho

If you live in a city apartment, you should definitely go for this one as it includes clean lines and less frills. Plants and wooden furniture are used with light and dark shades of grey to give the room a soften look.

Moroccan Inspired Bohemian

As the name suggests, this boho style includes textiles and fabrics inspired from the country Morocco. Brightly coloured pillows along with handmade furniture best features this type of style. Hanging plants are also used to make the room more natural in appearance. 

Neutral & Wooden Bohemian Colour Combination

If you paint your wall with any of the neutral colours such as white or grey, add some accessories and wall hangings to establish textures on it. Wooden flooring combined with such textured walls forms one of the best colour combinations. 

Mint Green & Black Colour Combination

Paint your wall with a mint green colour and decorate the room with different black furniture and accents. This will give your room a gorgeous look and an eye- soothing appearance.

Blue & Gold Colour Combination

Golden wall texture on blue wall, designer wall for festive look

Wanna get a glance of boho-luxe look, try pairing the classic blue colour with gold accents. Combination of a various range of blue shades along with brass accessories is a deadly combination for a house’s internal design.

Decorative materials in a Boho-designed Room

Although you have coloured your room with the best boho colour of your choice, you can beautify it more by adding several decorative materials. This will make your room look more eye- catchy and give it a brand-new look. Some ideas about different decorative materials you can add in a boho- designed room are enlisted below: 

Plants!!! You can add a number of plants in your room giving it a fresh look.

Different handmade things and furniture can be used.

Textures!!! Yes, a good variety of textures in your wall can make your room look gorgeous.

Different light sources, though cannot be added as a decorative material, but it will definitely help your room look brighter and bigger.  

Bohemian Furniture Idea

Now it’s the turn to find some best advices about bohemian furniture. A bohemian furniture includes a good texture, soothing colour, smooth layers of pattern with a lack of structure. To add some flavour into your room you should definitely go for vintage items which will give you a sophisticated vibe. Paintings are also a good idea to decorate your house and as stated earlier, homemade furniture is one of the best things to make your room look more naturalistic.   

Berger Paints Chic Bohemian Décor Look

As mentioned earlier, a boho interior design is always comprised of an eye- soothing texture. Also, low- level seating, adding bright colors with different old or vintage decorations connect a boho- chic vibe to your room itself. 


Well, all we get to know from here is that bohemian interior design is very much realistic and lively, which reflects a lifestyle of encouragement to follow our dreams. Many ideas on different boho color combinations are given above and if you want to look for metal paints you can click below: 

 Metal paint

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1. What colours are used in boho décor?

Different neutral colours combined with cool colours make up a nice boho colour palette which includes colours like blue, white, green, yellow and many more.

2. What is modern bohemian décor?

A variation of bohemian style, modern bohemian décor, is also termed as Urban boho that includes remarkable components of bohemian style like some ethnic patterns on rags and pillows.

3. What type of furniture is boho style?

Mainly the vintage furniture are included in boho style.

4. How do you mix boho colours?

Pairing warm or neutral colours with earthy hues and combining them with cool colour tones represents boho colours.

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