Deciding on the wedding decor for winter can be difficult because it is the off-season for weddings during these months, which can lead to kitschy or too literal themes. Furthermore, the greatest flowers, like peonies, dahlias, hydrangeas, and others, are in short supply. So, here are some ideas for wedding décor.

How to décor a home for a wedding on a tight budget?

Wedding home décor can be a wonderful and exciting task but it has one con; the budget. Budget speaks louder than any arrangements. So, if the budget is tight, no need to worry. There can be still wedding décor in tight budget.

Things to keep in mind for décor home for the wedding

Gorgeous Mandaps

A wedding in Indian tradition is incomplete without a mandap. As a part of wedding décor, the mandap plays an integral role. A simple touch-up with long strings of marigold flowers, some strings of lights, and decorative clothes are enough for a wonderful state-of-the-art mandap.

Paint your walls with pastel colours

Imagine a wedding ceremony with old outdated walls. Well, that’s a bad idea. Nowadays, pastel home paint colours are on the trending list. Why not use them for a wedding home décor which looks appealing to the eyes of the guests?

Floral Archways

Flowers keep up the tradition in India. So, they’re also a part of wedding décor. A home with archways decorated with floral hangings gives the essence of a sweet fragrance along with a cool look to the eyes just like a refreshing feeling.

Go Experimental with Cutlery

Cutlery is always a part of the dining table. Well, that’s not just it. They can be a part of wedding décor as well. You can surf for some wonderful experiments with cutlery pieces that will ultimately become an integral part of wedding home décor.

Go Creative with the Light

Without light, wedding décor is meaningless. Get those colourful strings of lights from the nearest available store or online. Leftover diyas can also serve a purpose. Just keep them in a phased manner or arrange them in such a way that they become a member of the wedding home décor family.

Simplify Your Color Palette

There is no need to draw a rainbow to seek attention. Sometimes, being simple does the trick. This is what applies during wedding décor. Get your home painted with expert advice with a simple coat as a part of the appealing wedding home décor for awe-inspiring guests.

Textured Wall Ideas

Another important part of wedding home décor is the textured wall painting. Wall textures are out-of-the-box wedding décor ideas for the home wedding.

Welcome your guests with some fresh potted plants ( go eco-friendly)

In this time of pollution, going green is the most eco-friendly step. This step even applies to wedding décor. Some potted plants would be a great initiative towards an eco-friendly welcome to all the guests out there.

Deck up the ceilings with colourful buntings

Ceilings being the fifth wall are also an integral part of wedding décor. Adding some decorations with a wonderful chandelier hanging will bring a spotlight on the wedding home décor. Also, for metallic parts, home gate paints can be used.

Seating area arrangement at home

A marriage ceremony is a reunion of the families. But for the reunion, everyone should sit and talk. So, the seating area also becomes a part of the wedding décor. You can decorate the seating area with some beautiful designer covers and tablecloths and also use cushions with wonderful decorations.

Keep It Cozy

Don’t have to follow others. Just keep it simple and cozy. After all, wedding décor is not just about visuals but also about comfort and well-being treatment for the guests out there.

Get a candle wall

Candles provide a peaceful ambiance and serve as the spotlight for wedding décor. You can get candles of different textures and shapes and put them in a random manner without hard and fast rule.

Ideas for Wedding Stage Decorations

The stage serves as the central part of the wedding. Wedding décor can also transform just a stage into an ensemble of ambiance within and also a central blessing part for the newly made bond.

Lighting the home

Wedding décor includes an ensemble cast of lights. Whether it is a chandelier or candles or some old-fashioned floodlights, the blending gives an ambiance for the perfect wedding home décor.


Last but not the least, wedding décor is a never-ending ocean of ideas. Be it wall painting or flower decoration, fun is everywhere. As winter weddings round the corner, make a list, plan the budget, and off you go with the wedding home décor ideas.


1. How should I decorate my wedding reception at home?

A home wedding reception decoration’s most integral parts are painting and basic home décor including lighting, floral décor, candle décor, etc. which are done depending on budget.

2. How to make wedding decorations at home?

Wedding home décor can be made using a shipload of ideas that are available online nowadays thanks to the advancement of technology.

3. How to decorate for a small wedding at home?

No matter how small the home is, just a basic wall décor like textured wall painting, ceiling décor, some candle décor, and seating arrangement is enough for a small wedding home décor.

4. How to make a wedding stage at home?

Just a wall is needed as a backdrop which can be decorated with strings of light and marigolds. Some textured paintings can be done on the wall and candles can be used on shelves as ambient décor.

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