Grey Colour Wall Paint Ideas

When it comes to neutrals, there is a new shade that has been a hot shade for several years now. Grey, once associated with dreariness and gloominess, has now gained popularity among top interior designers and architects. Since grey has more depth than white, it helps create a sophisticated backdrop for your home.

Depending on the density of the shade you select- light or dark, warm or cool, you can work this timeless shade for a slew of rooms in your house. From near-black to silvery tones, there is a shade of grey to fit any space. To find the right shade, you need to consider the natural lighting in the space, the direction your room faces, the prevailing weather and of course- the shade you like the most. Cool colour greys work in any room – be it a bedroom, kitchen or living room and blends perfectly with any type of furniture, artwork or décor elements. Grey also works wonderfully in children’s rooms, creating a space that they won’t outgrow.

If you are ready to incorporate grey to your home walls, we have gathered spaces that use the hue to create dazzling effects. Browse these 15 ideas to show you how you can opt for grey paint colours for your home– from living rooms, kid’s nursery, bathrooms and home offices.

1. Create a sanctuary with wooden accents and grey walls

Grey contrasts beautifully with wooden furniture, as seen in this living room. The wooden furniture adds rustic charm and the grey walls pairs beautifully and brings the room together holistically.

2. For a productive home office

Incorporating a bit of grey in the home office will help combine aesthetics with ergonomics in a seamless fashion. And since grey is a balanced, focused hue, it is ideal for the home office to help you concentrate during long working hours.

3. Grey living room that is full of style

Grey living room decor

Walls painted in grey lend a classy flair to this contemporary and modern living room. Accents of green, as seen here can add the perfect pop of colour that’s fresh.

4. Sophisticated kids room

A nursery is no longer a traditional, dull space overflowing with blue or pink hues. If you love modern design, paint the nursery with a sophisticated grey. The shade is practical and safe and will look continue to look great as the baby grows.

5. Amp up grey with prints

Grey walls in the living room can be a perfect canvas to add some fun and quirky wall prints. You can either use prints that bring out your unique personality to the walls of your home or frame photographs in vintage frames. Add a muted couch, patterned cushions and some plants for a cosy yet sophisticated living room.

6. Grey from walls to floors

Grey hues make this room appear big and spacious. For interior wall paint ideas, go for grey from walls to floor to create an illusion of endless space. Remember, the smaller the space, the darker you can go. The grey in this bedroom is modern, cosy and chic.

7. Bring dull grey to life with pops of colour

If you think grey might be too vanilla and drab then choose bright accessories that will offer the perfect pops of colour. An orange sofa, lights or furnishings really sing out against a grey backdrop.

8. Large grey master bathroom

This is a beautiful example of how grey walls can be incorporated to create an elegant master bathroom. The white accents bring out the warmth of the paint and the freestanding tub is a smart idea to make the space more visually appealing. This is the perfect way to use the beauty of minimal Scandinavian design in your bathroom.

9. Mix grey with warm neutrals

Create a relaxing living room with a controlled, balanced palette of grey and neutrals. Light grey walls and wooden flooring provides a warm, welcoming backdrop for a grey sofa, rug and curtains.

10. Infuse a shot of cheery yellow

Adding yellow to an all grey and neutral colour palette is a great way to make the room feel cosier instantly, as seen here. Even the smallest yellow accessories will brighten things up. This colour combination works perfectly for bedrooms, allowing natural light to stream in the place in a way that creates an illusion of a wider, more cheerful and lively atmosphere.

11. Eye-catching appeal to the entryway

Grey wall decor

For a stellar first impression, incorporate hues of grey in the entryway. Break down the monotone with a brown brick wall. To pack a lot of style and function, take inspiration from this entryway and add a coat rack, hooks to hang keys and handbags, cube boxes to store away shoes and a stool to put on or take off shoes in the entryway. The chevron print rug gives the space a perfect pattern play. For exterior wall paint ideas, you can browse inspiration on Berger’s Colour Catalogue.

12. Take it to the entertainment unit

Clean lines, smooth finishes, a neutral palette and pops of green that speaks nature- we love how this entertainment area helps draw the eye in with pops of grey. Bursts of white in the furniture and lighting accessories complement the panelled wooden flooring, creating coolness with a contemporary twist.

13. Go industrial with grey

Thinking of going industrial? Grey is the perfect colour scheme to begin with. The retro leather sofa, animal printed rug and pops of pink and green gives this lounge-come-kitchen a modern charm. The walls, wooden panelled floor and brick walls blend in artistically to give it an industrial feel.

14. Add warmth to grey with metallic tones

If you are going for a darker grey, warm up the look with trendy metallic accessories. The lovely warm undertones in a metallic shade have a way of adding a beautiful glow to the colour scheme, creating a winning colour combination. This duo will definitely add a stylish punch to any room.

15. Try a grey feature wall

If you are still unsure about incorporating grey on your home walls, start off with a feature or accent wall. Keep rest of the walls neutral and muted and add colourful artwork, prints and furniture to create a rich, contrasting look that is co-ordinated.

Love these grey room ideas? Speak to our experts to discover the best grey colour paints for your favourite rooms. Contact Berger Express Painting.

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