Tried and tested kitchen colour combinations that are sure to shine!

The kitchen is no longer the most dull and boring room in the house. Modular kitchens are now becoming a norm wherein function and aesthetics come together in the most sophisticated manner. And there are a variety of styles and options to choose from. Be it an all-white neutral theme, solid pop of colours or the perfect marriage between bright and light tones, there is plenty of inspiration here to build the kitchen of your dreams.

Get inspired by these ten stunning colour combos– whether you are a home decorator, homeowner or someone who just likes to keep up with the latest trends. Read on to find out some trending and simple kitchen colour combination for Indian kitchens:

Colour Combination 1#: Clean, Contemporary WhiteKitchen painted in white colour

Crisp white kitchens give you a contemporary, no-fuss look. However, go for an all-white kitchen only if you are a meticulous cleaner. A word of caution, white kitchens can be high maintenance and it is worthwhile to opt for washable paints like Berger Easy Clean Fresh to get rid of grease marks and food spills, and maintain a clean look.

Colour Combination 2#: Blue and WhiteKitchen painted in blue and white colour combination

Channel the fresh, beachy vibes with a blue and white modular kitchen colour combination. The colour of sky and sea, there is something so calming about the colour blue, which is why it is a classic shade for the heart and hearth of the home. Pair it with a classic white to make the kitchen feel light and airy.

Colour Combination 3#: Neutral Brown and WhiteKitcen painted in brown and white colour combination

Keep your kitchen looking fresh and fuss-free with tones of brown. Opt for mocha brown shades or stick to colours inspired by nature for the walls and cabinets. Further, you can team up the brown colours with a white countertop for a perfect finish. You can also pick wooden flooring for an understated, low maintenance option.

Colour Combination 4#: Black, White and WoodKitchen painted in black, white and wood colour combination

Black cabinets in the kitchen can make it look sophisticated or industrial depending on how you style it. As seen here, accents with natural wood colour and white walls, this colour combo makes for a stunning kitchen. Stick to minimalist accents and backsplash with these effortless colours.

Colour Combination 5#: Green and OrangeKitchen painted in green and organce colour combination

If you find neutral kitchens a tad bit boring, go for this vibrant colour combination to energise and soothe you at the same time. The bold orange is a cheerful shade while the green grounds it. Just like a beautiful summer day, the sunny orange and greeny grass makes for an enriching and warm colour combination.

Colour Combination 6#: Shades of Blue and GreenKitchen painted in blue and green colour combination

If you love the mountains and the oceans, this ones for you! Think of all the colours of nature and incorporate those colours in your kitchen for a space that is equal parts calming and classic.

Colour Combination 7#: Red, Grey and BrownKitchen painted in red, grey and brown colour combination

Make your kitchen dramatic with a bright red wall or cabinets and grey and brown accents as seen in the picture. Cooking is a dramatic art, after all! A fiery shade of red- cherry, paprika or crimson will make the perfect backdrop. When paired with a brown backsplash and grey cabinets with lots of natural light flowing in, the crisp and dense colours will stand out and make a statement like none other!

Colour Combination 8#: Yellow, Blue and GreenKitchen painted in yellow, blue and green colour combination

Yellow is a peppy shade that has the power to brighten up any room in the house. When used in the kitchen, it brightens up the space. Add pops of blue and green as an accent, like seen in this bright kitchen. You can never have a dull moment in this kitchen!

Colour Combination 9#: Pastel HuesKitchen painted in pastel hues

If boisterous colours are not your thing and neutral tones look dull, pastel shades just might be what you are looking for. Pastel colour combinations can add life and brightness to your kitchen without overwhelming it. They pair wonderfully with existing elements, especially in wood and marble materials and impact a timeless aesthetic. In this kitchen, mint green and vintage blush make for a classic colour combo that instantly uplifts the kitchen. The subtle pattern of the pink backsplash tiles add layers of interest.

Colour Combination 10#: Black and OrangeKitchen painted in black and orange

Balance the starkness of black with a peppy shade like orange. For kitchen laminates color combination, opt for orange cabinets and a marble black countertop for a sure-fire conversation starter.

How can you choose colour combinations for your kitchen?

Deciding on a colour combination for your kitchen is no easy task. Consider these tips to help you make the right decision:

  • Look for inspiration and create a mood board of how you wish your kitchen to look.
  • Opt for neutrals if you want a classic look. Add accent colours for the wall, countertop or backsplash.
  • Don’t forget the flooring. The flooring design and colour will impact the end result.
  • Opt for contrasting hues with the rest of the kitchen for an aesthetically rich look.
  • Lighting arrangements will impact the appearance, so test out the wall, cabinet and flooring colours before deciding on it.
  • Colour is a great tool to add personality and style, but don’t overdo it. Balance bright colours with neutral tones for a well-defined colour combo.

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen soon, pick a colour combination that works for your personality and lifestyle. Let it set the perfect tone for delicious meals and quality time spent with family and friends.

If you need help choosing the perfect colour combination, speak to our Express Painting experts for guidance and colour combination catalogue consultation. For a faster, cleaner, safer painting experience, call our toll-free number 1800 103 6030 or SMS ‘XP’ to 56767.

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