If you are having second thoughts about painting the interiors of your home, then you have stumbled upon the right article because it tells you exactly what interior paint is and every reason why it is important for enhancing the beauty of your house. 

What is Interior Paint? 

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It is no wonder that the outsides of your house are of utmost importance. But there is no reason why the insides should be any less, and interior wall paint is the perfect answer. This interior paint is massively set apart from the kind used on the exteriors, keeping well in mind that the inhabitants will inhale it. Thus, such paints not only raise the aesthetics of your home but are also well devoid of any harmful chemical substances and are completely safe to use. 

Importance of Interior Paints 

Adjust your mood with the colors

After years of staying in a home, the colours on the walls can gradually lose their shine and personality. Not only does that reduce the appeal of your home, but it also plays a huge role in affecting your mood negatively. If you want to make your living space more comfortable, then get some interior wall paint to ensure that your house looks as good as new. Since different colours have a distinct effect, you can get calm and soothing colours for your study room and bright colours for your living room, while your bedroom will be perfect with neutral colours. Thus, your mode of living is instantly enriched when you choose to live in a brighter environment rich in appropriate interior paint colours. 

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Protect your house interiors

As much as you remain careful around your house, minor wear and tear are unavoidable. Expect more of such if you have children at home. When you use good quality interior paint on your walls, be rest assured that they are well protected from any damage. Moreover, prolonged exposure to the air can cause naked walls to absorb moisture and, over the years, can result in huge ugly stains on your walls. They look pretty horrifying. But, such absorption can also be prevented with the help of interior wall paint, which is responsible for filtering out all sorts of moisture and dust from reaching the insides. 

Increase the value of your home

Interior House Painting Colors

While the rest of your house needs furniture to look pretty, the best interior paint can do the same job on your walls without even having you strain your pocket much. If you ever plan on selling your house, you are bound to find buyers at a much faster rate and make an excellent impression with the bright and clean colours on the walls. You can also expect to sell it at a price even more than what you initially thought of because of the fine condition it will be presented in. Using the best paint for walls also ensures that your interiors continue looking fantastic for a period of time. 

Increased air quality in rooms

The smell of new indoor paint can suffocate many, and needless to say that it can also contain chemicals that are harmful upon inhalation. But, once you switch to the latest paints, you can be guaranteed only the best interior paint that has no toxic smells and is only responsible for elevating the air quality of your rooms. Moreover, any allergies or lung diseases can also be prevented if you use a fresh coat of paint on your walls because it keeps all the germs, dirt, dust, and allergens away. 

Give your home a makeover

Even if you disregard every other reason relating to the importance of interior paint, you cannot deny the exceedingly good look a house gives off after it has been covered with a fresh coat of paint. The feeling is similar to the one you get when you dress up for an occasion. Hence, instead of keeping your home deprived, you can consider giving it a fancy makeover once in a while by using the best types of wall paint

Factors to consider before choosing an interior paint

  • It is natural to want to finish with the walls and then buy other furniture and accessories that will adorn the space in your house. But instead, it is recommended to choose the colours on your walls based on the furniture you have picked. 
  • The type of colours plays a huge role in affecting the vibe of the room. Hence, the patterns and shades have to be chosen accordingly. A designed wall will seize the spotlight from the rest of the room, while a basic one will shed some light on the rest of the room. 
  • It is important to test a smaller area of the wall against your furniture to make sure that the impression in your mind is the same as the physical one. 
  • The size of the sheen is a huge factor in the resultant interior paint color. The market is filled with different types of this tool, each fulfilling a specific requirement. 

Different types of paint for interior walls

Emulsion Paint

Extremely diluted, the emulsion paint is a great choice for interiors because you can easily wash off stains and marks from the walls coated with this kind. They are extremely quick drying. Hence you do not have to worry about ruining the coat. Moreover, due to the water base, the emulsion paint has a minimum odour and a very low VOC value. 

Enamel Paint

Water-based paint cannot hold for long on rough and wooden surfaces. In such cases, the enamel paint comes to the rescue. The result is a clean and shiny finish that is extremely resistant to water and hard stains. Enamel paint is also recommended for washrooms and kitchens, which are more susceptible to moisture and heat that can cause harm to the walls. 

Textured Paint

If you want one of your walls to be in the limelight, using textured paint to give it a unique aesthetic look is the best choice. This paint can be used on any surface to create the most complex patterns and designs. Such complexity can also effectively camouflage any inconsistency on the bare wall. All you need to do is hire a professional to do this complicated job.

Distemper Paint

The basic form of paint, the distemper paint, is compulsory if you want your paint to last for a longer period. It can be applied directly on a hard and rough surface and is white in colour. It is used as a base for other colours, which hold good if applied over Distemper paint. It is highly resistant to moisture and heat and shows no signs of wear even after prolonged exposure. 

Metallic Paint

Metallic paint does not give you a basic and single colour when applied on walls. Instead, it produces interesting patterns and shapes that are not symmetrically. This is due to small metal pieces like steel, aluminum, and bronze which create a textured look and endow some personality to the wall. It can also be used on wooden surfaces and give a more appealing look to your furniture. 


Covering your walls with interior paint is a huge investment. Yet, a worthwhile one. All you are required to do is conduct thorough research on what you expect and hire professionals to guide you through the entire process. The result is one to be sought for! For best results, consult express painting


What type of paint do you use for the interior? 

Technology has ensured that modern paints emit no harmful fumes, contain low levels of harmful chemicals, and have a minimum odor. Hence, the type of paint used for interiors will not make you feel suffocated while also making sure that your walls look beautiful and are shielded from heat, moisture, stains, and wear and tear. 

Which paint is best for interior walls? 

Satin finish paints are quite popular for interiors because of the glossy result that looks pretty attractive. Besides, eggshell paint finish is also quite popular due to its soft and pastel appearance. Emulsion paint is also another type that is quite in demand because of its quick drying feature.

Which is the best washable paint for interior walls in India? 

Emulsion paint is a water-based paint that is resistant to water. Hence, any stains or marks on a wall covered with emulsion paint can be wiped away with water. In addition, eggshells and satin paint are also quite resistant to water and can be cleaned very easily. Thus, these paints are mostly used in rooms more vulnerable to stains. 

What is the best waterproof indoor paint? 

All oil-based paints or latex enamel are bound to be waterproof. The more shiny your interior wall paint is, it is a sure sign it is waterproof. If that is not convincing enough, you can use a solution called hydroshield sealer which has the ability to turn your walls waterproof. 

How to choose the best paint for interior walls? 

You need to figure out what you want your walls to look like and colour a small area of the wall and compare it with the furniture in the room. If the result is satisfactory, you are good to go. It is always recommended to consult professionals to guide you while getting your interiors painted. 

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