Ceilings in any space are often disregarded because they are typically out of our direct line of sight. But out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind. Isn’t it ironic that we don’t typically care for the ceiling, given that we spend so much time and attention on the floor materials we choose, the wall colour, the furnishings, the window treatments, etc.?

Did designers refer to a room’s ceiling as its “fifth wall”? They offer the chance to increase impact, design specifics, and wow factor. Unique ceiling designs can also highlight a distinctive architectural aspect!

Ceiling Designs For a stunning Interior

The fifth wall may also be a crucial component of your living room’s decor, though frequently overlooked. The blank, mostly white space that hangs above tastefully arranged rooms may become the centre point of your entire living space with a few easy design tricks. It’s time to focus upwards once you’ve completed putting in new flooring, buying furniture, and spending hours organizing bookcases and tabletops.

  • Go monochromatic: Never undervalue the ability of a few paint cans and lots of imagination. Any room will feel intimate and moody after being painted from floor to ceiling, especially if only one hue is used. Choose accents that stick out to create contrast: Natural wood doors lend an earthy element to the room, while gold metallic light fixtures give it a lux touch of elegance.
  • Be Natural: Hardwood floors shouldn’t get all the fun, right? Try laying a hardwood surface throughout the entire ceiling to provide natural warmth and character to your area rather than limiting the exposed wood to just the beams. Paint the walls a crisp, bright white to make the ceilings stand out.
  • Keep It Classic With Coffered Molding: With the correct colour scheme, this timeless moulding style may dramatically affect your room. Coffered ceilings instantly pique the interest and give a space a traditional, beautiful feel.
    Invest in more contemporary furniture or take inspiration from this layout: The room’s pastel walls and highlights on the ceiling are complemented with a combination of antique furnishings. The finished design makes for an intriguing arrangement with a colour scheme that seems both calm and energizing.
  • Painting Exposed Beams in Black and White: While some homeowners prefer to cover up their exposed beams, we adore how this designer went the other way by painting them black. The bright colour choice feels contemporary while enlarging the space and focusing on the black-and-white architectural elements with neutral furnishings. Similar colours in the wall art combine the room for a light, airy look.
  • Make Skylights Moody: Although we have always liked skylights, we have never seen them appear this way. This designer gave a classic living space a dramatic, sombre impact by painting the ceiling a deep forest green colour. Instead of preserving the exposed brick on the fireplace in its original finish, the harmonious colour palette makes each detail stand out with a flash of texture.

    Skylights have always been our favourite, but we’ve never seen one exactly like this. This designer gave a classic living space a dramatic, sombre impact by painting the ceiling a deep forest green colour.

Why are ceiling designs important for your home?

ceiling painting Image

One of the most crucial aspects of the interior design of your home is the style and profile of the ceiling — the “fifth wall.” Even though the ceiling is rarely the focus of a space, it is still a significant aspect of the house and can benefit from some detail and colour. Your ancient ceilings can easily be given a bespoke look with a few changes, giving them new life!

Ceiling Decoration Ideas For your Space

A strong and unique ceiling design ideas is necessary for a project that makes a statement in interior design. Traditionally, a large lighting fixture is all that is required. Adore ceilings with dramatic chandeliers or hand-crafted suspensions? Also, want to try out something new moving forward?

  • WALLPAPER CEILING: Using Wallpaper on the ceiling will glam up any space. This is the solution if you’re at home thinking about remodelling or in the office looking for interior design ideas to improve your interior design project. The wallpaper might complement tiny decorative details or be in contrast to the walls. It will provide a stunning ceiling design with either way.
  • IDEAS FOR PAINTED CEILING DECORATION: The devil is in the details, right? Why not pay attention to the old ceiling colour patches if that’s the case? The ceiling can be decorated simply but elegantly by painting it. Choose a ceiling colour that coordinates with the wallpaper on the walls. The ceiling should be painted a contrasting colour if the walls are a simple one.
  • A WOODED CEILING: A wooden ceiling is a classic choice for ceiling ideas décor. Wood is also an organic substance. Doing so will make a sustainable and thoughtful improvement to the space.
  • PATTERNED CEILING DECORATION IDEAS: If you want to make significant changes to the look of your home, the best option is to make a pattern in the ceiling ideas. Any of the two methods—hand painting or using a stencil—will give the space more dynamic and vibrancy.
  • STRIPED CEILING: Stylish yet audacious — stripes on the ceiling will draw attention to the room or project’s interior design aesthetic. The ceiling design ideas can give the space a fantastic modern Memphis decor or an authentic maximalist interior, for example, depending on the colour scheme of the stripes. Stripes on the ceiling also give the space a distinct liveliness.


The simplest and least expensive approach to rapidly refresh the appearance of ceiling ideas is to paint it a different colour. One simple solution is to combine 50% of your wall colour with 50% of white. Just watch out that the ceiling doesn’t wind up looking dirty from the final colour (it depends on your starting wall color).

Generally speaking, choose a lighter colour as ceiling paint ideas will make your ceilings appear taller. Choose a darker colour if you want them to feel lower, which is perfect for vaulted rooms that need to feel more intimate.

To achieve a unified look, use a paint colour on your ceiling that is a few shades lighter or darker than the colour of your walls.


Wallpaper can add pattern, colour, and texture to the ceiling ideas. To avoid being overly dominating, wallpaper on the ceiling typically works best in rooms with neutral or light coloured walls. However, consider papering the ceiling and the walls if you want to make a huge statement!

Tin Ceiling Tiles

Tin tiles’ appearance is ideal for older or more traditional-looking dwellings. They are metal panels around 2 feet by 4 feet in size and can be left natural or painted instead of tiles.

However, if you choose a tin ceiling design ideas, make sure your room has enough sound-absorbing components, such as carpet, window coverings, and upholstered furniture, to prevent developing a room with an echoing, hollow sound.


Beadboard may seem like a good choice for a cottage or farmhouse. It is highly adaptable and works well in a variety of ceiling ideas for home types. It has a very simple and classic appearance that will go with your home as your style and colour scheme evolves.

Beadboard is a fantastic alternative because it rapidly updates the look without the need for uncomfortable scraping for hours on end!

Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings are a fantastic technique to give a room more depth. You can use more architecturally complex grids that generate deeper boxes if your ceilings are above 8 feet. Consider using 24s for typical 8-foot ceilings so that you can achieve the desired aesthetic without sacrificing headroom.

Although there are countless colour options, generally, the ceiling is either painted white, stained a wood tone, or the recessed boxes are painted in a different colour while the beams are left in their original white tint.

Wooden Beams

It doesn’t imply you can’t have exposed beams just because your house wasn’t built with them. One central beam runs down the middle of many vaulted ceiling homes; however, adding a few extra beams to the ceiling can make a significant difference. You can also add beams to a flat ceiling for a comfortable appearance.

Molding Ceilings

Yellow Shade Ceiling Paint

Your creative abilities only constrain you regarding ceiling moulding designs. You might put a simple frame around the edge for a classic appearance to make a tray ceiling.

Common moulding options for a ceiling can be used to create lovely patterns, and motifs include onlays and appliques.

Shiplap Ceilings

A ceiling panelled in white or stained wood completely transforms the atmosphere of the space. White plank ceilings have a clean, timeless appearance, while wood ceilings add a little more warmth.

Additional Tips & Tricks for Ceilings

  • Consider painting the ceiling the same colour as the wall in rooms with low ceilings and strange angles to “disappear” the ceiling.
  • Pay attention to your property’s architecture to ensure that your ceiling design doesn’t conflict with or obstruct it.
  • If painting sounds too overwhelming, you might start more modestly by adorning a light fixture with a ceiling medallion! These chandeliers are especially lovely in the master bedroom or dining area.


The greatest strategy is to start modestly if you’re unclear about which ceiling ideas suit you or are on a tight budget. However, a lot of ceiling design concepts are expensive and permanent.

Due to this, many individuals forgo ceiling decoration in favour of a safer option, such as a beautiful layer of neutral paint. There are a few ways to test the waters if you’re unsure how to approach ceiling design ideas.


  1. Which type of ceiling is best for a home?

Ceiling types depend on the style and decor of your home. What is the ideal ceiling for a home? Let us help you find the perfect solution for your space —

  • Cove Ceilings 
  • Barrel-Vaulted Ceilings
  • Cathedral Ceilings
  • Coffered Ceiling
  • Specialty Moldings
  • Beamed Ceilings
  • Flat Ceilings

Ceilings come in a wide range of shapes and styles, including coffered ceilings, barrel ceilings and other specialty moldings that enhance the look of your home. Barrel vaulted ceilings may remind you of a church or church steeple, while convex or concave ceiling tiles make any room feel more elegant.

  1. How can I decorate my ceiling at home?

Use the same colour for the walls and ceiling.

Choose a hue from the wallpaper, paint it in a contrasty hue and add a ceiling medallion.

  1. What is the new trend for ceilings?

One of the most recent ceiling design trends is a glossy, shiny surface that shines. Glossy surfaces deceive the eye and provide the impression that the space is larger, especially when lighter colours and furniture are used.

  1. How do I choose a ceiling design?
  • Take into account the type of space.
  • Understand the design aesthetic of your space.
  • Establish the locations of the lights.
  • Identify the height of the ceiling.
  • Select the colour scheme for the ceiling.

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